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Announcing a New Novel by J. Neil Schulman
from Technovelist's Blog, forwarded by J. Neil Schulman

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Steve Heller Publishing is pleased to announce that its premiere book publication is The Fractal Man, the fourth novel from award-winning novelist and filmmaker, J. Neil Schulman. The novel will be serialized at Heller’s website while being completed and as an Amazon Kindle book when finished.

Schulman’s previous novels, Alongside Night (Crown 1979) and The Rainbow Cadenza (Simon Schuster, 1983) each won Prometheus Awards, and his third novel Escape from Heaven (Pulpless.Com, 2002) was a Prometheus Award finalist.

Over the course of his literary career Schulman’s novels and nonfiction books have received endorsements from Anthony Burgess (A Clockwork Orange); Nobel laureeate Milton Friedman; Nebula Grandmaster Robert A. Heinlein; Academy-Award winner Charlton Heston; and many other celebrities and best-selling authors.

His books have received rave reviews in The Los Angeles Times, Detroit News, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Reason, National Review, and many other national magazines and newspapers.

In addition to his work as an author, J. Neil Schulman wrote one of the best remembered episodes of the 1980’s CBS Twilight Zone—“Profile in Silver”; wrote and directed two feature films currently streaming on Amazon Prime—Lady Magdalene’s (2008) and Alongside Night (2014); and the Wall Street Journal in January 1989 called him a pioneer in the field of digital book publishing.

Full information on J. Neil Schulman at as well as on Wikipedia, Amazon, IMDb, Facebook, Twitter, and his YouTube channel.


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J. Neil Schulman


J. Neil Schulman is a novelist, screenwriter, journalist, radio personality, filmmaker, composer, and actor. His dozen books include the novels Alongside Night and The Rainbow Cadenza, both of which won the Libertarian Futurist Society’s Prometheus Award for best libertarian novel, and the anthology Nasty, Brutish, And Short Stories.
Read more about him.

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