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Number 897, November 6, 2016

Whistle-blowers Edward Snowden, Julian Assange,
and Chelsea Manning are the modern Prometheuses,
despised and hunted by the traditional “gods”
for bringing enlightenment to you and me, mere mortals.

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Latest News from Greater Appalachia: Crunch Time is at Hand
by Jeff Fullerton

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Another newsworthy week in Greater Appalachia as the Crunch Time of fall is underway and the upcoming election just days away.

On the home front it was another week of personal struggle worthy again of a day in Norseman’s Hell—thankfully it happened at this time rather in under frigid conditions of a nasty cold snap in the depths of winter. I came home Saturday eve the weekend before last to discover that my oil furnace was not working after the struggle during a chilly spell a few weeks earlier to get the fuel line primed to make it run. Then to add insult to injury I discovered the Modine “Hot Dawg” that heats the greenhouse was also down! I still had the outside furnace which can heat both buildings if necessary and the weather is such that the greenhouse can coast on passive solar input at least for several more weeks. Time enough to get things fixed. But it was a worrisome week until I was able to get a repairman out to look at the oil furnace. Mainly because I was dreading the possibility of expensive repairs or even replacement of a furnace or two at a time when I’m already struggling to catch up financially. It seems every time it looks like I might turn a corner and be able to get ahead; there is a setback of some sort. Like a $5,000 one in the case of a boiler furnace or $700 for the propane fired garage heater in the Greenhouse.

Once again I managed to get off easy like the time the Mahoning froze up. It was the fuel pump on the oil furnace that turned out simple to fix and the problem with the Modine was even simpler. Apparently when the guys from the gas company came to refill the tank they forgot to turn the valve back on!

And so life goes on.

Earlier this week I brought in the young Japanese Pond Turtles for another winter indoors before they will be allowed to hibernate like the adult trio. Those are already hunkered down and ditto for the two big Euro Ponds. For those I am following the weather forecast for Florina: a city in northern Greece near the locality origin of my Lake Prespa bloodline. Just like I follow Kyoto for the JPTs.

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As fall commenced I was somewhat surprised how the weather there turned rather chilly even sooner than here. So much for my assumptions of a warm Mediterranean climate. But like Southern California the winter is the cool moist time and it looks like my Hellenic duo are on track as far as hibernation is concerned. Soon they will be ready to move to the greenhouse or garage.

Between the pursuit of these things and working through problems I was kind of taken by surprise by the latest Hillary email leaks from the FBI investigations that a learned about last weekend on dinner break at work. The Prog media was apparently unhappy about it and was whining how unethical it was to sit on something until a week or so before the election. Though they would have been ok with the same being done to Donald Trump or whoever had been called upon to represent the pushback against Progressivism. Then I got the fuller version a few days later from Bruce the Historian who was quite upbeat about the prospect of unearthing enough evidence to put both Clintons and probably many other government officials in jail where they really need to go so that justice can be serve and the legal precedent can be set that even the elite are not above the law. And make the world safer for Liberty in the bargain! But how many times we’ve gotten our hopes up only to watch them slither of the hook of accountability.

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It is now Saturday morning the weekend preceding the big day. The annual fall drawdown and winterizing of the big pond is going on day three and the advance auction of stolen goods is nearly at hand.

Tuesday we’ll be going to the polls in hope of outbidding the people who are bidding on our property. That’s what elections have always been about. Vladimir Putin may be right in his most recent assessment of democracy this week. He doesn’t like it because he obviously wants to be president for life but it is a matter of a stopped clock being right twice a day. Democracy works until the people figure out they can vote themselves a free lunch—gifts from the public treasury the Founders called it. And their other assessment was that no one’s life liberty or property are safe when a legislature is in session. And if the Hildabeast gets in and packs the Supreme Court—the only cure will be the decades of time it will likely take to undo this; aside from Washington getting wiped off the map in a nuclear war.

Apparently Donald Trump is the favored candidate of many Russians being polled. They are probably afraid that Hillary will start World War III in order to take her scandals off the table after she gets into the White House. The Prog media were ramping up on that and Putin’s disdain for democracy. Naturally. Which leads to concerns that they will fully support the Hildabeast in her future role as the new Woodrow Wilson with anti Russian sentiment replacing the anti German sentiment of WWI and any of us who applauded the Russians for harboring Mr Snowden and displaying the dirty laundry of western elites—or have made disparaging comments about the Clintons will be in big time trouble.

That will likely include reprisals against the National Enquirer and the Globe that I saw last night in the checkout line. Both are doubling down on how corrupt and horrible she is in the final issues before the election. And the Globe is predicting the end of the world if she wins. According to the headline: Russian missiles are already geared up or a preemptive strike if she does!

That could be a prophylactic treatment for the Supreme Court dilemma too!

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Seriously speaking —the stakes have never been higher. Hillary may be able to do what FDR tried and failed to accomplish with an outrageous power grab—he was going to double the seats on the court and fill them with Progressive judges. She will be able to take advantage of a pending turnover that will allow her to tip the balance in the favor of her ideological agenda. Perfectly legal—unless they pass a law that criminalizes buying votes with social entitlements and pet issues. And lots of lies and deceit.

Which is what Plebeian tyrants like her do.

So Sic Semper Tyrannis. I will do my part to make sure she looses on Tuesday and I hope and pray all her wrong doings are exposed and she and others in the political class are held fully accountable. Then we have a chance to cast a stumbling block in front of the Progressive Movement; to restore the checks and balances in the system and maybe even prove Vladimir Putin wrong.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he reads this journal.

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