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Number 912, March 5, 2017

C’mon, everybody, whaddya know?

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Letter from Jeff Fullerton

Letter from J. Neil Schulman

Letter from Jeff Fullerton

ISIS Is Now Strapping Suicide Vests on Puppies - Leah Barkoukis

This is a really disturbing development though I'm surprised they didn’t do it sooner. Reminds me of Heinlein’s Puppet Masters attaching themselves to dogs and cats to speed up their infiltration of the unoccupied territories.


Jeff Fullerton

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Letter from J. Neil Schulman

Always give the customers what they want, right?

Back in 2013 I took two books I’d published on my blogs, combined them into one book, added additional materials, and published it all in a single volume titled The Heartmost Desire. A few days ago I added even more stuff and published this book for the second time as an Amazon kindle.

The first half is Unchaining the Human Heart: A Revolutionary Manifesto. This is a book designed for libertarians to self- examine their premises and to recommend as a short and funny introduction to libertarian thought to their mentally-flexible friends who aren’t necessarily libertarians. A lot of libertarians are not only atheists but outright hostile to any concept of the divine or non-materialistic so what was I thinking when I made the second half of The Heartmost Desire my autobiographical account of what turned me from a fellow atheist into a dratted Godist?

This was utopian marketing.

I corrected that today.

I just put Unchaining the Human Heart: A Revolutionary Manifesto on Amazon in a brand-new Kindle edition.

Unchaining the Human Heart: A Revolutionary Manifesto


Here’s the description:

This book is a revolutionary manifesto as much as Mao’s famous Little Red Book

It’s not, however, about overthrowing a government or lining enemies up against a wall and shooting them.

This manifesto is about learning what freedom is so you can remove the chains shackling what the most famous revolutionary document in human history called “the pursuit of happiness.”

Freedom is the most prized possession for any human being.

It’s also the most unrecognized.

Most people have no clue what freedoms were surrendered before they were even born.

Most people have no idea how many laws, customs, and unchallenged assumptions deny them their liberties.

This book, in 23 short and often funny chapters, gives example after example of what liberty is and what’s standing in the way of your pursuing happiness.

Be ready to be shocked.

Be ready for offensive language and even more unacceptable ideas.

Be ready to rethink everything you’ve ever assumed you don’t have a choice about.

Most of all, be prepared to tell anyone who has ever told you, "Don’t even think about it!" that you just did.

J Neil Schulman

The World According to J. Neil Schulman:


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