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Number 888, September 4, 2016

True to form, the president spoke more
words about the scourge of guns than
about the threat of terror….

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Trump Will Be Killed
by Paul Bonneau

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

In A Game of Nuclear Chicken and Anarchy—A Religion? I explored the question of which candidate for President is more likely to kick off a nuclear war.

I have to note that outside this specific issue, I have no hope for Trump turning things around. The Deep State is too entrenched; even Ron Paul couldn’t fix this country. It’s not 1921 all over again. I don’t have any delusions or hopes for Trump outside this issue—even if he wanted to challenge the Deep State, which is highly doubtful.

But this brings up an additional point that bears on this Nuclear Chicken scenario. Isn’t it true that if Trump was really putting a crimp in the Deep State gravy train, they would simply kill him? Who does the Secret Service work for anyway, the President or the Deep State? Every single one of them? What about every other functionary with access to him? Are we now going to have, for example, food tasters to check what he eats first?

After all, they killed Kennedy when he diverged too far from their program.

And think of who would replace him: Pence. Isn’t Pence just potentially playing the role of Lyndon Johnson to Trump’s Kennedy?

What can we say about Pence? I have read in places that he was a standard neocon. Why did Trump pick him rather than, say, Ron Paul, or someone like Ron Paul? Doesn’t Pence make the killing of Trump a viable option for the Deep State?

Of course such an action would force them into exposing their hand, which is a definite cost. How many people question the all-too-facile mainstream AKA Ministry of Propaganda version of what happened to Kennedy? It’s a cost the ruling class probably are willing to pay, though. After all, even the current Ministry of Propaganda campaign against the Trump candidacy, also exposes their hand and discredits the media; yet they are bearing that cost.

Is Pence any better than Clinton, on the issue of nuclear chicken? It seems much less clear-cut than the case of Trump vs Clinton.

One other option short of killing Trump is also possible—someone from the deep state showing him a video of Kennedy being killed, from the vantage point of the grassy knoll. Trump might say to himself, "Hmmm, I’d better get with the program!"

The other problem with influence through the ballot is that the politician never knows what got him elected. I have no way to communicate to Trump that the only way he earned my vote was over the nuclear war issue. He may think it was immigration or something else.

And so, maybe anarchists might as well sit this election out after all. It’s not that our influence is non-existent; it’s that it is mostly limited to the fear by members of the ruling class, of ending up hanging from lamp posts.

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