“Gun control is the idea that it’s better to see a woman dead in an alley, strangled
with her own pantyhose, than to see her with a gun in her hand.”—T.D. Melrose
L. Neil Smith
Americans Have Obeyed Their Last Gun Law

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L. Neil Smith's
The Libertarian Enterprise
—An International Journal of Opinion —
Issue 968, April 8, 2018

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Andy Jackson Was Right
(The Feature Article)

No Worries!
No Worries!

Do not let civilization die in the dark.


The Editor’s Notes
by Ken Holder, Editor-in-Chief

Letters to the Editor
from A.X. Perez, Jeff Fullerton, and Sean Gabb

Andy Jackson Was Right
by A.X. Perez
“A Flash in the Pan”. The quoted phrase is often misunderstood and misused. It means there's a flake of gold there in the muck, or even a small diamond. This letter of Albert’s about banking is a diamond and one of the most important pieces we've ever published.—L. Neil Smith

by L. Neil Smith
Any reasonable individual has to wonder whether Facebook dictator Mark Zuckerberg is honestly mistaken in his faulty economic analysis of that institution’s place in the market, or he thinks he’s being a particularly clever con-man. His assertion that Facebook users are the product he delivers to his real customers, those who advertise on the system, is just plain wrong, and constructed, by accident or deliberately (like the needlessly complicated anti-Copernican concepts of the Solar System or Keynesian economics), to mystify and confound those who want to know the truth, but lack confidence in their understanding of technology.

by J. Neil Schulman
Gun control isn’t about guns. It’s about control. Neither is the word “gun” in the Second Amendment.

Requiring the Callow Performance
by Mike Blessing
I would have posted this for publication last week, but Sunday was, well, April Fools Day, and this is serious subject matter to be considered here. Politicians need to learn their place, and stick to it.

Losing Our Roots
by Sarah Hoyt
When Robert was one and a half, we asked his pediatrician if his intelligence seemed normal.Look, I know IQ is mostly inherited, but mom’s family has some startling up and downs (okay, given the times, that might be nutrition) but also everyone and their brothers had warned us that as severe as pre-eclampsia was during that pregnancy he’d probably be mentally retarded. And Robert was, like every high IQ (and/or Odd) kid ever given to saltational development. What that means for those who haven’t heard it, is that he lags WAY behind in a skill, then acquires it seemingly overnight. Both parts of which scare the crap out of parents. He wasn’t as weird as his brother (Marshall, his brother is a great title for a novel) who refused to crawl like a normal human being, for instance, and crawled around the house on knees and shoulders, looking like a lizard. Then one day he stood up and realized he could reach the chocolate on the table. Within the week he was running.

The Social “Contract,” Communism, and Other Lies
by Jim Davidson
Jean-Jacques Rousseau did not want to free the human race.   He wanted everyone in chains.  Karl Marx, similarly, following in the footsteps of Hegel and others who followed in those of Rousseau, did not want free people to enjoy their lives, he wanted everyone enslaved.  If you wish monuments to the effectiveness of the pursuit of this enslavement by their followers, you have to only look around you.

The Futility of Electoral Politics
by Sean Gabb
There was a time when I felt obliged to argue for certain propositions. However, we have now reached a stage where these propositions can be taken as at least a working hypothesis. We are governed by a coalition of fools, cowards, drunkards, whoremasters, and whores of every kind. Their mission is to finish turning England into a financial casino in which a few hundred thousand punters and croupiers grow very rich, while the rest of us —when not working as cleaners, drivers, cooks, and jesters without licence —live either as atomised individuals or in ethnic and religious communities, each too powerless to impose on the others any one agenda of dissent. This is not to say we shall be impoverished in the traditional sense. We shall have no shortage of food or of shiny electronic toys. But we shall not have the luxury of owning property, and our only security against falling into real poverty will be obedience to our masters and an outward show of conformity to whatever they claim at any one moment to believe.

Do We REALLY Need The Second Amendment?
by L. Reichard White
Newspapers and other publications keep what they call " stylebooks" to let the folks who write for them know what's acceptable to the publication and what isn't. Many factors determine the rules that are included in a stylebook, many, but not all of them, economic. What these stylebooks reveal, however, is much more than just preferences and economics. What is a "terrorist" for example—



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