“Gun control is the idea that it’s better to see a woman dead in an alley, strangled
with her own pantyhose, than to see her with a gun in her hand.”—T.D. Melrose
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Americans Have Obeyed Their Last Gun Law

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Issue 987, August 26, 2018

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CHAPTER SIXTEEN: The Biplane General
(The Feature Article)

Deer Corn!
Deer Corn!

I need a weapon of war to discuss matters
with people who feel I only need the right
to vote if I vote their way.


The Editor’s Notes
A big THANK YOU! to all those who donated to our "https://" campaign. And a funny picture of Ye Olde Editor for your amusement and all that stuff.

Letters to the Editor
from Jeff Fullerton, L. Neil Smith, Defense Distributed, and A.X. Perez

CHAPTER SIXTEEN: The Biplane General
by L. Neil Smith
What follows is a brief excerpt from my new novel Only the Young Die Good, on which I will place the finishing touches and submit for publication this week. A sequel to my first vampire story Sweeter Than Wine, it will be the thirty-fifth book I have written in my career.

The Path to Slavery
by Jim Davidson
Back in 1762, an especially evil man named Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote a book called The Social Contract. Upon reading this book, Voltaire remarked that Rousseau is the enemy of mankind. Pushing a belief in the lies that are found in his book is the basis of all contemporary democracies and all of the communist ideologies. Rousseau led to Hegel who led to Marx who led to Stalin and Mao, who slaughtered about 150 million with their systems. Tens of millions of others were slaughtered by the likes of Hitler, Pol Pot, Kamel Ataturk, etc. The total mass murders of the 20th Century number about 262 million.

by Sarah A. Hoyt
I’ve been getting concerned messages from friends around the country asking me if our lefty colleagues have completely lost their minds these last two months. Mind you, these are friends who are immersed in mixed politics circles, sometimes on half of a politically mixed marriage. So I have no clue why they think I have special insight. Well, perhaps because I lurk, unnoticed and long-forgotten in a lot of writers’ newsgroups, where someone to the right of Lenin is a rarity.

Activism in Daily Life:
Casting Votes that Count

by Sean Gabb
The more raddled and droopy my face grows, the more inclined I am to agree with a proposition put to me by various friends since before I needed to shave. This is that political activism is a waste of time. Oh, writing about politics—analysis, denunciation, a general flying of the ideological flag—that is probably time well-spent. I have always enjoyed it, and may have done no harm to the causes thereby supported. The waste of time is electoral politics and involvement in campaign groups. The first means joining political parties over which we have no control, and that are led by people whose behaviour—and increasingly whose speech—reveals them as our sworn enemies. The second means giving money to people who, with a few percentage wobbles either side, operate on the “Eighty-Twenty Principle.” 80p of every pound you hand over will be spent on whores and cocaine. Whatever remains that is not merely wasted will be spent on getting someone cheap to do the promised work.

Statement of Intent
by Harding McFadden
History is very important. Not just to me, but to the world in general, showing us where we’ve been, how we got there, and who took us there. It shows our struggles, our victories, and our failures. It shows us at what point our ancestors looked at the shape of things around them and declared, “No more!” It is important. Which is why what’s being shown to contemporary students makes me so angry.

The Empire of Liberty
by Steven Vandervelde
On July 4, 1776 William Henry Drayton, the first Chief Justice of the newly independent revolutionary State of South Carolina, spoke to the assembled Continental Army regiments in Charleston, South Carolina. He read the Declaration of Independence and spoke grand eloquently on the new Empire of Liberty, the United States of America. The Declaration had been signed two days earlier and dispatched from Philadelphia where the Continental Congress was in session, as it took two days to communicate by horse to all thirteen State capitols. In the previous decade America had undergone a revolution in which the Colonial regime had been expelled from the land. The Colonial Governors who had not fled outright were hiding out in ships. A British Army of occupation landed in Boston and was expelled but not defeated in battle after a siege featuring Britain’s first Pyric victory the bloody battle of Bunker Hill where the Massachusetts militia inflicted a horrifying price. George Washington had still retained control of the heights from where he threatened to bombard the British troops and fleet, but let them escape, with the rationale that in a war to protect property he did not feel justified in destroying the city of Boston. The British forces would return to New York and to Charleston. The War of Independence was on. Drayton distinguished himself before the invasion of Charleston by traveling among German settlers up State to the so called Dutch Fork area around the confluence of the Broad River and Bush River to promulgate a Treaty of Neutrality among the Germans, giving them assurance that their property would not be confiscated if they feared joining the cause of liberty but shunned the Crown. In spite of his monumental peace mission in the interior, Drayton was considered something of a loose cannon by the most powerful leaders in Charleston.

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