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Number 926, June 11, 2017

It is intrinsically self contradictory to think you
can have unlimited tolerance for the intolerant.
—Carl Popper.

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The Centipede Army, the New Right, and the Great Meme War
by Giovanni Martelli

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

In my twenty years on the internet, I have been part of many cultures: I’ve hung around with weeaboos and other anime subcultures, with gamers, with language nerds, with history buffs, with liberals and progressives. I’m a mild-mannered, soft-spoken, socially-left millennial (on the upper end), and have been an activist for LGBT rights for over a dozen years. But never once have I felt so welcome as I do with my family of patriots in what’s known as the Centipede Army.

I was asked by the publisher to slap together this little article on a fascinating phenomenon, but it can’t be discussed without mention of a few other items—so first let’s define our terms.

What is the Centipede Army? Where did it come from? What is its purpose?

The name Centipede Army refers quite simply to supporters of President Donald J. Trump, primarily those who congregate on 4chan’s /pol/ and on Reddit’s r/The_Donald (often called an "outpost" on Reddit by those on the former board). The name originates from the use of Knife Party’s song Centipede in the [YouTube video] "You Can’t Stump the Trump (Volume 4)", which was tweeted out by DJT himself during the campaign. []

But there’s more to it than that, and the primary thing that one must understand about “Trump Culture," as it were, is that it is no monolith: it” is as diverse a group as any I’ve ever encountered—male and female, black and white, gay, straight, trans*, Christian, atheist, Muslim, Jewish—and (most surprising of all to outsiders) it is an extremely friendly community, in which this former Bernie supporter has found herself perfectly welcome.

There are a number of reasons for this, the most significant being that larger social attitudes have changed over the past eight to ten years. Remember when fundamentalist Christians used to protest metal concerts?

Gone are those days, for the present time, at least—which the left simply refuses to understand—because the New Right is (largely) a socially-liberal, fiscally-conservative nationalist movement. The meaning of this is simple enough: the New Right will warmly welcome any person, regardless of race, color, or creed, as long as the individual is supportive of the interests of country and countrymen.

This extends to immigrants, which is another thing the left won’t acknowledge: those immigrants who are willing to “become” Americans—which is to say, those who believe in freedom for all, and those who do not seek to harm the nation or its people—are welcomed with open arms.

So now that we know what the Centipede Army is—what do they do?

Largely, the Centipede Army is comprised of average working Americans and some foreigners who recognize the tenuous situation in which the world finds itself (in which they believe a nationalist America would be more beneficial to their home country than an America focused on globalism); these folks generously donated their time and effort to fight in what has become known as the Great Meme War.

The Great Meme War (which, according to some, continues to this day) refers to what we see as a great battle between the forces of good and those of evil, which took a turn for the surreal in the first few days of November 2016, when it became clear that not only did the metaphor hold up, but that it was profoundly more true than we’d ever realized.

As r/The_Donald is claimed to be an "outpost" by anons on 4chan’s /pol/, it stands to reason that there is much overlap in the demographics—because of this, one is likely to see the phrase "praise Kek" on r/The_Donald, which refers to this deity: [Styxhexenhammer666 on Kek, Moloch, etc] []

In those early days of November, we began to understand the true gravity of our situation: check out this [email] from Cheryl Mills, in which she states that she will sacrifice a chicken to Moloch in the backyard. It’s not the only reference to the peculiar practices of these folks, but the most explicit. []

One may formulate one’s own opinions as to any religion, but there are many of us who find the elites’ occultist practices unnerving at best and immoral at worst; whether or not a symbol has power does not change the intent behind its use, and it is this intent that is both dark and diabolical.

Therefore, the simplest way to sum up Hillary Clinton’s crushing defeat in November 2016 is that the Centipede Army, which can broadly be called a cadre of worshippers of Kek (a chaos deity from Egyptian mythology) attempted to channel his/its power to defeat a person we know to be a net negative in the department of morals, and suspect to be a priestess of an altogether different order.

The mythology states that HRC was defeated through “meme magic,” which refers not only to the massive number of memes (pictures with text) generated by unpaid volunteers to spread the messages with which we’ve all become familiar, but also (among many other things) to what’s called “rolling for digits” on 4chan, a practice which includes making an anonymous prediction in a post and “checking” those comments which receive doubled or tripled numbers in the comment ID number.

Flushed with success after their triumph over Hillary, I believe that much of the Centipede Army thought the war was over—but (revoltingly) the lefties have revolted, and so the battle continues.

Offshoots of the Centipede Army include such groups as Peter Boykin’s Gays for Trump, which is fairly self-explanatory, as well as the Proud Boys, a group of men who “refuse to apologize for creating the modern world,” and its allied group, Kyle Chapman’s Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights, a light militia group founded by none other than the legendary Based Stickman for the purpose of defending patriotic Americans from rioting Marxists.

All of this is fairly broad, but the charm of Trump Culture is that the centipedes are many and as varied as the day is long. (Reddit screws with r/The_Donald’s subscriber count, so we don’t know how many of us there really are. Estimates range between about 450 thousand and over three million [source for high end: Reddit’s advertising metrics].)

The single monolithic interest shared by all centipedes is the one that brings us together: defending the future and sovereignty of our country, the only thing all Americans have in common.

And no, I still don’t really know who or what the alt-right is. It may very well include some of us—and that’s fine with me.

Opinions are opinions, it’s action that concerns me—and thus far, though I may not agree with my fellow ’pedes all the time, I’m proud to call myself part of the Centipede Army.

[Shadilay] to all my brothers in Kek. []

Giovanni Martelli

Giovanni Martelli is a twenty-something, left-leaning, anti-war/anti- corruption activist, living in Fort Collins, Colorado. She enjoys traveling (her favorite destination being Florence, Italy), collecting and playing unusual string instruments, and studying foreign languages. She wholeheartedly supports President Donald J. Trump in part because of his efforts to make good on his campaign promises, and in part because it deeply annoys her liberal friends. Praise Kek, all day, every day; meme magic is real.

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