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Number 900, November 27, 2016

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Latest News from Greater Appalachia: Post Thanksgiving Malaise
by Jeff Fullerton

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

I was stuffed to the hilt with turkey and pumpkin pie and thought for a while I was going to throw up this past thanksgiving eve. Got the wonderful tidbit from the evening news when I arrived at Bruce’s that evening after celebrating with family. Apparently it’s not over. It’s going to be Florida over and over again. They’re recounting votes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania!

Worst of all it complicates the storyline of something else I’ve been working on. Just when I thought it was safe to predict the next 4 years!

Bruce thinks there WILL be civil war if they reverse the election. I think I’m going to succeed on my own if that happens. My first act of protest may be to get back into spotted turtles. Maybe if the country goes to hell nobody will give a shit what I have anymore.

This is definitely a sign that we have too much government like Winn Bear’s cosmic twin Ed pointed out “they’re trying to kill you, you’re trying to kill them....” in regard to Winn’s conflict with the federal agents in his native timeline. In our case it is the matter of elections mattering so much that people will lie, cheat and steal to win them and end up crying or even hating their spouses, friends, neighbors and next of kin over the outcome.

In a way I understand them. When your whole life revolves around using the government to make a livelihood or to advance your pet issue—or to keep someone else away from the reigns of power—which was the reason many of us voted AGAINST the Hildabeast—it can become quite personal. Yet even when I was convinced Hillary was going to win—I had no intention of disowning my Democratic friends and relatives or boycotting anything. I was more or less going to go on with my struggles getting ready for the winter and the next Norseman’s article and hobby related things and of course my real job as the time this Saturday morning is fast running away from me.

And I’ve been sleeping with a gun by my bed lately because a few days ago someone shot someone not far from my doorstep—a redneck love triangle dispute I’m guessing—and the shooter is still at large. Probably long gone on the run but I’m not taking any chances!

Hopefully I won’t have to write about that one!

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