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Number 940, September 17, 2017

It would appear that the “Crazy Years” predicted
by Robert A. Heinlein have arrived.

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Publisher's Note
by L. Neil Smith
Publisher and Senior Columnist
L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

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Just to remove any uncertainty among my readers, I am very strongly in favor of a wall along the U.S./Mexican border. Our neighbors to the south have abused the concept of open borders for decades.

Like President Trump (who was falsely called a racist for this) I have been aware for some years of a deliberate Mexican government policy to send us their very worst and dimmest (as opposed to their best and brightest) specimens as a part of their La Reconquista efforts (look it up). To deal with this, I have previously proposed bestowing American statehood on any Mexican state that will adopt our Bill of Rights by a two-thirds majority. (Looks like Canadians are going to need that offer, too, unless they want to go to jail for using the wrong pronoun.)

Failing that, we need a wall—and not some skinny little fency item, either. If I were running things, it would be a full-scale replica of the Great Wall of China, with guard-towers and crenulations and a road right along the top. Ultimately, it would be paid for by the millions of tourists it would attract, as well as individuals happy to take part in this mammoth and historical engineering project. Hell, I would chip in, myself. For those (like most people, unfortunately) who are stuck at the object-level, it would signal America's intentions plainly. Protect our culture at all costs. And by "culture", I mean the Bill of Rights; it is the only thing that makes America exceptional.

Contrary to previously-expressed opinions I have heard, a border wall does not, in itself, represent an initiation of force—as long as it's built on property that the would-be immigrant doesn't own. I believe in freedom to travel unless it threatens other people's other freedoms, which the current situation does.

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