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Number 926, June 11, 2017

It is intrinsically self contradictory to think you
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Thoughts On Voting
by A.X. Perez

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Went to vote in a run off election today. Used carry license as voter ID. Between time spent in no gun zones or carrying under circumstances where no license is required this is most of the use I get from having a Texas handgun carry license. I one time ran off at the mouth and said you should need the same ID to vote as to pack heat, so this is just being consistent.

Liberals claim you should need no ID to vote, so I guess they don’t believe in licenses to pack heat. Oh, wait. Conservatives want people to have ID’s to prove you’re a citizen and/or a legal resident. Last I heard you need to be a citizen or RA to go heeled, a citizen to vote in all locations and an RA to vote in some localities in some elections. A large minority, if not the majority, of conservatives support Constitutional Carry, no license required to carry a handgun.

Going armed is a natural or God given right corollary to the right to protect one’s life, loved ones, liberty, and property. Voting is a state granted right, a method of enforcing people’s right to enjoy just government by participating in their governance. It is interesting that the faction that currently wants people to be dependent on government do not wish obstacles to their clients exercising the franchise. Not surprisingly those who wish to avoid change wish to put obstacles in the way of those who would vote for change.

Conversely, those who see the majority of people as less than brilliant clients, a violent hoi polloi, a mob to be manipulated wish to keep them disarmed. This describes the vast majority of liberal politicians and a hefty number of conservatives.

In 21st Century America, the right to keep and bear arms and the right to vote are essential rights of free people. Undoubtedly they can be abused, and requiring people to carry “appropriate” ID’s to exercise them seems logical. However, it is too easy for tyrants and just petty political crooks to use ID’s and licenses to strip people of these rights by playing with qualifications so that only their chosen allies and supporters exercise either. As long as that remains true it only makes sense to support Constitutional Carry as going armed is a natural right. Voter ID is a little bit more problematical as voting is a state granted right. However, I would be very wary of the obstacles those in power put up against their opponents exercise of the franchise.

All of this got started talking about voting in a local election. In Texas polling places are gun free zones. Never could figure out if this was to keep thugs from intimidating voters or to keep people from getting too insistent on exercising their rights against the opposition of government thugs. There is evidence both ways. I suspect it depends on circumstances.

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