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Number 895, October 23, 2016

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The Utility of the Big “Fuck You”
by Paul Bonneau

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

One meme that has come out lately is that the Trump voters are sending a big “Fuck You” to Washington DC. There is a lot to this idea; the more the Old Media aka Ministry of Propaganda dump on Trump, the more persistent the Trump voters become. The latest explication of this meme I have seen is here.

One has to ask though, what utility such a vote has, in the big picture.

For one thing, some folks believe that Trump is really a stealth “business as usual” candidate, and the media attacks are just a ploy to fool the voters again. Listening to his positions on most issues, it’s hard really to argue against that perception.

For another, it’s clear that far too many Trump supporters really do believe that Trump can fix America. One can only shake one‘s head in wonder at such faith. The point is, though, that such believers probably aren‘t delivering a “Fuck You” if they also hope he will straighten things out. You can have only one motivation or the other; you logically cannot simultaneously be driven by both (to the extend logic drives anything, which admittedly ain‘t much).

Finally, is a big “Fuck You” going to somehow vanquish the insiders, parasites and neocon warmongers—the Deep State? Or are they simply going to continue on as before? How powerful is “Fuck You” anyway? Probably not very. Even if Trump got elected, and started to actually have some positive effect against the insiders, they would simply assassinate him. Pence being a standard neocon, there seems little disincentive to a Trump assassination. Hell, they are probably already attempting to recruit and groom a few Lee Harvey Oswalds just in case they might need one.

There is another way to deliver a “Fuck You” that is more effective—by not voting. Of course that only works if many people take that choice. Unfortunately, few people seem to be turning their back on elections this time around.

I suppose the good news in this depressing picture is that, having delivered their “Fuck You” by voting Trump this time, these people probably aren‘t going to go back to voting for Jeb Bush types in the next election. This is likely their last gasp in the voter‘s booth. So maybe next time around, the “Fuck You” really will come by simply staying home on election day. That‘s something to look forward to.

Not that it matters. By then we will all either be fried to a crisp in a nuclear exchange, or scrounging for food to eat in a completely crashed world economy, and won‘t know or care who is running for President.

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