"Gun control is the idea that it’s better to see a woman dead in an alley, strangled
with her own pantyhose, than to see her with a gun in her hand."—T.D. Melrose
L. Neil Smith
Americans Have Obeyed Their Last Gun Law

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924, May 28, 2017

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(The Feature Article)

Paint My Picture, Please!
Paint My Picture, Please!
From https://patriotpost.us/humor/49201

The 2016 election and its aftermath reflect
the distinction, difference, even enmity
that has grown exponentially over the past
quarter century between America’s
ruling class and the rest of the country.


The Editor’s Notes
by Ken Holder, Editor
America is in the throes of revolution. The 2016 election and its aftermath reflect the distinction, difference, even enmity that has grown exponentially over the past quarter century between America’s ruling class and the rest of the country.… The government apparatus identifies with the ruling class’s interests, proclivities, and tastes, and almost unanimously with the Democratic Party. As it uses government power to press those interests, proclivities, and tastes upon the ruled, it acts as a partisan state.

Letters to the Editor
from Jim Davidson

by L. Neil Smith
Access to more than one point of view greatly increases the likelihood of correctly identifying the nature of reality, and enhances the probability of survival.

Texas RKBA Legislatine Status
by A.X. Perez
First the good news: The Texas State Legislature has passed Senate Bill 16, which lowers the fee to get a license to carry a handgun in public from $140.00 to $40.00, and House Bill 1935, which gets rid of the concept of illegal knives. Unless the Governor vetoes them, these bills will be the law of the land in Texas effective 1 September 2017(25 May is the deadline to veto SB 16, 18 June, say the 19th to be pessimistic, the last day to veto HB 1935, follow up notes will be sent.)

Time to Fight: Update
by Sean Gangol
After publishing my previous article, “Time to Fight?” I decided that it was time to comment on some of the most recent events regarding the fight for free speech. I had written the previous article about two months ago, not too long after the first set of riots at Berkeley. Since then we have seen free speech advocates do exactly what I talked about in my article. I have always had a theory that most of these people in the so-called antifascist mobs are wimps that don’t have the gonads to hold their ground in an actual fight. In many ways, I have been proven right.

The General Election: Authoritarian Hag v Fenian Scumbag
by Sean Gabb
For the avoidance of doubt, I still intend to vote Conservative in this dreadful election. And, if Labour seems to be catching up in the opinion polls, so, I suspect, will enough people to give the Conservatives a decent majority. The general election is a rerun of last year’s Referendum. There is no other consideration that ought to sway anyone who is looking beyond our present circumstances. We vote Conservative. We leave the European Union. We hope and work for a realignment in British politics. Except for this, however, I would be dithering between another vote for UKIP and a spoiled ballot. Except for Europe, the contest is between an authoritarian hag and a Fenian scumbag.

Protected My Ass—The Bottom Line
by L. Reichard White
You may remember the headlines. The knife-toting 42 year old Marine vet, Omar J. Gonzalez, who made it over the White House fence, through the front doors, and deep into the heart of the presidential mansion. Despite the Secret Service and five levels of security. Then there were the Nov. 2011 rifle shots fired into the White House but only discovered five days later. And the armed ex-con who shared an elevator ride with the Prez in Atlanta last September. No need to mention Lincoln and JFK. Next Consider the Boston Marathon bombing. Despite the wall-to-wall cops—and that the authorities were well acquainted with the bombers—the FBI admitted they couldn’t stop them. Clearly, the FBI was right.


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