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Number 911, February 26, 2017

It’s been a week full of media lies

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To the Mainstream Media
by Sean Gangol

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Boy, have you guys done it now. I thought it was bad when you brown-nosed Obama for the past eight years. None of it compares to the way you guys have pandered to Queen Hillary. You guys sold whatever you had left of your journalistic integrity down the river to get your queen elected. How did that work out for you? None of this comes as any surprise to me. I have known for a long time that you guys have acted more as a mouth piece for the left, than an actual news outlet. This has been pretty evident to both conservatives and libertarians for decades.

Though I think you guys sunk to whole new levels of deception, when you tried to spin the polls to make people think that a Trump presidency was impossible. I never had much faith in polls myself. I remember a time when there was a narrative being played by the media about how the public actually supported anti-gun legislation, but it was the evil NRA holding Congress hostage. To me that narrative didn’t make any sense. If the NRA didn’t have public sentiment on their side, then how is it that they were able to force Congress into bending to their will? Did they have detailed files on every single member of congress having sex with billy goats? The only possible way that the NRA could affect legislation in any shape or form is if they had voters on their side. It just amazes me that this is so hard for anyone with half a brain to comprehend. I remember having a college instructor who told me that poll after poll showed that most people favored anti-gun laws. I thought very little about polls then and I ended up thinking even less about polls, when I got a temporary job conducting them during the 2012 elections. I saw firsthand how easy it was to skew the results in any direction. Whatever faith I did have in polls pretty much went out the window when they were proven so completely wrong during the last election.

You guys are probably sitting down, scratching your heads and wondering why you can’t influence the public like you did thirty-years-ago. Well, guess what guys? You don’t have the same monopoly over the news like you did before the rise of the internet or before talk radio was in it’s heyday. Those days are over. People are no longer buying that that pile of dog crap that you guys have the nerve to call chocolate cake without the courtesy of putting icing on the top.

I wrote this message, just to tell you that as Gregory Hines put it in The History of the World: Part 1 “The jig is up and gone!” I have noticed that ever since Trump won the election, you have been at a loss to explain how this is possible. So instead of admitting that you guys have been going about this the wrong way, you have decided to double down and call racism on the people who voted for Trump. Then there is that pathetic fake news story about Trump being blackmailed by Vladimir Putin with leverage that involves Golden Showers with Russian floozies. Yeah, I’m looking at you CNN. You should be even more ashamed of yourselves than usual. Then you guys act all butt-hurt when Trump calls you out on the garbage you guys have the nerve to call news. Here is a little tip. If you don’t want to be called “Fake News” then stop giving us fake news. It really is that simple.

This just goes to show that you guys are incapable of evolving. That’s just fine by me. You do know what happens to species that can’t evolve, right? They become extinct. You guys may not be able to see the writing on the wall, but some of us have been able to read it fluently. You guys are becoming less relevant every day. It’s only matter of time before you guys go, as Benjamin Franklin once put it, “The way of the Dodo.” Though the way of Borders, Blockbuster and the printed news would be a better analogy.

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