Narrated by talk show host, Brian Wilson, “Down With Power” a Libertarian
Manifesto, by L. Neil Smith now downloadable as an audiobook!
Number 988, September 2, 2018

Like all good novels, this one tries also to
be about life and death, love and hate, beauty
and ugliness, intelligence and stupidity,
and, most importantly, good and evil.

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The Editor’s Notes
by Ken Holder
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SSL and books

As you probably notice on the front-page, this here Little Magazine (that's actually a thing you know) has SSL up and running. So we're now Just a little bit more secure and stuff.


I got an email from


Hey @TheLibertarianEnterprise,

Donald J. Trump followed you.

Uh... who's pulling my leg here?


And look at this!:

Parkland Bombshells from Top Cop: Staff Should’ve Been Armed, Shooter Used 5-round Magazines
by Jon Stokes

There are two bombshells dropped in New York Times editor Patricia Mazzei’s Twitter feed this morning, one of which has me rethinking some things and the other of which should cause gun controllers to rethink some things
[Read More]

So much for the "high capacity magazines" B.S.!


And in case you hadn't noticed, John Varley has a new book out: Irontown Blues. It is a sequel to Steel Beach, which I've forgotten so much of I'm going to read again. With pleasure.

So, how is it? Silly question, it's excellent!

By the way, if you would like a good “Prepper/Disaster” read, try his Slow Apocalypse from 2012. Another excellent one!

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