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Number 902, December 11, 2016

Letting damn fools come up with PC and
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Pizzagate’s Effect on Revolution
by Paul Bonneau

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

The Captain’s Journal is a blog of Herschel Smith that has been following Pizzagate lately. This link contains an update, as well as links to his earlier posts about it.

I have read some, but I have to confess I don’t have the stomach to delve into the perversions of the ruling class. Child abuse seems naturally to go hand in hand with power lust. As El Neil pointed out in his fine novel Henry Martyn, empires are invariably maintained via theft, murder, lies, rape and torture, so I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that the American Empire isn’t any different. Still, Pizzagate manages to shock us.

One thing that occurred to me about it, though. Ever since people started waking up about the real America, there has been concern that any revolution is going to run into some hard slogging indeed with the military, the police (our domestic standing army), and the Ministry of Propaganda AKA “mainstream media” arrayed against us—not to mention the river of money flowing to our enemies in Washington D.C.

The latest election, combined with Pizzagate now going viral, seems to change the prospects, quite a bit.

For one thing, the Ministry of Propaganda is now thoroughly discredited. More and more people are seeking alternative sources of information, or at least simply turning off any belief in the Ministry organs. This applies to the police and military, as much as to the rest of the population.

For another, what happens to the oaths that so many police and military used to turn off their conscience, their personal ability to separate right from wrong—mindlessly following orders—when the people those orders are coming from are implicated in child sex rings? Will colonels and majors and captains take orders from generals caught with their pants down and underage boys in the room? How hard will enlisted men work to keep such lowlifes installed in office above them? Are we looking at potential major defections from the ranks?

Anger, disgust and outrage are sure to follow, inside their ranks as well as outside them. As Herschel writes,

The MSM is irrelevant. They don’t matter, they are all liars, and they are guilty of malfeasance. We don’t need them anyway. This has gone viral, past tense, it has already gone viral. It is spreading by blog post, link sharing, Reddit users, 4Chan users and word-of-mouth. During the coming Holiday season, especially soon with Thanksgiving, families will sit face to face across the table from each other.

They will talk. Many people don’t know about all of this wickedness in the halls of power. They will after Thanksgiving. Those who don’t know will be appalled, stunned, furious, grossed out, and sickened. Pizzagate has gone viral, and it’s geometric expansion happens this week. There is nothing the censors can do to stop it. Nothing.

If you are involved in this scandal, if you are somehow implicated in all of this, if you’re guilty of child molestation or pedophilia, if you are a financier of any of this, or if you engage in political gain because of the blackmail involved in this, we’re coming for you. We’re going to get you. You cannot hide, you cannot escape.

Amusingly, Herschel has experienced a lot of increased traffic on his small blog from government IP addresses. Perhaps the perpetrators are looking to see if they have been outed yet.

The next thing we are going to see is a big uptick in visa applications for Saudi Arabia, with these scum following in the august footsteps of Idi Amin Dada.

Do people who become aware of this vile scandal still believe government is here to protect us? When those at the top are kidnapping, raping and sometimes killing our children? What, really, would it take for them to open their eyes?

It occurs to me Pizzagate might be just a gigantic version of the Wenatchee Witch Hunt. Or the Salem witch trials. After all, humans are prone to flights of fancy at times. But then I think, “Wait a minute. This is government we are talking about, here.” Every day, those in government kill. They steal. They torture. They lie. They enable rape (in the prisons). They disarm people, rendering them defenseless. Is pedophilia so unbelievable, after all? Or is it just more of the same?

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