"Gun control is the idea that it’s better to see a woman dead in an alley, strangled
with her own pantyhose, than to see her with a gun in her hand."—T.D. Melrose
L. Neil Smith
Americans Have Obeyed Their Last Gun Law

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L. Neil Smith's
The Libertarian Enterprise
—An International Journal of Opinion —
910, February 19, 2017

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I’m Baack!
(The Feature Article)

America. We will kill you in your sleep on Christmas!
America. We will kill you in your sleep on Christmas!

Nobody voted for the man because they
thought he is a libertarian. He is not.
I don’t know what he is, and I don’t
think he does, either. The important
thing is that he isn’t Hillary Clinton.


The Editor Speaks (types?)
by Ken Holder, Editor
This issue of this magazine (like all the others) may contain: Humor, Snark, Truth, Thoughts That Might Be Different Than Yours, Ideas You Never Thought Of, Things You Never Heard Of, and so on.

Letters to the Editor
from L.Neil Smith, Jim Woosley, J. Neil Schulman, Jeff Fullerton, and Mark E. Deardorff

I’m Baack!
by L. Neil Smith
You may have noticed that there wasn’t any The Libertarian Enterprise last weekend. That’s because our mighy Editor-in-Chief Ken Holder and his esteemed and valorous wife Pat were struck down with what doctors here were insisting on calling by its semi-formal name, “influenza”. My own wife Cathy and I preceeded them by a couple of days. As flus go, this was a bad one. I couldn’t sit at my desk for more than ten minutes at a time; my neck and shoulders got peculiarly tired and sore. As I lay in bed, afflicted by nausea, coughing fits, plain old exhaustion, and even worse, I remembered that I’m an old guy now, and that the flu is supposed to be especially hard on old guys (also that I never got to meet my grandfather because of the “Spanish Influenza”; he died, not an old guy at all, at an Army Camp near Waco, Texas, in 1918).

Traditionalism and Free Trade:
An Exercise in Libertarian Outreach

by Sean Gabb
Of the issues that divide libertarians and traditionalists, free trade may be the most important. It is central to nearly all our debates. Do we tend to a contractual or an organic view of human relationships? Do we embrace or do we fear a technological and economic progress that is carrying us into a world we cannot predict? Do we regard mankind as a single race, capable, despite its present separations, of a single future history? Or do we regard these present separations as inevitable, and perhaps worth maintaining? Where do we stand in the debate over England that took place between about 1830 and 1850? In all these and more, how we view free trade will usually correlate with, and may determine, the side that we take.

Blade of P’na: a Lightweight Review
by A.X. Perez
I read Blade of P’na twice before writing this. Once to enjoy, once to write this. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just my inner fan boy promoting the work of one of his favorite authors.

Vamp Until Ready
A short story by J. Neil Schulman
Special thanks to my daughter, Soleil, for convincing me to write this, and to my friend Brad Linaweaver for pointing out I needed a new ending. (Sorry, Brad, I couldn’t figure out where to put in your “Don’t take any silver nickels” line)

Norseman Diaries: Norseman’s Heaven—Almost
by Jeff Fullerton
I was torn today this Saturday afternoon—18 February 2017 between writing something about Mars or matters close to home—or maybe nothing at all as I too have come down with something awful—could the the flu but more likely some kind of upper respiratory infection of the throat and sinuses that has been dragging me down since about the middle of the week. It was an especially rough 12 hours working Friday that left me depleted going into Saturday.

Escape from Heaven: A Review
by Sean Gangol
I read this book a while back in a hard copy form, though I now I have a copy of this book in the Kindle format courtesy of J. Neil Schulman. Escape from Heaven is actually a departure from J. Neil Schulman’s usual work. The story begins when Duj Pepperman, a talk radio host in L.A. gets a call from God during one of his daily shows. Like most rational people, Pepperman brushes this bizarre experience off as a crank call. That is until he is taken into heaven by two beautiful angels.

Straitjacket America
by L. Neil Smith
It’s very difficult to convey the unreality, the surreality, of things that those of us who think for a living (or at least a serious hobby) have been subjected to, since the General Election last November, and especially since Inauguration Day in January. The other day I found myself embroiled in a passionate argument with an old friend which had started out to be about my reasons for voting for Donald Trump and had somehow inched its way around to the subject of lynching black people. I don’t exactly remember how, but, apparently, since I was born decades after the era of lynchings in the South, had never actually seen a lynching, or been lynched, myself, in the view of the person I was arguing with (who was black, but had also never seen a lynching), I was denying that lynchings had ever happened.

TOP KEK: The Best of the Internet, 3-10 February 2017
by Giovanni Martelli
Welcome, friends, to Top Kek! Here is your one-stop shop for the best (and dumbest) of the internet this week. A little about me, before we begin: 27. Coloradoan. Socially liberal independent. Anti-war, pro-Russia, #FreeKekistan.


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Trigger Warning: This issue of this magazine (like all the others) may contain:

Humor, Snark, Truth, Thoughts That Might Be Different Than Yours, Ideas You Never Thought Of, Things You Never Heard Of, and so on.

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