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Number 894, October 16, 2016

The Libertarian Party seriously needs
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Definitions of “Asshole”
by Nic Leobold

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

This could be an extremely long article, but for the purposes of this year 2016 and the election season, I’m going to try going with a Short Version:

Definitions of Asshole in 2016:

1. Hillary Clinton

2. barack obama (Little “bo” peepee)

3. George w. Bush (a smallish “w”)

4. Bill “_” Clinton (“Jefferson” omitted out of respect for Thomas Jefferson, an “x” omitted out of respect for Malcolm X.)

5. Etc…all the rest of the assorted crime-lords and related bastards worldwide.

6. A mass-murdering, war crime-enthusiast, highway robber-minded sociopathic professional rapist/thief, murdering/raping 100,000’s/millions and claiming at the same time that they “want to help people”; or anotherwords, All Of The Above; and who is obviously not above murdering or raping billions more [Human Beings] (purely for personal advancement, aggrandizement and vanity).

7. The MSM (Mainstream Media establishment), who choose sensationalized reporting on a candidate’s completely legal and normal locker room guy-talk instead of reporting on #6, and simultaneously, in yet another u.S. election cycle, criminally, negligently, intentionally and Evilly blackballing yet another viable and legitimate 3rd Party Libertarian candidate-alternative.

8. Any Humanistic Being anywhere in the Known or Unknown Universe who gives Aid, Comfort, Encouragement, Cooperation, Assent, or Silent Consent to any of The Above, let alone actively or publicly supporting such a lech.

Bonus Definition:

“Idiotic American Dogfood-Eating Moron”

1A. Any one of tens of millions of American sheeple (sheep-people) who would actually consider voting for #1; who are foolish enough not to take all possible measures and techniques available to avoid paying as much “taxes” (i.e. violent & coercive extortion) to the criminal-corporatocratic-state regime, as realistically & safely possible; who would ever cowardly allow any criminal banking or financial institution or any other humpty-dumpty-vulnerable criminal business, corporate, organizational or governmental entity or individual to walk all over him/her & violate their Rights or Property while having financial (debt/credit) or other significant leverage over them and not using it to screw the asshole back; or who lets any bureaucrat, lawyer, “leo”, politician, collaborator, sympathizer, “civil(sic)servant(sic)” or influential ignoramus to insult their intelligence or character without returning an appropriate public insult/rebuttal/approbation/brow-beating, colorful smear and bitch slap to the sweet spot of their respective balls or pussy.

Cheers! :-)  :-)

I Thank all of you, my Fellows, Sisters, Friends & true Patriots.

We’re going to Win, and Win Big.

I wish you All the Best,

Good luck and Godspeed!

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