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Number 925, June 4, 2017


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Get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged
by Vin Suprynowicz

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

So I don’t get it. With all these Muslims running around London Bridge Saturday, slashing people’s throats, why didn ’t a few law-abiding British bystanders just shoot ’em?

Oh, that’s right, Britain has STRICT GUN CONTROL. How’ s that working out for them?

For that matter, Britain has strict KNIFE control. Carpet-layers have actually been convicted of possessing KNIVES in England. So, were the murderers on London Bridge slashing people’s throats with IMAGINARY knives, Saturday? Thank goodness all the victims were kept safe by British “knife control.” How’s that working out for them?

And let’s not anyone start saying this kind of terrorism has anthing to do with Islam, please. Oh, horrors, no. It’s not as though these depraved, blood-slurping barbarians (think you can slash throats and not get blood in your mouth?) were shouting “It ’s for Allah! All in the name of Allah” as they slashed the throats of total strangers, including defenseless women … right?

Those victims died of a disease. The disease is called “ Political Correctness.” And one of its most virulent strains is the kind that leads people to insist we must be “tolerant” of bloodthirsty barbarian murderers and gang-rapists—people who admit they seek to replace our time-tested Western legal codes and constitutions with “Sharia Law”—in our midst.

I have no problem with the members of this depraved Seventh Century cult of bloodthirsty murderers, a cult focused on POLITICAL conquest rather than seeking inner peace, who think all women should be de facto slaves, that women who decline to wrap up like mummies are fair game for gang-rape, and that all gays (and for that matter, all Christians who refuse to convert) should be put to death. As long as they’re kept East of the Hellespont.

It worked pretty well for a thousand years. How’s this new approach working out?

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