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Anatomy of a National Psychotic Break
by L. Neil Smith

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly six months since the “wrong” Presidential candidate got elected, and half the country went insane.

Democrats, liberals, socialists, communists, left-wing collectivists of all kinds make up fantasies in their fevered brains about social, political and economic phenomena, about philosophical principals, scientific facts, and personalities related to those things, and they go stark, raving crazy when those fantasies don’t come true—and they can’t shut it out as they did the collapse of the Global Warming model. It must be kind of like coming out of a cool, dim Disney matinee and into the harsh afternoon light of unrepentant and unforgiving reality.

When I was a teenager, I noticed that creatures of the left seldom had very good arguments against whatever I was reading—and repeating—so they tended to “argue” with proper nouns, as if that were all that needed saying. “Hmmf! Ayn Rand!” was the most popular, although we also heard a lot of “Hmmf! Barry Goldwater!”

We had fewer heroes then.

Later on, the same parasites and second-handers began to evolve a new technique. It usually begins with the invention of a factoid (a euphemism for “lie”). They might say, for example, that some enemy of theirs is being taken to court for raping an under-aged female. Nobody with two gray cells to rub together believes this, but, following Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels’ “Big Lie” model, the pond-scum keep saying it over and over again, in every conceivable medium, until, by the time the greedy nobody whom they paid to bring the phony charge gives up and withdraws it, they now believe it themselves, and slip it into the imaginary dossier they carry around on this individual. They act offended when others around them are skeptical, and file them away with Flat-Earthers, tinfoil hatties, and Velikovskians (look him up).

Strangely, it helps that many on their own side are demonstrably guilty of exactly this kind of crime. No amount of evidence can convince them that their own social and political “priesthood” is putrescently corrupt—or that it matters— but it adds verisimilitude, somehow, to the charges they sling at the other side. They keep telling these fairy stories to one another for months, for years, until they believe they’re true. They add lies like the humanitarianism of Minimum Wage or the cruelty of a “glass ceiling” that doesn’t really exist. They credit the birth and development of the greatest civilization that ever existed to this or that oppressed minority, to anybody but the tireless geniuses who planned it and made it happen. Sooner or later, despite wallowing in the most impressive wealth and comfort ever enjoyed by the average individual in history, they convince themselves that they are living in the cheap suburbs of Mordor.

At that point, any demagogue riding by on a white unicorn who can con these feebs into believing that he (and I use the pronoun lightly) can slay Sauron and replace him with a regime of butterflies and rainbows gets their attention. If there happen to be two of them vying for the position of Class Hero, one of them gets mugged (not that he doesn’t deserve it) and sent back to Vermont, and the (slightly) more corrupt and vicious would-be savior wins. Now the combined mass of goody-goody lies these believers have sucked into their crania about themselves, and the baddy-baddy lies that they’ve told themselves about their Glorious Leader’s evil antagonist, becomes a dark, sticky goo that clouds their every perception, befouls their every plan, and makes everything they say ridiculous. Of course they notice none of this, themselves. Free college for everybody!

Finally the day arrives when everybody casts their vote. To the left’s uttermost dumbfounded astonishment, fully half of the country (history will show that Donald J. Trump won the popular, as well as the electoral vote) has avoided the thick, sticky ideological goo, stayed clear-minded, and has voted for a person that the left has actually come to believe—after all the lies they’ve told themselves about him—is Satan himself.

“This shouldn’t have happened!” they cry.

“This couldn’t have happened!” they whimper.

“This didn’t really happen!” they pound their little fists and stamp their little feet.

If only they’d hold their breath until they turn blue.

They find themselves living in a world for which they have no useful maps because they tore them up long ago and and drew maps of their own in their imaginations. News media personalities for example, 89 percent of whom are registered Democrats the last time I looked, also believe they occupy the middle of the right-left political spectrum. They are thrown into a blind panic by a winning candidate who is no more right-wing (and no more ideological) than Dwight David Eisenhower. The entire country, thanks to the media and academia, has drifted so far to the left in a handful of decades that now, John Fitzgerald Kennedy seems like a conservative.

The right have seen and suffered this drift slowly, gradually. They watched it happen and have grown tired of it. When they express that view at the polls, the left gets slammed in the head with it as if it were a two-by-four. Their Golden Dream is shattered. Their only option to accepting reality is to go mad. A fat, ugly female sits her lard ass down on a street curb somewhere, turns her unpleasant, frog-like face to the sky (after checking to make sure that the cameras are on her) and screams inarticulately at the heavens to make the election go away. In the United States Senate, the vile, skulking, reptilian Minority Leader, equally unable to adapt to the new reality all around him, insanely convinces himself that the new President is an agent of a Union of Soviet Socialist Republics that no longer exists, and that WikiLeaks, rather than being an independent campaign for truth, is a creature of that Soviet Union, as well. And they used to say the John Birch Society was crazy.

The Democratic bonnet-bee, that Vladimir Putin somehow interfered (method never specified) in our recent election—because he reasoned it would be easier to deal with a hard-headed builder and businessman than a world-famously corrupt and bribable whore, is light-years beyond ludicrous and may, among other things, clearly indicate how little Democrats think of American intelligence.

But as usual, I have digressed.

All over all the media, from one station to the next, from one channel to the next, from on Web-page to the next (I can only imagine what newspapers are like—never read ’em, myself), utter lunacy reigns supreme. Facebook, and especially Twitter have become the new Bedlam. Violent riots in the cities set the nighttime sky on fire. Brutal beatings fail to intimidate the courageous victors in their bright red MAGA caps. One of them even shoots a thug in Seattle. This must be very like the civil disruptions that the 1950s CIA imagined would occur (for real—look it up) if the truth were ever told about UFOs. (No, I do not claim to know what that truth is.)

And now it’s being said that the insanity is dying down a little. I seriously doubt it. Aside from likely losing some support from George Soros (who, it is said, dropped a billion samoleons on this election, and more, afterward, paying for the BLM riots). It’s just soaking back into the fabric of society, where it will lurk like the disgusting infection it is, until it can glue the gates closed again and limit our opportunities and those of our children. It can be fought, but it will take tremendous effort and vigilance on our part. Political correctness must be staked through the heart. If I weren’t a lifelong libertarian, I might suggest that Trump spend his next 59 Tomahawk missiles on California.

L. Neil Smith

Publisher and Senior Columnist L. Neil Smith is the author of over thirty books, mostly science fiction novels, L. Neil Smith has been a libertarian activist since 1962. His many books and those of other pro-gun libertarians may be found (and ordered) at L. Neil Smith’s THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE “Free Radical Book Store” The preceding essays were originally prepared for and appeared in L. Neil Smith’s THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE. Use them to fight the continuing war against tyranny.

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