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Promoting Professional Victimhood
by Sean Gangol

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

One of the patterns that I noticed with SJW’s is that whenever they experience any backlash from their attacks on those they deem to be offensive, they act like they are the ones being persecuted. A perfect example of this was Social Justice activist, Suey Park who was featured on an episode of The Internet Ruined My Life, a series featured on the Sy-Fy Channel.

For those of you who may not remember, Suey Park was an Asian SJW activist who tried to lead a Twitter campaign to get Stephen Colbert fired for a punchline that he wrote on Twitter “I am willing to show #Asian community I care by introducing the Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever. ” Colbert made it clear that he was actually making fun of the way the owner of the Redskins was donating money to a Native American charity, while holding on to a name that many consider derogatory to those very people. Anyone with a half a brain or even a slight sense of humor should know that Colbert clearly wasn’t belittling Asian-Americans. I have never been a fan of Stephen Colbert, but I am even less of a fan of arrogant, snarky, entitled millennials who have no sense of humor.

Anyone who is interested in doing a case study on how SJW’s like to pretend that they are the victims in situations that they create, I recommend checking out The Internet Ruined My Life: Suey Park on YouTube. This show pulls out all the stops to try and make Suey Park look like the victim. Obviously, they want us to feel sorry for her, so instead of portraying her as the arrogant entitled ditz that she really was, they make it seem as if she didn’t really want to get Colbert fired, but she instead used the whole #Cancel Colbert to bring attention to the incident. Yeah, sure, Suey. That was why you appeared on the Huffington Post video and demanded that he be held accountable, instead of making it clear that you didn ’t want him fired. I also find it telling that her interview with the Huffington Post was cut short because the interviewer couldn ’t stand her snarky attitude. Of course, the creators of the episode made it seem as if the interviewer was the one being rude and snarky.

Park would later receive a negative backlash when she told the interviewer that since he was a white man, he wouldn’t understand the plight of minorities. This led many to think (rightfully) that she didn’t think the opinions of white people were valid. Park, as well as the producers of the show, tried to swing this quote as if it was something that was taken out of context. Really? Like Colbert’s punchline? They also failed to mention that Suey Park had made several racist statements in the past. On her YouTube channel, Park said that minorities don’t need white people to defend them because they would soon become minorities themselves.

Don’t worry, the story gets even better. She claimed that she got both death and rape threats, which is something that I am against. Though she shouldn’t be surprised when people react negatively towards her when she makes racist statements or tries to destroy a man’s livelihood. I also don’t approve of tactics such as doxing, where people’s personal information is exposed to the public, which was another one of Park’s claims. That is assuming that she is telling the truth, since SJW’s are notorious liars and her story becomes increasingly far-fetched as we get closure to the end.

The most amusing aspect of her story was when Park claimed that she received a text from an “ex-military sniper” laying wait outside her house for a kill shot. In the reenactment they actually showed a sniper waiting in the trees with a rifle cited on Park, who was standing in front of an open window. First of all, what self-respecting sniper identifies himself as “ex-military? ” For that matter, why would a professional sniper position himself in a tree, located in the middle of a suburban neighborhood? Also, since when do snipers give you a heads up before picking you off? What was he? The world’s courteous sniper?

Park then claimed that she packed her suitcase and headed to New York. She then hid in her apartment, until her roommates decided to disguise her by cutting her hair. They then take her to some club where she was able to dance and have a good time, until she noticed a group of guys holding their phones out as if they were taking pictures of her and her group. Park then said that she took one of their phones away, which revealed that they had been taking pictures of her outside her apartment. So basically it was a sophisticated ring of stalkers that was keeping track of her every movement. After that Park claimed that she never stayed in one place for very long and she used burner phones that she constantly threw away so that nobody could track her. Congratulations, Suey, you have managed to surpass Anita Sarkessan when it comes to being the official Queen of Professional Victimhood. I would put greater shame on the Sy-Fy Channel for airing this crap, but it is quite fitting that Park’ s laughably far-fetched story would end up on the same channel that gave us Sharknado 1-4.

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