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Number 896, October 30, 2016

My career has largely been a matter of
contemplating the future, as my
understanding of history and human nature
leads me to expect it will develop, and
imagining how folks living in it will behave.

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Peaceful Transitions?
by L. Reichard White

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

©October 29, 2016 (2:18p),

Conveniently forgetting about hanging chads —and Al Gore’s mistake (conceding the 2000 election despite winning the popular vote)—the Main Stream (Clinton) Media declared that by reserving judgement until the results were in, Trump threatened “the peaceful transfer of power,” the lack of which is often associated with Banana Republics.

While Trump indeed puts his foot in his mouth often enough for his dentist to salivate over extra Christmas income, learning from AlGore’s mistake wasn’t one of those times. Most voters agree with him.

As far as fixing the election, that’s another case where The Donald doesn’t have to be concerned with the flavor of his shoe leather. As Vin Suprynowicz pointed out a few decades ago, electronic voting machines make manipulating the outcome a piece of cake. For example, Diebold voting machines can be hacked by remote control.

But not to worry, Russia, Goldman-Sacs—or whoever—could Hillary-hack all the machines, give her 100% of the vote and it wouldn’t make a difference. The Electoral College decides the issue. You and the popular vote just don’t matter.

And so you can relax. Doesn’t matter which misinformed hack has their finger on the nuclear trigger, they’re equally as dangerous. But one of them said he’d at least talk to Putin first—before wiping out all life on earth.

On the bright side, the two major-party candidates are inveterate serial liars, making them both eminently qualified to be U.S. Preside-nt. Clinton is just more accomplished at it if less colorful. First Lady Bill could make up for that deficit though.

This is indeed one of the most negative presidential campaigns in history with both sides slinging mud and avoiding issues at an astounding rate. Avoiding issues is, of course, de-rigueur as I was advised when running for Nevada State Senate. “Candidates who run on issues lose elections” was some of the best advice I ever ignored.

There’s an up-side to all that mud. It’s all fact-checked and true. So whoever wins, most folks will understand their character perfecty and know what to expect this time.

And so, although it looks like they’re already the most unpopular Preside-ntial candidates in history, after the electoral process, they’ll likely be even more unpopular. Which brings up the banana republic thing which rightly terrifies the political class.

As Daddy Bush is reported to have quipped to legendary Texas Reporter Sarah McClendon, “Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.” A generic prescription if I ever heard one.

So, if there isn’t a “peaceful transfer of power” it won’t be because “The Donald” doesn’t like the clearly questionable process, it will be because “we the people” have finally had it up to HERE.

HERE” being well above the limits suggested by the founders. THESE limits ——

“...whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends [Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness], it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it...” —The Declaration of Independence

We” need to remind those megalomaniacs and defacto morons that these Rights aren’t bestowed by governments or their political hacks, we each automatically own them at birth. Governments and those hacks—despite their delusions—are merely low-level help hired to protect them. Until they screw up.

And most Americans think they have screwed up.

So, this is just another case when the political class, their toadies, brown-nosers, suck-ups and hangers-on—especially the ones in the Main Stream Media—seriously over-estimate their importance.

This pretty much spells things out——

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” —U.S. President John F. Kennedy
Which is why I try to avoid wasting time on political commentary, but, well, like the majority, I have had it. UP TO HERE!

So, should you vote?

That is of course completely up to you.

But a lot of us follow a different drummer and reserve the right to not be included. Since I won’t vote, you can’t blame me or claim I’m bound by the results. However it turns out, I won’t be represented——and like it that way. It will be taxation etc.—a BIG etc.—without representation. But only for the few things I can’t avoid.

If, however, the self-serving political establishment has convinced you that you just must vote, I’d like to remind you of four things:

1. Changing hood ornaments doesn’t change the machine.

2. Since there are no major elections decided by one popular vote—yours for example—your vote doesn’t matter to anyone but you.

3. So you can vote for anyone you choose. From Mickey Mouse to Libertarian Gary Johnson or no one at all. With consequences only to yourself.

4. Voting only encourages the b@$t@rd$.

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L. Reichard White [send him mail] taught physics, designed and built a house, ran for Nevada State Senate, served two terms on the Libertarian National Committee, managed a theater company, etc. For the next few decades, he supported his writing habit by beating casinos at their own games. His hobby, though, is explaining things he wishes someone had explained to him. You can find a few of his other explanations listed here.

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