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Kathy Griffin Folly
by Sean Gangol

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Originally, I was going to include a paragraph or two about the Kathy Griffin fiasco in one of my random thoughts article, but that was before I heard about the press conference Griffin gave, along with the hypocritical way that the media has been handling the incident. Not too long ago, a once funny comedian, Kathy Griffin decided to pose for a photo where she held what looked like the bloody severed head of Donald Trump. There isn’t much to say about the photos except that they are disgusting, tasteless and quite frankly, not funny. So, it should come as no surprise that Donald Trump along with his family and supporters aren’t particularly happy with this work of art.

What I find really disturbing about this fiasco is the way that Kathy Griffin and her friends in the media have been trying to play her off as the victim. First there was Kathy Griffin who decided to have a press conference, where instead of apologizing, she decided to double down and cry about how the Trumps were persecuting her. Okay, Earth to Kathy. Ever since Trump first announced his election bid, you and your friends at CNN have done nothing, but spit venom at him and his family. Then you decided to hold the bloody head of a mannequin that looked like Trump’s severed head. What the hell did you expect? You really didn’t expect the Trumps to mad at you? Being called out for your tasteless and disgusting choice of art is not persecution. So, unless you are about to put in front of a firing squad or thrown in prison, knock it off with the persecution complex.

Then we have her fellow comedians who have actually come to her defense, such as Jerry Seinfeld, who thinks that this whole thing has been blown out of proportion. I do wonder if Seinfeld would be singing the same tune if it had been Obama’s bloody head portrayed in those photos. Then there is this lesser known comedian who appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show who tried to say that it was the conservatives who were the new snowflakes. Now, I don’t really know the guy’s name and I don’t really feel like going through all the trouble to look it up. All I will say is that he represents all the comedians that became unfunny once they got on a political bandwagon. Of course, I don’t how funny this guy was to begin with, since this is the only time that I have ever seen him.

Obviously, he doesn’t understand why we call certain leftist snowflakes. It’s not just because of the way that they get offended over every little thing. It’s also because they have a habit of trying to shout down others, using a variety of different tactics, which include trying to get their opponents fired from their jobs. That is something that conservatives really haven’t been pushing. CNN fired Griffin before anyone on the right could even process what she had done. Plus, I’m pretty sure that it’s not just conservatives who were horrified and disgusted by those pictures. I am pretty sure that there were moderates as well as a few liberals, many of which who probably weren’t even fond of Trump, didn’t like the idea of seeing their president beheaded.

Also, I don’t recall conservatives demanding that Kathy Griffin suffer any real consequences for the photo shoot. There have been some conservatives, such as Sean Hannity who believe that Griffin should be investigated by the Secret Service and to be fair conservative rocker Ted Nugent was investigated for saying something that was far less threatening than Griffin’s pictures. It just annoys me that Griffin thought that she was so witty and ballsy when she produced that garbage and had the nerve to call it art, but then acted all butt-hurt when people respond negatively towards it. Okay, Kathy. There is a reason why your bosses at CNN, as well as Anderson Cooper and Congressman Al Franklin no longer want anything to do with you and it’s not because of Trump’s influence. If anything, these people have been a major thorn in his side. It just shows that your protest or whatever you want to call it has crossed the line when it comes to good taste. So, unless someone in the government threatens your life or your freedom over these pictures, stop whining about persecution.

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