“Gun control is the idea that it’s better to see a woman dead in an alley, strangled
with her own pantyhose, than to see her with a gun in her hand.”—T.D. Melrose
L. Neil Smith
Americans Have Obeyed Their Last Gun Law

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L. Neil Smith's
The Libertarian Enterprise
—An International Journal of Opinion —
Issue 985, August 12, 2018

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Hall-Pass Nation
(The Feature Article)

White People
Seems Familiar….

It is nothing but a cheesy protection
racket to “license” businesses to operate.


Letters to the Editor
from A.X. Perez

Hall-Pass Nation
by L. Neil Smith
“We have to regulate every aspect of people’s lives.”
—Councilman Jesse Dominguez
Santa Barbara City Council

I went out to a bar the other night to listen to karaoke. Yeah, I do that. For some perverted reason, a young lady near the entrance demanded that I produce identification. Since I am plainly a 72-year-old man in a wheelchair, I felt that this was peculiar and uncalled-for—especially since no other place I go like this makes a similar demand—and if they couldn’t tell that I was over 21, they didn’t really deserve my custom. The people with me were upset—that I was upset—not that we were all being treated unreasonably.


Hate Speech
by Sarah A. Hoyt
What is hate speech? A lot of places in Europe—and Canada, our very own stray piece of Europe in the Americas—have anti-hate speech laws, our tech giants are desperately scrambling to enact anti-hate-speech here, and everyone is very concerned about it. But what is hate speech?

Death to America?
by Sean Gabb
Talking about the future is often a sure recipe for looking like a fool. However obvious it may seem to us, nearly everything that happened in the past was unexpected at the time. I am not aware of anyone in 1639 who believed the Stuart State was about to collapse. Nor do I think anyone in 1788 predicted the occurrence and course of the French Revolution. The course of the Great War repeatedly took all the clever men by surprise. The difficulty with looking ahead is partly that most of the facts are unknown, but partly that the facts already established will be seen out of focus. We always tend to see the world through the twin lenses of unreasonable fear and of wishful thinking. For the world as it is, facts already established provide some correction. For the world as it may be, the only correction is to wait and see.

Fiscal Bliss*
by Jim Carter
“What difference does an increase in the National Debt make? We owe it to ourselves. ” our typical congress-critter has declared. Such a paraphrased statement, reflecting on the exoskeleton structure of the Federal Reserve, ignores the inner historic mechanisms of Rothschild banking, the intense subterfuge and arm-twisting of the Fed’s creation, and the proven destructive forces inherent but hidden therein.

The Fox Realization
by Harding McFadden
I’m not a hunter. It’s not that I have some moral objection to hunting. That’s not it at all. It’s mostly because I prefer hamburgers to steak, don’t like venison, and prefer animals to most people. Don’t misunderstand: I’m not one of those amoral freaks who’d rather see a landfill overflowing with the corpses of their fellow humans than see one trophy head mounted on someone’s den wall. I just don’t have the heart for it. Makes me kind of a rarity where I live, let me tell you.

The Set-Up: No outcome can ever be allowed to produce the
headline “Trump Triumphs!”

by Vin Suprynowicz
At [link to website], The Associated Press advises us at noontime (EDST) today, Aug. 7, that an “Ohio Race Pits Trump Coalition Against Democrats’ Resistance / Trump shadow looms over contests in Ohio and Kansas as five states hold elections.”

Anarchists Versus Anarchy
by J. Neil Schulman
Back in my salad days as a libertarian activist, in Fall 1974, I organized the first-ever conference on countereconomics—CounterCon I—featuring Samuel Edward Konkin III as keynote speaker. In May, 1975, Sam, who supplemented his income as a graduate student in theoretical chemistry at NYU by doing commercial typesetting, typeset for me a full-page ad for Countercon II—featuring both Sam and Robert LeFevre—that I wanted to buy, advertising the second conference in the newsletter of Laissez-Faire Books, then a brick-and-mortar bookstore on Mercer Street in Greenwich Village, founded by Sharon Presley and John Muller.

@Pamela Anderson: Animals Are Property
by L. Neil Smith
AUTHOR’S NOTE: a few days ago, I watched an interview on FOX with media personality Pamela Anderson. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have been interested in a woman famous mostly for her bra size (well, almost wouldn’t), but she is a close personal friend to Julian Assange, who is a big hero to me and my family. We believe Donald Trump would not be President today, without the whistle-blowing revolution Assange started. Given what happened to him afterward—six years of exile and near solitary confinement in the Ecuadorian embassy in London—he is also a persecuted martyr to the cause of liberty.

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