Narrated by talk show host, Brian Wilson, “Down With Power” a Libertarian
Manifesto, by L. Neil Smith now downloadable as an audiobook!
Number 958, January 28, 2018

The very worst entities for issuing money
are governments, because they produce
nothing, but only take from others.

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Letter from Adam Kokesh American Referendum Project

Letter from J. Neil Schulman

Letter from Adam Kokesh American Referendum Project

Safe in jail?

Friend —


This past Tuesday January 16th, the first person to file a “A Statement of Candidacy” with the FEC, to run for the highest office in the United States, Adam Kokesh, made his formal campaign announcement. Now nine days later, the campaign team made the executive decision to post bond and remove him from his confinement upon receiving information threatening his safety.

Earlier this week Kokesh recorded a podcast from within the walls of his imprisonment demanding Sheriff Akin to release him. Over the last few days, there have been numerous threats made via social media that have been traced to what appears to be local law enforcement and today Kokesh received a note in his cell stating, “GET OUT NOW”.

Video of the arrests can be found here.

The Open Letter to Sheriff Akin can be found here.

Be on the lookout for Adam to share his statement about the events that led to us getting him out.


With love and freedom,
American Referendum Project

Adam Kokesh American Referendum Project • United States
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Letter from J. Neil Schulman

Mars Pirate Rsadio Podcast with J, Neil Schulman Part 3 — Schulman on Schulman

poscast pic

Episode CXXXIX

Posted in Uncategorized by dougturnbull on January 27th, 2018

Tonight, a special edition of Mars Pirate Radio will feature the final part of our interview with SF author, screenwriter, and film producer, J. Neil Schulman. In 1973, as a 20 year old reporter for the New York Daily News, he interviewed famed SF writer, Robert A. Heinlein (Stanger in a Strange Land, as well as many other works). We discuss that interview with excerpts, in a wide ranging conversation about the many topics brought up during that exchange. Below are links to the original interview as well as to my book page.

Note: The sound quality of this segement is much improved. The technical problem that caused the difficulties with the previous two segments has been corrected and they will be reposted on a date yet to be decided.

Music was composed by Bernard Herrmann for Fahrenheit 451, copyright 1966 by Universal Pictures.

Link to 1973 Heinlein interview:

J. Neil Schulman

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