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Number 898, November 13, 2016

There has never been any good
political news in my life. For
seventy years, no good news.

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From the Rust Belt to the Asteroid Belt: Revenge of the Rust Belt
by Jeff Fullerton

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

I came. I saw. I voted.

For Mr Trump and a mix of Republican and Libertarian candidates on the state and local ballots. Did not vote strait ticket because we really do need a viable third party to arise and take the place of the GOP. It was nice to see the LP on the ballot. Just too bad Gary Johnson in addition to being soft on principle had to pick a horrible choice for a running mate. William Weld would have been the perfect one for the Clinton ticket!

As I pulled out of there I thought how nice it might be if someone both radical and principled could take over the Libertarian Party and pull the rug out from under the establishment like Donald J. Trump did the GOP who thought they were going have smooth sailing for their latest RINO Mitt Romney or John McCain clones. Now is the time to think about that even before the results for this one are tallied.

I had a lot of uneasy feelings about this one. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out. Was going to be a long night ahead.

I finally nailed the reason I voted for Trump on Tuesday. It was the same as why I voted for Ross Perot in 92. Mainly for the hope of upsetting the status quo. I’ve always loathed the two party system even long before I became a Libertarian . If only I had a good radio on hand to listen to what the talk show hosts through the day. Especially Michael Savage. His take on things that day would have been interesting and potentially priceless.

That evening I watched the returns with Bruce the Historian and it was a nail biter like many a Steeler Game! Through much of the evening it seemed like Hillary Clinton was going to win and I was already resigning myself to another long haul of hunkering down and trying to survive. Not to mention the thoughts that she might send her minions after anyone who said bad stuff or even cracked a joke about her. Then Ohio fell and it was looking better for Trump but most of the battleground states remained too close to call. Wisconsin was encouraging.

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Mine remained close with Hillary slightly ahead.

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And the PA senate race was a dead heat.

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The Progs and their media lackeys started sounding worried. At 42 electoral votes away It looked promising but I wished those blue wall states would be declared. I didn’t want to sleep on this.

Finally I had to sleep on it. About 2:30 AM I threw in the towel and decided to go home. Bruce also had to get up early. They just kept dragging it out—CBS and the other two big networks kept insisting it was too close to call long after AP called PA and a source on the internet was calling Wisconsin. I went home fearing the worst that they were just dragging their feet looking for some way to steal the election with boxes of absentee ballots found in a union hall or a trunk of a car somewhere. But alas it was not going to make a difference now no matter what I do and I needed sleep.

And I was able to sleep well through what was left of that night. Checking again the latest news on my phone when I got home; it looked as if Trump had won. He had broken through the blue wall of the Rust Belt States that haven’t voted for a Republican in decades. At first I wondered if it was too good to be true but it looks legit. Too bad I didn’t hang on a little longer to see the wailing and gnashing of teeth at CBS. They were obviously disturbed by what was coming and so were a lot of the peeps in the Clinton Campaign HQ. That was kind of a bellwether but I questioned it on grounds that it was too soon and it could still turn either way. Maybe they knew something we didn’t know and the mainstream newsies were holding back. Bruce said they didn’t want to concede that reality. Now I’m beginning to wonder if they were just holding back to drive us crazy because our guy was wining!

Wondered if all the lefties gathered around the White House would riot. Or would we be looking at dimpled, pregnant and hanging chads in Philly the days to come?

Thursday—Day 2 of the Rust Belt Revenge.

That’s what I’m calling it and it was destined to become the theme of this article. Greater Appalachia along with West America and the Dixie Bloc tipped the balance of power—hopefully in the favor of Liberty. Felt kind of surreal as I drove around and looked at the Trump signs. The Trump house is still in business when I went by on the way to Laurel Nursery to check out their bulbs and stuff. People are still stopping there to talk to the owners. My day at work yesterday was busy but

I talked a bit to others about it. Had a conversation with a black co-worker about Obama. I suggested that he probably saved us from 8 years of Hillary and then said I didn’t think he was so bad—I actually considered voting for him until he opened his mouth about hanging out with the Marxist professors and the necessarily skyrocketing utility rates. The funny part was her response to the latter—“He doesn’t have to pay them”! I remember she was among the disillusioned who voted for him.

The black vote that was there for Obama was maybe not as strong for Hillary though the cities were worrisome at times. Those were the blue islands in a sea of red—Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and Harrisburg and an archipelago of blue counties near New York and New Jersey. Bruce says it was because the rural people turned out in droves to vote. I believe it from all the Trump signs I saw in my travels this summer going into fall. And the paucity of Hillary supporters. Just here and there. That house just before the entrance to the gated lot at the hospital and a few others in the local area and saw a few on the road to Zett’s and other places. And the place on the blighted strip in Altoona—and that was it. Yet it seemed that way before in 2012 with all the Romney signs all over Westmoreland County and Wayne Allen Root’s rosy prediction that Bill Cunningham and others in talk radio bought into. I was hesitant to count on anything until it was official.

Perhaps the most bummed out of all were the students at Pitt who were on the verge of rioting over the outcome.* That could be the reawakening of the OWS crowd that was hoping Hillary would forgive their student loan debt. In a way I don’t feel sorry for them—in a way it serves them right for the way they were treating their pro Trump fellows on campus prior. And the way they’d have treated us—the country class that would have been on the receiving end of the Prog Law had their side won the election. In the long run I hope we can help them by restoring freedom and economic vitality to the nation and they could even help us and themselves in the bargain by becoming a real Hero Generation which is supposed to be their lot in life—without becoming tools and brown shirts for the Progs or worse yet—cannon fodder in the next World War.**

Have not listened to the radio since the election and probably missed out a lot of analysis but I was rather busy with payday business and working on the fish room. Had to go back to Lowe’s to give back a small LED fixture for the Newt tank that I picked up on the way in yesterday. It was too small so I decided to get the shop light instead which is much cheaper and I got two so I could take care of the lower tank on the other stand too and be done with tanks for a while.

Friday; Day 3 of Rustbelt Revenge was kind of a bittersweet day. It started off pretty good with the moving of plants as planned. Cacti and Agaves from the patio to the back bedroom. Palms to the greenhouse and other plants into the living room and bathtub until I can deal with them in a day or so. All the pond plants that needed to be brought in are in. Then got the striped muds into their hibernation container in the greenhouse and made sure the Gulf Coast Boxies were dug in and put extra mulch over them. Then loaded up the furnace to make sure it was good to go.

Then the problems began. First was the toilet tank which something went wrong with as I was about to leave. It is not refilling. And after an uneventful 4 hour shift I discovered that the propane heater in the greenhouse is not working again. Now the the damned thing is lighting up but the fan that propels the warm air through the greenhouse won’t come on! So unless I can figure it out tomorrow I’ll probably have to call the repairman to look at it again. Always something! At least it is not extreme frigid weather and I can get by a few more days to a week if necessary.

If money were not an issue I’d just replace the whole unit because the way things are going it looks like it’s going to start pelting me with unexpected problems and if it does something like this in the midst of a really frigid cold snap I’ll end up loosing a lot of stuff. It would be nice if I could replace everything with brand new stuff right now that won’t give me problems for a long while. Until this crisis time in the country is over. The idea of the $50 Underground House and going off grid are stating to look appealing again!

Just when I thought it was going to be smooth sailing for a while. Oh well at least Hillary’s defeat makes for one less problem on top of what fortune and nature can throw at me. And I can still sleep better at night. For a while anyway. The Rust Belt Revenge is sort of a reprieve.

Fullerton article tle898 image

Now it is Saturday morning. Day 4. And life goes on. And somewhat good news. The Modine heater seems to be ok. Looks like it was a loose wire to the fan which came on when I jiggled it a little this morning!

Fullerton article tle898 image

The latest headline form the National Enquirer has Hillary and Huma going to jail. They’re still at it! Will the political class ever be held accountable for anything?

Only time will tell.

Fullerton article tle898 image

End Notes

* Bruce says it’s a thrill to look at their sad faces. Flyover country is fed up and tired of being pushed around and having cultural rot jammed down their throat. Little “Jordie”—one of the ER nurses—tells me some of her friends are mad at her and can’t understand why she would vote for a guy who is such a God awful sexist and a bigot. The majority of her Millennial cohort don’t understand yet how the nation just managed to dodge a bullet. And maybe they have too if Trump can keep us out of war!

** I have a timeline for that already sketched out comparing the last cycle—1928-1948 with 2008-2028 and the pattern is hauntingly similar—except John McCain was supposed to be Herbert Hoover and he would have but the crash came a year early right before the election and catapulted Barak Obama into office 4 years ahead of schedule—skipping Hoover and going strait into FDR. (Obama = Herbert Hoover and FDRs first term) And Donald Trump is also a fluke. (He is FDRs second term). Funny how history repeats but not verbatim. This crisis era will be different than the previous one as that one was from the Civil War and the American Revolution before that.

Of course the Prog media is still doing their thing too.

Why climate change experts fear Trump’s presidency

As the world’s leading experts on climate change meet at COP22 in Marrakech to discuss the future of the planet, some are beginning to fear that Trump could yet derail plans aimed at ensuring the future safety of the global environment. Read the full story

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And thank God for the Electorial College. It’s the one thing that prevents the densely populated blue areas from beating up on the rest of the nation by mitigating the tyranny of the majority rule!

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