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Number 893, October 9, 2016

There needs to be a new civil rights movement
of those who have allowed themselves to be
educated by life, but who have been unjustly
barred by inferior intellects from rewarding
themselves for their efforts.

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Blonde, Cheerful and Dangerous: The Devil Theory of White Guilt
by Jeff Fullerton

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

An article from Breitbart referring to a prominent German family publication says it all:

“Parenting Magazine Warns ‘Blond, Cheerful’ Families Dangerous, Likely Right Wing”, by Virginia Hale

We've heard so much about the evils of neo-nazis, skinheads and other racist white supremacist groups. Now sociologists or their wannabes seem to have identified what might be the root of the problem. Blonde, cheerful white families in Germany raising their children to be normal, outgoing, high achievers with a strong emphasis on Germanic heritage and customs who may very well be on the way to raising the next wave of Hitlerites.

So says the article titled: “Gefahr Von Rechts” (Danger from the Right) in Baby & Family which warns that seemingly normal looking German families—especially ones with blonde mothers and kids may constitute a clear and present danger to the establishment of a multicultural society in the way of promoting outmoded ideals and attitudes contrary to the wishes of the state. And worst of all; these people are nice and normal middle class Germans who don’t shave their heads and dress up in brown uniforms and jackboots; don’t don swastikas and attend mass rallies where fascist salutes and hatred of Jews is expressed openly.

Even more disturbing; they are inconspicuous and for the most part free to pass on their racist xenophobic ethnocentric and most of all politically incorrect views to their children in the privacy of their own homes. Something obviously has to be done about it least the best laid plans of social engineers and central planners be thwarted and along with it; the hopes and dreams for a perfectly homogenized global culture. No matter that globalism and multiculturalism is panning out to be a disaster for everyone except the elites who are in favor of it.

It doesn’t get much more out of touch and over the top than that!

If it were not bad enough already. Because of the poisonous legacy of Hitler and the Third Reich, the people of Germany—especially traditionalists with a healthy sense of their own culture and history —as opposed to the throwbacks to the National Socialists of the 1930s and 40s—they have been tarred with the brush of guilt by association.

The result has been a state of intellectual paralysis by the German version of “White Guilt.”

Started ironically like many things by American progressives; many of whom during the depths of the Great Depression openly expressed admiration of Hitler and other dictators elsewhere in Europe in the fashion more recent counterparts have fawned over Soviet leaders, Chairman Mao and various Third World despots. And they were obviously envious of Hitler because he did not have the obstacles of what was still a strong constitutional government—an originalist Supreme Court in particular—to contend with that was the bane of FDR. Then came the shocking postwar revelations of the death camps and they had to disown Hitler and National Socialism. Many of them had done so much sooner when Hitler turned against Stalinist Russia which also tells a lot about the kind of society they aspired to turn America into. In slick intellectual fashion they were not only able to distance themselves—they also managed to use the art of projection against anything nationalistic or conservative or whatever Progressives don’t like by labeling Hitler as “Right Wing.” And therefore in postwar Germany—what passed for conservatism always had to be watered down even more so than in America least someone calls you a Nazi.

In the US for the longest time the best weapon the politically correct McCarthyists had was to call someone a “fascist”. When that label began to wear thin they changed it to “racist” and added “xenophobe” and “homophobe”. The problem with political correctness is that it represses genuine free thought and open speech and creates a vacuum which only government policy wonks or extreme ideologues who don’t give a crap will step in to fill. That means either the likes of Angela Merkel who are making a mess of everything—or the neo-nazis who are looking to capitalize on the backlash against bad policies that are hurting people and threatening the survival of the nation. Greater civic involvement of those “Blonde, Cheerful and Dangerous” family oriented types that the policy wonks consider to be a clear and present danger is going to be the last best hope for Germany and for keeping western civilization safe, sane, civil and humane.

And most importantly: Free. A true Republic if they can restore and keep it.

They seriously need to clean house in Germany. Give Angela Merkel and others like her the broom or boot and take their country back before it’s too late. If it is not too late already. When you have a government that is dictating what parents can and cannot name their children and gross micromanagement of private life in general—it’s like having Hitler and the Nazi party back in power to a significant degree. What the hell did we liberate Europe for? Or defend the Free World against communism during the course of the Cold War for that matter?

Personally I think Merkel is no better any official dictator since she too is part of a top down authoritarian system that would not hesitate to murder people that gave them any trouble if they thought they could get away with it. She and her ilk are just trying to use Muslim immigrants they are welcoming into Europe with open arms to create a climate of social chaos and existential danger to justify the creation of a police state which they are well on the way to accomplishing. I’d call Merkel; Hitler in Drag but Hillary Clinton has already claimed that title.

To think about matters closer to home: given some of the definitions in that article; Hillary—“Blonde” and “Confident” and definitely Dangerous—could be profiled as a potential right wing nazi extremist. And she was of course a Goldwater Girl in her younger days before she teamed up with Bill to do ill on Capital Hill and in Little Rock beforehand. Friday; Glenn Beck played a clip of the 60 Minutes interview that was the turning point for the Clinton Campaign in 1992 and little old Hitlery was talking that southern belle—sugary sweet with a little touch of slime. She could easily be stereotyped as someone who might show up at a Klan rally—if you want to do racial profiling in the fashion of the German magazine article.

They say turnabout is fair play. How about the way the Democratic Party; inventor of the KKK along with segregation and Jim Crow was not only able to disown that legacy and do a total about face—as they did when they washed their hands of Hitler and Mussolini—and home grown segregationists and advocates of racial eugenics like Woodrow Wilson and even Robert Byrd; they rebranded themselves as patron saints to People of Color while projecting their former reputation onto their rivals; transforming the Republicans from the party that championed the abolition of slavery and Civil Rights into the party of the “White Devil”. On top of the long standing reputation as the party of “Rich Bastards” in the populist mindset. But the promise of a free lunch or redress of pet issues can trump anything I suppose. Even when limousine liberals fail to deliver.

No Justice/No Peace and the current slogans of Black Lives Matter are strait out of the pages of Howard Bloom’s: The Lucifer Principle. Bloom has an important piece of the puzzle in his assertion that prosperity does not bring everlasting peace because of the fundamental nature of human beings who hunger not only for material well being and equality but also to usurp and dominate those above them on the social ladder. The BLM people are motivated in part by this base desire which in some ways is more important than bad relations with the police. The issue of police brutality and racial profiling is just the spark that sets off the tinderbox of the Black inner city. And the fire tinder is the festering frustration and despair of a people who have been put in a bad way and made dependent on a system that is self serving and only using them as pawns to prostitute as victims—to inflame “White Guilt”—and to milk for votes in election years and keep them warehoused, fed and under control until they are needed again.

And they are currently being agitated in hope of stampeding them back to the polls this November by the political party that once fought to keep them in outright bondage and then tried to keep them as second class citizens and in more recent decades has ruined many of their lives and destroyed families with disastrous social policies and a failed education system beyond redemption no matter how much money they throw at it. And created climate of existential danger from the results of those polices that encourages women to have and raise children without fathers; which grow up to form gangs rather than families and a war on drugs that is in large part responsible for exacerbating the violence and police overreach in these communities.

There is definitely something to the notion that a sound family life is the bedrock of a nation. Considering that it was actually one of the major gripes of the “Blonde, Cheerful, Dangerous” article. No wonder the elites in the US and other western democracies seem eager to promote policies that undermine families and result in social dysfunction and falling birth rates in the middle classes—then recruit the minions of less developed nations to fill the void.

There I said it! The ultimate politically incorrect thoughtcrime which in France, Germany or Britain may be a capital offense by now. Or soon will be and ditto for the USA one day too if we fail to turn this thing around.

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