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Number 949, November 19, 2017

To whom do I report that my Second Amendment rights
are being obscenely groped and assaulted by the
phonies and four-flushers of the Republican Senate?
—L. Neii Smith

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The Editor’s Notes
by Ken Holder

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Vin Suprynowicz sez “Finally!: Church Sign Warns Members Are Armed, Will Use Deadly Force If Attacked


And J. Neil Schulman says:

Joe Biden, still a fucking moron:

Joe Biden: Hero Who Ended Texas Rampage Shouldn’t Have Had His Gun
Most Americans consider Stephen Willeford a hero for bravely ending the rampage of a crazed murderer at a Texas church … but not former Vice President Joe Biden. During a national television appearance on Monday, Biden dismissed the Texan’s valorous actions, going so far as to say he shouldn’t have been carrying the AR-15 he used to stop the killer.

Yes, folks, it really is true, the “Rulling Class” (Slavers/Collectivists/Marxists) really do want us dead.


And this is worth thinking about:

Why the Worst Humans Are Able to Rise to Power
by Brittany Hunter

In chapter ten of The Road to Serfdom, “Why the Worst Get on Top,” Hayek continues to warn about the dangers of planned economies, but with a slightly different approach from earlier chapters.

Stepping into new territory, here we see Hayek not only identifying economic problems but also discussing the very nature of power itself. Specifically, he addresses how totalitarians are able to rise to power and coerce entire populations into absolute despotism.

What is so fascinating about Hayek’s warnings in this chapter is the fact that they were written at a time when the world was desperately trying to make sense of what had just occurred in Germany during WWII. Hitler and the Third Reich were all too fresh in the minds of all mankind, making Hayek’s warnings extraordinarily relevant.

History’s most notorious dictators did not rise to power randomly.

The world was determined to never let that kind of evil loose on civilization again, but as Hayek warned, it is not merely a matter of making sure “good” people get elected to office; it is making sure totalitarianism is rejected at all corners: economic, political, social and all other forms imaginable.
[Read More]


But enough of that. The main thing today is two books I just read, and both are recommended.

First is The Heretics of St. Possenti, by Rolf Nelson

cover of The Heretics of St. Possenti, by Rolf Nelson
Kindle eBook, $4.99

This is a story about a Catholic Priest setting up a new monastic order, The Order of Saint Possenti. As you might imagine, he goes though a lot of difficulties on the way to get his new monastery going. The description:

Bishop Thomas Cranberry finds himself at a loss when he is confronted by a thief and realizes some disturbing truths about himself. The experience sends him in search of the men who are increasingly absent from the Church, who find themselves at a loss in a world that has gone increasingly feral, and who feel that they have nowhere to go and no one to whom they can turn for support. In listening to them and attempting to understand their plight, he finds an unexpected mission.

I’m not Catholic, so some of the material in the book was unfamiliar or strange to me, but nevertheless it was an enjoyable, educational, and worthwhile read. Go to it!


The other book is After, by Boris Karpa, who has written many articles and letters to and for this here little magazine you are reading right now.

cover of After, by Boris Karpa
Kindle $7.50
Paperback $15.00

The description:

Alice Greenly returns home from her first year of college to discover Edward, a wealthy survivalist, has purchased a home on the outskirts of her small town. At first she believes him to be an eccentric – but as atomic war breaks out, it falls to Edward to help Alice and her family to flee the irradiated wasteland that her home state has become. In their escape, they are forced to contend with the privations of post-apocalyptic life and do battle with looters, highwaymen, and gangs until they arrive and settle at the town of Holmes, whose inhabitants managed to survive the apocalypse, and even establish a measure of civilized living, with the help of an organized group of survivors known only as the Outriders. But though the Outriders appear to be benevolent protectors , not all is as it seems.

I must say, Mr. Karpa is a terrific story-teller, the book was a page-turner, hard to put down. I enjoyed it immensely, and you will too. Interesting and vivid characters, including some really evil villains, and a subtle background of libertarian ideas. Splendid book!

There is one minor problem in that it needs a bit more proofreading. There were a lot of words that must have been “corrected” incorrectly by the auto-correct in his word processor, and there were occasional sentences with a missing or obviously wrong word. These are minor distractions and do not slow down the pace of the story, since it is easy to fill in the blanks. Seriously, it was a great read.


Was that worth reading?
Then why not:

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