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Number 952, December 10, 2017

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Calling out Antifa
by Sean Gangol

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

I always found it downright comical that the left believes that everybody on the right has an obligation to denounce all white supremacist groups, which includes organizations that are no longer relevant such as the KKK. They even demand that everyone on the right denounce former Klansman, David Duke who quite frankly hasn ’t been relevant in decades, if he ever was. The left always demands that we call out White Nationalists who do nothing, but walk around with TIki torches and chant nonsense about how they will not allow Jews to replace them. Though I have yet to hear anyone make the same demands of the left when it comes to a group that uses actual violence to silence their opposition.

With the exception of Fox News and various other conservative news outlets, it is extremely rare to even hear the media even mention Antifa, much less condemn them for their violent actions. There was one rare occasion on MSNBC, where you had the panel on the Morning Joe show, who did everything in their ability to condemn Antifa and their actions, unlike other news outlets, who either downplay their destructiveness or ignore it all together. There have even been some who have called Antifa a peace organization. If throwing Molotov cocktails is the new standard for peace, I would sure hate to see what their standards are for violence.

Even more laughably absurd was this leftist idiot on Twitter who actually said that George Orwell would have thrown his full support behind Antifa, since they call themselves an anti-fascist organization. I laughed so hard that my ribs started to hurt. You really think that George Orwell, a man who had seen actual fascism first hand, wouldn’t be able to see through an organization, such as Antifa? The only aspect that Orwell would have appreciated about this group would be the irony that they call themselves anti-fascists, while using the exact same tactics that are prevalent in fascism. This is actually reminiscent of the play on words that his totalitarian antagonists used to dumb down the populace in his novel, !984.

Then we have Don Lemon of CNN and Whoopie Goldberg from the View, who actually belittle anybody who considers Antifa a threat. Tell that to the people who have been victimized by these fascist bullies. Tell that to the business owners who have had their property destroyed by these animals. Tell that to the old war veterans who have found themselves ganged up by a bunch of young punks who probably couldn’t even fight their way out of a paper bag. Tell that to the protestors at Berkeley who had to keep these psychopaths from shoving plastic bags over their heads. Goldberg doesn ’t even believe that this organization is real, since she doesn ’t recall seeing any protest as violent as what took place after Trump was elected. First of all, did this woman spend the entire duration of 1960’s in a bunker? Second of all, these wannabe anarchist punks who dress in black and wear bandanas over their faces are not new to the scene. They have been wreaking havoc and destruction on public and private property years before Trump made a bid for the presidency. They even gave the authorities trouble during Obama’s second inauguration. It is true that they have become increasingly more violent, ever since Trump got elected. I guess that’s what happens when you label your opponent a Nazi, while normalizing violence against him through severed head photos and plays that glorify his assignation.

In a video created by Vox, an organization dedicated to spreading left-wing propaganda, Antifa was portrayed as a civil rights organization that gets unfair media coverage. Really? You want to talk about unfair media coverage with the way that everyone on the right from the Tea Parties to Donald Trump supporters to anybody who doesn’t want to see historic monuments torn down has been portrayed as racist extremists? You actually want to go there? Not only do we know more about media bias than you could ever hope to learn for an entire lifetime, but we know that you guys have no legitimate case when it comes to Antifa. If anything, the media has been treating this organization with kid gloves. Also, it’s hard for you to make the argument that there are only a few bad apples in this group, when their entire mission is dedicated to using violence to suppress fascist speech.  Yes, these people freely admit that they believe that it is morally justified to use violence towards anyone who they can conveniently label a fascist or a Nazi. Keep in mind were not just talking about Richard Spencer types here. An Anarcho-Capitalist Youtuber who goes by the name of Mr. Dapperton has spoken about the death threats that he has received from the Antifa chapter that is headquartered only a few miles from his home.

Steven Crowder actually had his assistant from his Louder for Crowder show infiltrate a local Antifa chapter, where he caught them on film passing out weapons and plotting attacks against their opponents. Though, when Crowder tried to give this footage to some local news agencies none of them seem interested in exposing this group for the fascist thugs that most people with a functioning brain already knew about. So, don’t give me that line of bull about how the media has been unfair to poor old Antifa. Also, if this group cared at all about being portrayed as violent hooligans, then they would simply stop acting like violent hooligans. Hell, their recruiting video showed them brawling and throwing Molotov cocktails in the streets, as if they were proud of these of thuglike tactics. So, don’t give me that crap about how only a small number of the members in this organization are violent, when they themselves aren’t even trying to hide the fact that violence is the core part of this organization.

So, I will ask all politicians (Republican and Democrat), new organizations (especially you Reason), celebrities and even propaganda channels on YouTube, such as Vox to call out Antifa for the fascist bullies that they have proven themselves to be, time and time again. Otherwise I am going to assume that you support their behavior. What’s that you say? I am being unfair? I am actually giving you the same ultimatum that you gave the right after Charlottesville, though I think my ultimatum is much more reasonable. Unlike your side, which demanded that everybody on the right denounce Nazis, the KKK and other racist elements that are pretty much a nonissue in 2017, I am actually demanding that you call out something that is actually doing more to victimize people, than walking around with torches and chanting anti-Semitic nonsense. So, if I hear you guys do anything to defend or downplay the violent tactics of Antifa,

then I am going to assume that you support their actions. Though I will give the people from the Morning Joe show on MSNBC Brownie points for calling out Antifa.

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