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Number 929, July 2, 2017

What we must have, instead, is total
separation of medicine and state.

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The Editor’s Notes
by Ken Holder

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Okay! Run Right Out Again, and get yourself a copy of A Rambling Wreck, Book 2 of The Hidden Truth by Hans G. Schantz, just published.

You will recall that I gave a Rave Review to Book 1 of The Hidden Truth (called, of all things, The Hidden Truth!). At the time he was not sure about continuing the story, due to poor sales I suppose. You, our Readers, give sales a boost by buying the book, and he must have decided to carry on. And here it is:

Rambling Wreck Cover

Our Protagonists, having sort-of recovered from a close brush with a Federal Death Squad, have gone to college. Georgia Tech is the place, home of the Rambling Wreck of story and song. They are still trying to understand what it is that the Federal Death Squads are so hot to hide by killing anyone who might have somehow learned a little about whatever it is they want to suppress.

(Oh go read my review for the context of the story, which is set in an alternate reality that is even worse than our real reality.)

Okay, so, how is it? I tell you, just like the first story, it is a Stupendous and hard-to-put-down Super Techno Thriller of the finest kind. The kind you can’t hardly find, and yet, here it is, just waiting for you to jump right in. So, go and get it! You’ll be glad you did!

A Rambling Wreck for Kindle for $4.99, or paperback for $12.99.

The first book, The Hidden Truth (Kindle), for $0.99 for just a few more days, or paperback ($12.99) in case you somehow haven’t read it.


I see Brittany Hunter asks the Musical Question at the Foundation for Economic Education (or FEE) website: Without the State, Who Will Handcuff Teens for Selling Water Bottles?.

Since this is in the Washington Post it may just be some more Fake News, but it tells about a couple who wanted to be something called YouTube Stars. Sounds pretty stupid already, but anyway this guy wanted his girlfriend to shoot him in the chest, but he would hold a volume of an encyclopedia there and it would stop the bullet. Okay, but the pistol was a Desert Eagle chambered in .50 AE. Naturally the bullet went right through the book and then right trough the man, too. No doubt this years winner of the Darwin Award. See: “He got his girlfriend to pull the trigger” by Katie Mettler, The Washington Post.

Yessir, All the Stupidity, All the Time!


Oh yes, in case you didn’t notice (but you did, right!), I have modified the look of our little magazine by again using more CSS and HTML5. Now we should look good on big screen desktop PCs, handy tablets, and even smart phones. At least that is the theory. We will see, won’t we!

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