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Number 983, July 29, 2018

Why can these morons never learn that
gun laws are enforced at gun-point?

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A Tale of Two Idiots
by L. Neil Smith

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I confess that I don’t keep as close an eye on music as I used to. I read today in a Breitbart article by A.W.R. Hawkins about one Eric Church, a “country-western superstar” I never heard of—I looked him up afterward and discovered that I’d never heard any of his music, either—who has decided that the National Rifle Association is responsible, somehow, for the mass-shooting deaths of 58 concert-goers on October 1 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

His feeble-minded “explanation” consisted of exactly the same old crap suey we’ve been hearing from the left for weeks and months and years and decades. “Americans own too many guns! And too much ammunition! And ‘we’ have a right to know how many and how much!” (Whoever the hell ‘we’ is.) All at the same time he swore that he believes devoutly in the Second Amendment and the Constitution. Like I said:





The guy is bound to lose a lot of paying customers—the country-western crowd is not exactly hoplophobic (psychopathologically weapons-averse)—but he claims (falsely, or he wouldn’t have said what he did about the Second Amendment) he doesn’t care. There are a few more country-western ignoramuses floating around out there (Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift and One-Square Sheryl Crow come to mind), but in general, this is a corner of the entertainment world that may be a little safer for us bitter clingers than most. (Not being a religious fellow, I cling to my guns and Atlas Shrugged.)

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have mentioned Church’s name, but I don’t want anybody that he is trying to hurt—why can these morons never learn that gun laws are enforced at gun-point?—to put another rusty red cent in the pocket of his designer jeans. “Let the bastard freeze in the dark,” is my philosophy. The same for Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift and One-Square Sheryl.

I was once a musician and a pretty fair guitar-player but I had a stroke and lost the use of my left arm. There isn’t much I wouldn’t give to get it back again. To this Church creature and his historically uninformed ilk, I admonish them to follow the advice offered a while ago by commentator and psychologist Laura Ingraham (with whom I don’t always agree) who wrote a book addressed to the entertainment-industrial complex: Shut Up And Sing.

The next news story I looked at was a Teresa Mull piece about the mayor of Toronto. This ass-clown would want me to mention his name. He is a cretin who blames the shooting in that city last Sunday (two dead, 13 injured) in particular and Canada’s rapidly rising rate of violent crime in general on the private ownership of guns, rather than the systematic government suppression of individual rights. The fact is, it’s quite difficult to legally acquire firearms in Canada, which does not have a Second Amendment, or, for that matter, a First (you can be punished in some circumstances, for failing to use the designated fake pronoun); come to think of it, they don’t even have a Constitution! This mayor and most of his country-persons are all nothing more than abject, humble, lowly, and sniveling subjects of Betty Battenberg, the little-old-lady Queen of little-old-lady England.

This is exactly why we needed a Revolution in 1776, to scrape the baleful influence of a useless, parasitic monarchy off our shoe-soles. It’s also why we have a Second Amendment (and as many guns and as much ammunition as we damn well please), to keep that influence scraped off. Aside from the occasional ugly abuse, exacerbated in size and exaggerated in number by mass media of dubious motives and honesty like Las Vegas, which could have been prevented simply by respecting everybody’s Constitutional rights (and maybe by hiring cops with testicles, spines, and intestines), it is tyrants, like kings and queens, and squeaking mini-tyrants, like this jumped-up Canadian mayor, who need to fear an armed populace, exactly as the Founding Fathers intended.

There is a happy note, here. for that significant handful of Canadians who respect themselves and who love individual liberty (I know several, and this is for them). Some years ago, I suggested that much of our immigration problem could be solved with one simple measure: any Mexican state that ratifies the United States Bill of Rights by two-thirds will be granted American statehood. Such a state would immediately begin to enjoy the blessings of liberty: progress, prosperity, stability, and a chance for the people themselves to eradicate the brutal cartels, instead of having to rely on a government as repulsively corrupt as last month’s garbage. There would no longer be a need to migrate north—they might even have to build a Wall to keep us out!

This idea would require some organization at both ends, to muster the votes in Mexico and to establish some enabling laws up here. Now, I think, is the time to extend that same offer to Canadians, slowly being sucked under the quicksand of political correctness (otherwise known as neo-Stalinism). We’d almost certainly wind up with Alberta and Saskatchewan as states, and maybe even beautiful Newfoundland, where I grew up among tough, hard-working, independent-minded people. I think I’ll call this “ethical imperialism”.

Failing that, an historical note. Last week, an inventor’s right was supported by a federal court, to manufacture 3D-printed plastic firearms, in particular, a single-shot .380 pistol he called “Liberator”. For World War Two buffs, “Liberator” means a super-cheap sheet-metal single-shot pistol the Allies air-dropped all over Nazi-occupied Europe to help destabilize their regime. Look it up; it’s a fascinating story. Out of the hundreds of thousands of guns that were dropped only a few were ever recovered, meaning they’ve mostly been stashed away for a rainy day.

Is the name of this new 3D-printed pistol a coincidence? I doubt it. Should there be a similar, merciful, neighborly delivery of new-model Liberator pistols for Canada? Don’t ask the Mayor of Toronto, he’ll probably faint dead away—and require a change of underwear.



L. Neil Smith

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