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17 Reasons Trump Is Better Than Clinton, If You Vote
by Nic Leobold

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Previously in this space, I’ve debunked much of the fraudulent and hopeless u.S. “electoral” system (“A Sobering Look At The 2016 Elections”), as well as debunking most of Trump’s opposition (“Trump Is Right About Women”), since most of the conventional establishment is claiming Trump does not have suitable “character” for a presidential candidate only because of his “bad treatment of women” (fyi, I think it’s pretty obvious that Trump’s attitudes towards women is just a convenient excuse about why he’s “so bad”—they probably fear him justifiably for much greedier selfish reasons, and his “bad treatment” amounts to nothing more than Guy Talk and perhaps aggressive flirting with showgirls). In those articles and much of my writing, I’ve also consistently stated & explained why I don’t recommend voting, and why I will Not be voting, again, as a proponent of Free Market Anarchism & Voluntaryism.

But many Americans, including many L/libertarians, and even many anarchists, Voluntaryists, agorists, and other Matrix- authoritarian- resisters of all sorts of stripes and agendas disagree with me about voting, and even many who generally agree on Non-Voting have decided that voting in this election is an exception and worthwhile or particularly important. This article is written expressly to try and persuade those of you who intend to vote on Tuesday to vote for Donald Trump, and why Donald Trump is clearly the best use of anyone’s vote.

So here are 17 Reasons Trump Is Better Than Clinton, If You Vote:

1. Donald Trump says he wants peace with Russia (and China), and wants to cooperate with them, trade with them, and solve problems diplomatically. If that’s not a reason to vote Trump if you’re voting, I don’t know what could better persuade any rational & conscientious person.

2. Hillary Clinton has said exactly the Opposite of Number 1 above. She has threatened to deal with Russia (and China, and Anyone) with force, violence, belligerence, boycotts, embargoes, hostility, etc. Again, if this is not an overwhelming reason for you to vote Trump if you’re voting, I don’t know what could better persuade any rational & conscientious person.

3. Just to emphasize Number 1 & 2 above, Any rational & conscientious person and Human wants to avoid war at All Times at Any Cost. “War is the health of the state”, and it is also the Greatest of all threats to both Liberty and Prosperity. It goes without saying that wars, as well as all the statism and authoritarianism that wars helped boost during the 20th Century, resulted in the “Wholecaust” of more than 400 million dead, as well as billions more injured & maimed, impoverished, and dislocated.

And Hillary is extending the 20th Century “Wholecaust” into the 21st Century, with her 7+ new wars, which, among other things have caused a massive upheaval in the Middle East, fanning the flames of terrorism, creating more war (more excuses for statism), more refugees, destabilizing Europe, undermining Liberty and Prosperity, and further undermining the global and domestic economy.

Again, if that’s not a reason to vote Trump if you’re voting, I don’t know what could better persuade any rational & conscientious person.

Again, Donald Trump’s desire for Peace & peaceful Free Trade and diplomacy is All The Reason any voter needs to vote Trump.

4. Hillary Clinton has promised to raise taxes. Donald Trump has promised to dramatically CUT taxes. As any rational & conscientious person with even a Smattering of basic economics understands & “gets”, Any economy will do better, all thing being equal, the less taxes it has to labor under. Most people intuitively understand that Hong Kong, Switzerland and similar countries do better economically in large part because they let their citizens keep more of their own money/property, resulting in far more better economic decisions at both more local and personal levels. Everyone in the world, everyone in the known Universe, “gets”, at least philosophically, this basic Reality that taxes are bad—everyone, that is except the American Democrat Party, their candidate Hillary Clinton, and all other global Crapitalist statists of their ilk. So, if Donald Trump’s Peace & Diplomacy Agenda doesn’t convince you, then Vote Trump Selfishly for the good of your own pocketbook, your bank accounts, investments and the prosperity of your community. And if you have kids or care about kids, do it “For the children”; because the more money American parents can keep, the better their children will eat, be clothed, live happily & comfortably, and be that much better educated.

5. Hillary Clinton supports Obamacare. Donald Trump wants, at least, to replace it with something more free market. This is a No- Brainer. We need a Totally Free Market in healthcare, not to mention in everything else. Hillary Clinton is essentially promising to [help finish] destroying the American health care system. Please don’t give her the chance.

6. Hillary Clinton hates women (and hates everyone else). Trump in contrast is fair to women, and appreciates deserving women. While Hillary just uses the “women’s” issue as a battering ram against Trump or any other “threatening” male, Trump is a private businessman who has employed Thousands of actual women, including Hundreds of female executives, in his many businesses & properties. Donald Trump has several beautiful, successful, well- adjusted daughters of his own, but more importantly, Trump has put his money & his businesses where his mouth is, and actually advanced “Women’s Rights” by giving qualified women solid career opportunities. Hillary, like her husband Bill Clinton, just uses women & propagandizes to them. The Clintons’ aid to women consists solely of stealing money from hard-working Americans, and redistributing it to female welfare recipients and female government workers, who in turn perpetuate the vicious cycle of government violence and theft. Trump is Far More of a true “Feminist” and supporter of “Women’s Rights” in the true meaning of those terms than Hillary Clinton has ever been.

7. Trump represents clear Change. Hillary is a Guaranteed 4-8 more years of Obama and his failed agenda on steroids. As common wisdom tells us, Change is usually good for everyone. Because Change is usually desirable, especially when things have been going so badly in America and the world, Trump is the better choice.

8. Trump is a Wake-Up Call & Slap-In-The-Face to the Powers-That- Be, the establishment, and the elites. Almost all of these people despise Trump and are petrified of him being elected. They don’t want any change, because they have a Lock on the system, but all the rest of us do. Is there any more obvious “tell”/indicator that Trump is a better choice? It’s pretty much obvious. No matter what, Trump is Change, Hillary is the Status Quo.

9. If Trump is actually a “false-flag” candidate, set up by the establishment, he’s STILL better. It’s possible that Trump was allowed to advance, to either grease the skids for Hillary’s election, or as a Trojan Horse to guarantee a protector-of-the-elites is elected no matter what. Trump is still better than Hillary because A) It’s unlikely he’s a false- flag, B) Trump represents a Change, either better or worse, but at this point, even “worse” is better (since the system will collapse that much sooner, thus the New Era will begin sooner), C) Hillary is a proven commodity, and is guaranteed to change nothing, except to increase repression, war, & theft, D) If Trump is a Trojan Horse, a vast number of people will finally learn their lesson about “politics”, the system & the elites; Americans will learn that we absolutely need to intensely engage in radical Resistance, Civil & Social Disobedience, Economic Warfare, and preparations for a possible police state. Although I do think Donald Trump will be good for rich people, I also know that he is almost Certain to be better for the poor, Working and Middle Classes than Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton & the Obamas have been a disaster for Everyone Except The Rich, as all Socialists always are. So unless Donald Trump is a Trojan Horse, the entire country will benefit from his superior economic, business, and organizational policies; if he IS a Trojan Horse, then we will suffer and overcome any police state and dark days that much sooner.

10. Hillary & the Clintons are the Real Bankrupts, not Donald Trump. Many Americans have been wrongly deceived by the Democrats & MSM that Donald Trump has gone bankrupt numerous times, and Hillary Clinton is much more “responsible” as a leader and manager; but actually the opposite is true: Several of Donald Trump’s corporations / business ventures have gone bankrupt—not Trump himself. Most American consumers and workers do not understand the critical difference. But businesses and business ventures go bust all the time; it’s a prominent feature of all business and commercial activity in a market system, and it’s perfectly normal. Not only is it normal, you could even say it’s not a failure, but a set of “learning experiences” and “creative destruction”. Donald Trump has never declared personal bankruptcy (and, in my book, even ‘personal bankruptcy’ is often a misnomer, and shouldn’t be such a black mark—again, it’s creative destruction, and a potential learning and growth experience). Trump is a private businessman, and all his ventures were undertaken and prosecuted in the economic market, with support from banks and numerous other businesses, actors and associates. Contrast Trump’s voluntary, peaceful, private business activity (& extensive success—many of Trump’s businesses & ventures have been hugely successful, and Trump is indeed a veritable billionnaire) with Hillary & Bill Clinton: Everything the Clintons have “accomplished” & “earned” has been “won” through leveraging their personal “political” (Violent) “power” (Violence), “political influence” (Threats), and Executive (Violent Government) Authority (Coercion), almost always in the context of their “government” (Arm-Twisting & Violence) or “legal” (Violence) activity. Even with their “private” William Jefferson Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative, the Clintons have cynically and brazenly auctioned their continuing political influence as government insiders to garner millions in financial contributions to their foundations, routinely employing Pay-To-Play quid pro quo influence-peddling to increase their wealth & power under the guise of “Charity”, “Humanitarian” and “Philanthropic” agendas and fundraising. Plus, you could say that the entire paradigm of the Clintons and all their work is a Paradigm of Bankruptcy: The business of government is Taxation, Violence & Crony Redistribution to Political Allies. It’s an old, feudal, repressive, slavery, serfdom, evil, ugly, and ultimately non-successful and Failing paradigm. The Clintons have profited from & pushed the Government Paradigm of Bankruptcy For Everyone Except Government & Its Cronies. The Clintons are truly bankrupt; Morally, Spiritually, Ethically—and the money they have amassed has the blood, and slave sweat, of billions of people worldwide all over it. Donald Trump, on the other hand, notwithstanding the $2 million his father loaned him, as any decent parent will do, is, indisputably, completely a self-made man.

11. “Building The Wall”, “Banning All Muslims”, and “Deporting 15 Million Illegals” is never going to happen in America. First of all, I don’t know how serious Trump is about these impossible scenarios. Maybe it’s just effective campaign rhetoric, or maybe he’s actually serious about these unwise proposals. Either way, it’s almost impossible that any of these things will ever happen. The silver lining in all these is, Trump has actually raised a national discussion about 3 issues that deserve a rational debate and a rational solution (a Free Market, Equal Economic Rights For All, the end of the Welfare-Warfare State, and Open Borders & Unlimited True Free Trade & Freedom of Movement, as well as Total Free Expression & Association & Self- Defense Rights to root out and combat actual terrorists).

12. Hillary Clinton will try to hammer the final nails into the coffin of the 2nd Amendment and our Gun Rights. Donald Trump openly supports the 2nd Amendment, is a gun owner himself, and promises to expand Gun Rights including enacting National Concealed Carry, which might finally negate much of the local & state infringements which are effectively harassing decent honest gun owners to death (merely for exercising their Human Right of Pre-Emptive Self-Defense Preparation). The 2nd Amendment is the u.S. Constitution’s’s 1st Freedom, the First Right which is supposed to enable any and all conscientious concerned people to preserve and defend all our other Freedoms, Property, Privacy, Opportunity, and Individual Rights, by force of arms if necessary. Ronald Reagan also talked a good game when it came to the 2nd Amendment, but during his time as California Governor & POTUS, he was pretty much a disaster for Gun Rights. There’s no guarantee that Donald Trump will not enact more gun control, of course, but I’d rather have a gun owner in the White House, who at least practices what he preaches personally, as well as preaches the correct philosophy, than a proven, dyed in the wool authoritarian victim-disarmer and power monger like Clinton who has proven she desperately wants all Americans except the government to be disarmed and helpless against violence and threats. This is sort of like Numbers 1 & 2; If for no other reasons than Gun Rights, just the fact that Hillary wants to obliterate the 2nd Amendment, or what’s left of it, should be enough to convince any rational, conscientious person that Clinton can not be allowed to win. I doubt that Trump will be bold and radical enough to actually try to roll back ALL gun control, which is really what is needed; We need to repeal EVERY SINGLE gun control law countrywide and worldwide. But I am also pretty sure that Trump will be dramatically better for Gun Rights than Clinton; Trump will at least stay pretty much neutral, with a chance for some meaningful gains; Hillary will try to destroy all Gun Rights for certain.

13. Along those same lines, the next president will be appointing the crucial 9th tie-breaking Supreme Court justice next year, and probably a few more during their first term. I fully realize that Trump will probably pick an establishment justice who will inevitably be terrible on many Civil and Individual Rights issues. But what kind of justices would you rather have? More Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s? Or more Antonin Scalia’s, Clarence Thomas’s and Samuel Alito’s? Granted, the entirety of virtually all members of SCOTUS of the entire history of the Republic will live in historical ignominy for their endless betrayals. However, the ‘liberal’ ‘left’ wing of the Court has been orders of magnitude more egregious than the ‘right’ side in the past few decades, ruling against Individual Rights & Property in virtually every major case, from Kelo, to Citizens United, to Heller. There’s really no comparison. I would Much prefer having Trump appointing justices than Clinton.

14. Trump is a businessman trained to get things done, manage projects, and manage organizations, personnel, and make economic decisions on a constant, ongoing basis. Hillary Clinton is basically a professional influence peddler, professional political hack, professional propagandist, and ideologue. Or to put it indelicately, Hillary is a professional thief, conspirator and mafia don. America is a nation of commerce, industry, fighters, entrepreneurs, as well as so many regular honest, hardworking people of so many stripes. That’s what America is famous for. But in the last 50 years, America has become equally a nation of a permanent parasite class, welfare queens & kings, millions of helpless dependents, and other what I term, ‘Hillary deplorables’. Hillary represents the latter, Trump the former. Hillary is shilling for the votes of the civil [sic] servant [sic] government workers, government contractors and the swelling majority of citizens (and immigrants) on the Welfare rolls, while Trump wants to help all classes in America “Make America Great Again” through revitalizing and unshackling the economy. I don’t agree with Trump on a whole host of issues. I readily concede that many of his policies, even the economic ones, are dubious. But I don’t doubt that he loves America. And his economic plans are much better than Clinton’s. I honestly don’t think the Clinton’s, or the Obama’s, really love or care about anyone but themselves, not from what I can see. But they’re very skilled liars—or, lawyers. I’ll take Trump the Businessman over Clinton the Lawyer/Politician any day—especially considering Hillary Clinton’s egregious track record on virtually every issue she’s ever touched.

15. Reason 15: Trump likes women, and he’s crazy about beautiful, sexy women especially. Yeah, you got that right. As a guy, I can trust Trump a lot more, because he says what he likes, and he says he likes hot chicks, and what red-blooded, healthy normal American male, or any straight (or even gay) guy anywhere, doesn’t? Somehow, I just naturally trust the decency and honesty of a millionaire businessman who likes to run Miss Universe pageants but also believes in hiring intelligent, attractive, powerful women to run his businesses more than I trust a Hillary Clinton, who only talks about helping women or defending women when it might win her more votes. You can only trust most radical, belligerent feminists as far as you can throw them; in Hillary Clinton’s case, you can’t ever really trust Her until you’ve put a wooden stake through her heart, chopped off her head, and cremated every speck of the remains. Trump gets my “Guy Vote”. I could conceive of going on a double-date with Donald Trump in a fantasy world. If I was ever confronted by Hillary Clinton in the flesh again (we met once, see below), much less got asked out by a woman like her, I’d want to run away fast. I can relate somewhat to Trump. Hillary Clinton is less like a person, and more like a monster.

16. I once met Hillary Clinton. It was a scary experience. She was the commencement speaker at my university graduation, and as she walked down the aisle towards the dais, she stopped to shake hands with some of us on the aisle. When she stopped in front of me and I shook her hand, I looked into her eyes. I was immediately frightened and shocked, because Hillary Clinton looked like an alien. Her eyes were kind of fluorescent yellow, and she appeared like a sort of zombie. I also had a friend at another university during a summer session who had met Bill Clinton at a rally. She described him in the same way, looking like a deadhead zombie and an alien creep. I can’t explain these anecdotal experiences, except that they give me a bad feeling in my gut. Part of growing up for me has been learning to trust my gut feelings. I instinctively do not trust electing the Clintons back into office. I feel more comfortable about a Donald Trump. In fact, I think Trump could possibly do some negative damage if elected president as well as some good thing, but I don’t view him as an existential threat to America and the world, which is exactly how I feel about Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton’s avarice, power lust, ideology, mendacity and ruthlessness is frightening. Donald Trump, the businessman, “The Donald”, seems like a harmless puppy dog compared to Hillary Clinton.

17. Donald Trump has a large, successful family of successful, well-adjusted children, and a large family of employees and associates. Hillary and Bill Clinton have Chelsea and a gaggle of lawyer- and political/politician-advisors and allies—and that’s it. Do the Clintons have any friends? I don’t know of any. I’ve never heard of any, except the “I’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine” variety. The Clintons’ friends seem to consist of solely other legal professionals (hit men & women) who work with them to steal ever more money and gain more power. That’s virtually the entire sum of what the Clintons and their “friends” do. While, Donald Trump makes his money by building and creating things and creating value for others—and if that wasn’t true, if Trump was not a skilled businessperson in the market economy, he never would have made it, period. No matter how many people attack Trump the businessman and his business acumen, the cold hard reality is that Trump is an enormous success. And he has taught his children to be successful too. Trump’s children love him, Trump attracts successful, attractive, talented women as spouses, and Trump has an extended family of all his employees and associates. What do the Clintons have, except political power, and PR? When I look at Trump’s family and his family life and family history, I just trust Trump more than Hillary.

I’ve listed 17 reasons above why Trump is a better choice than Hillary Clinton, if you’re in fact going to vote. As I noted, as a Free Market Anarchist and Voluntaryist, I do not believe in voting and do not think it is in my interest to do so. But what about the big-L and small-l L/libertarians, anarchists, Voluntaryists, agorists and other “outsider” pro-Liberty people who are going to vote in this dramatic election? Don’t I think that the most ideal pro-Liberty vote is a vote for Johnson-Weld on the Libertarian Party line?

I did think, for several months, that Johbson-Weld might be a good principled vote, and for a while I even contributed money to their campaign (contributing money to campaigns is nothing more or less than Free Expression and Free Association). However, Johnson & Weld lost my support when they started messing up and abandoning Libertarian Party Principle: Gary Johnson waffles on Gun Rights, while Weld literally denigrates guns and Gun Rights and basic Self-Defense principles; Johnson’s continued endorsement and support of Weld and his anti-Libertarian sabotage is becoming not only an embarrassment to Libertarians, but a Libertarian scandal—Libertarians and Americans have contributed millions of dollars to these clowns. Johnson’s pride in being a marijuana smoker has become a cruel joke and a cruel reminder about one of the Truths about drugs and libertarian Substance Self-Ownership and Privacy Theory; Libertarians historically have been 100% correct that drug use or abuse is a personal issue and an issue of absolute Privacy unless the drug user directly and causally infringes on another person’s Rights/Privacy in using those substances; but Libertarians have Never denied that substance use or abuse can be potentially harmful to a user’s health. The basic libertarian tenet has always been that whatever damage a substance does to a person is their own business, as long as they use the substance Voluntarily, and they don’t forcibly interfere with anyone else because of using it. But Gary Johnson has appeared literally stoned and fried while being questioned and speaking publicly. Johnson has embarrassed himself, and other Libertarians, by drawing blanks, having memory lapses and cognitive black-out’s, and displaying hyper-type anger episodes at press events and appearances, a common sign of being a dopehead. In addition to his obvious pot over-indulgence and waffling on basic Gun Rights (Libertarian Self-Ownership) philosophy (he says he wants to “find common sense ways to keep guns out of the hands of the ‘wrong people’”—music to the ears of any arbitrary-minded authoritarian mass-gun grabbing victim-hater). Gary Johnson is far from a Purist Libertarian, supporting, among other things, the private prison industries in New Mexico; and Bill Weld, who recently felt motivated to “voice support” for Hillary Clinton, because with everyone attacking “the poor woman”, “somebody has to, so I’ll endorse her”…well, Weld is simply a douchebag, and an utter disgrace, to at least half of America, and almost half the world, all the victims of the Clintons. Is Johnson-Weld the ticket that Libertarians and other Liberty proponents Really Want to be the First Libertarian presidential ticket to win? I hope not. At this point, I honestly feel that Johnson-Weld would be a wasted vote, and they would be a failure for the cause of libertarianism; certainly I do not want a two-timing creep like Weld to have access to the Oval Office advising a gullible, gutless President Johnson, and the fact that Johnson is tolerant of such a lowlife should disqualify him from any more of any Liberty Activist’s support.

In contrast, I feel a vote for Trump is the only vote that is at all worthwhile, because it is the only vote Against Hillary Clinton that can contribute to Guaranteeing that she is unsuccessful in winning the presidency. A Trump vote is also the Only Vote that has a chance at changing Anything—Because neither Johnson nor Jill Stein have any realistic chance to win (Although Johnson has a statistical possibility to throw the election into the House of Representatives in the case of an electoral vote deadlock, again, do Libertarians really want a non-Libertarian, gutless fruitcake deadhead and his traitorous, neocon crony Weld as the First “Libertarian” President and Vice-President? Not me. I’d rather have Trump being the one to expose this system and deal with the coming crash.)

I hope I’ve shown in this article that the Number One existential Priority in this election is ensuring that Hillary Clinton is Not elected. I hope I have proven that Trump is superior to Clinton in almost all ways, and that even the scarier of his “proposals” such as “banning Muslims” or “deporting 15 million people” can never come to pass, because the country is against it. Even more though, I hope I’ve demonstrated that in many ways, Trump, if not a Saviour for libertarians or Liberty-minded Americans, would still be relatively a breath of fresh air for all Americans after 24 years of Clinton-Bush- Obama. Instead of wasting your vote on the embarrassing, Clowns For Liberty Treachery Johnson-Weld or the Socialist pipe-dreaming, pipe- smoking Green Jill Stein, you could help ensure the defeat of Hillary Clinton by voting for a genuine, business success in Donald J. Trump. It’s true that Donald Trump is no Albert Einstein, MLK, Dalai Lama, Gandhi, Henry Ford, Rockefeller, Ayn Rand, or George Washington; but on the other hand, I think you could make an easy case that he embodies a good many of their individual qualities. Yes, I’m purposely being a bit flippant in ending this article, and having a little fun. Donald Trump is a lot of things. What Donald Trump is not, is, he’s Not Hillary Clinton. And that’s All that really matters in this election on Tuesday.

Please, if you vote, vote Early and vote Often, for Trump! (And make sure all your friends, family, colleagues and neighbors, and all your deceased friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, deceased grandparents, ancestors, as well as all your as-yet unborn children, grandchildren, and pets, vote Early and Often for Trump too, :-
)…Har Har Har, Dee Har-Har!)

And, no matter what happens, get ready to Fight Like Hell after Election Day to hold the winner’s feet to the fire, and Resist & Evade whatever tyrannies he/she will want to cook up. Because, No Matter What,

We’re Going to Win—because We Have to Win!

I wish you All the Best,
Good Luck & Godspeed.

Nic Leobold is a Bizman/Artist/Athlete/Consultant & Free Market Anarchist-Voluntaryist based in Asia, Europe & America and enjoys eclectic interests from great films & casino gaming to ballroom dancing, ballet, target shooting, classical music, shopping, gourmet cooking and fitness. A filmmaker & artist with a background in pro athletics, he is continually looking to learn more & share of his passions for economics, living free, living smart, "beating the system", promoting Liberty, and the spiritual & philosophical components of a good life & contentment.

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