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Invest in a Future Already Launching Around the World
by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
CEO Deep Green Futures

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

The road blocks to geopolymer & Ultra High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) use in America has lagged far behind the adoption of these new materials in other parts of the world, not to mention ancient Rome and China where it use still stands 2,000 years later. These materials offer the benefits of being fire-proof, hydrophobic, highly resistant to gun-fire, earthquakes, floods, and other disasters. The use of these materials will also begin to move into consumer products. Lighter and stronger than concrete, they will last life times.

Homeland Security issued a study, titled Pathway to Commercialization for UHPC in 2013; but adoption remains flat despite the fact these new materials are essential to rebuilding American infrastructure, which is critical to commerce. The study stated:

“Currently, there is a critical need for advanced building materials for the U.S. domestic infrastructure, not only for new high-performance construction, but also to repair and enhance the performance of existing structures. These materials are required to be increasingly more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, sustainable, affordable, and resilient. They need to meet multi-hazard/-performance design criteria and be easily produced and incorporated into construction methods and practice. Furthermore, these materials must be cost effective through a structure’s life cycle. ”

It has taken decades, but the need to use just this kind of materials and the need to restore failing infrastructure in all 50 states, is estimated in the trillions of dollars.

The wildfires in California and across the western United States, follow the same rise in wildfires, burning each year, in the Southern hemisphere. In California, wildfires ravaged communities, exacting death tolls to fire followed by the rain liquification of debris and flooding, which presents further danger to human habitation and lives. These repeated costs for short-term structures, when added to the need to restore infrastructure long-term, will be impossible to finance.

It is a sea change long overdue, and investors and Millennials will be immediate beneficiaries.

Longer lasting, harder, better range of appearance from the log cabin look to Venetian marble, the use of concrete will plunge, as will all traditional building materials like wood, aluminum, and gypsum. We, uniquely, have formulated a plan for opening the market and demonstrating both the unique properties of these kaolinite powder mix into ceramic materials, and demonstrating how profitable this opening market will be.

Imagine a home you can buy, confident your great-great-great-great grandchildren will be able to live in with comfort – if they decide not to migrate off planet.

It does not take imagination to know you will go online to design your home, which will be built overnight using 3DPrinting technology and geopolymer materials. This is already being done by millions of units in China. You pick the space, in a housing development designed as a small town. It can even be on land by the sea which has been remediated from a superfund site with a ceramic barrier, and so costs less although it is entirely returned to its natural condition. Returning from death, the soil comes alive and over the next years the plant and animal balance will be restored. Waterproof walls can handle vertical urban farming, and water storage.

The site’s narrative will walk you through the steps; an education on sustainability in itself. With your architecture computer aided design (CAD) program, you view the rising and setting of the sun on your laptop, smartphone or device as you listen suggestions for the placement of windows in the rooms of your future home. Here, you will decide, where you want the bedroom, looking over a gentle drop toward the valley below. The kitchen and dining room look onto the patio area outside the sunroom. You read over choices for water treatment, energy generation, see how the system integrates into the overall design. You pick colors right then, they will be in the pigment in the walls along with a finish which can look like whatever you want.

Time needed for construction? Think days, not months. Holes and tubes for plumbing and conduit are already 3-dimensionally printed. And then you pay for it online with one of the Percentage As you Earn (%PAYE) finance loan systems coming into use which considers the uncertainties of life. This is finansurance which provides real security from repossession in bad times while lenders benefit in the good times. Instead of qualifying at 27% of your income, a house will only require 10% of your income.

These are intrinsic changes which will dramatically lower the cost of becoming a homeowner.

You arrange credit, based on your potential earning power and sign up online, though you probably will want to go out to the location and get a sense of what it will be like to have your kids bring their children to visit you there one fine day. You will experience this on Interactive television, able to participate with others asking questions, exploring locations, meeting others who could become your neighbors.

Viewers will also find opportunities for moving from wage-slave to small-business owner because the opportunities for more markets is about to expand to meet demand.

Imagine the economic impact of materials which produce houses, buildings of all kinds, and infrastructure, overpasses, bridges, highways and more, which are now reported to be ready to give out after a scant half-century, that can last a millennium and reallocate capital to other Personal Investments.

The longer a structure can last, the lower the overall cost. In the past, structures were planned and designed to last forever. These materials reduced costs, while giving their people and community continuity. Resources not spent on government buildings was not extracted from those who paid for government. Ancient civilizations, Egypt, Greece and Rome to name just three, did not build their amphitheaters, palaces and monuments to keep builders busy repairing them after just a half a century. They had other activities to underwrite.

If you spend time in Europe, especially Italy, you see structures which are still functioning, as they were designed to do, over 2,000 years ago when Roman engineers designed and built the wastewater collector system still running underneath the city of Rome today. Can you even imagine such a thing today? But we can have this kind of longevity again. Europe is still using these systems today. This lowers the cost and perceived need for public administration for common owned areas.

Just one example of this is the Cloaca Maxima, a wastewater collector running beneath the city of Rome, still in service after 2,000 years. Remember all the times you have sat in traffic, waiting again and again for repairs which seem to take place repeatedly? That can be a thing of the past, not included in our future.

The world which will be opened for us through these transitions of technology will include growing much of your own food, if that is what you want. There is a rising demand for locally grown food, which is nutritionally excellent; instead of produce grown for weight, much of it just water.

Vertical growing systems made of the same materials used to build homes, looking like decorative fences, or comprising the walls of a sunroom in your home will become ordinary, expected. These inside gardens are a part of the design in the EarthShips of Taos, where growing your own food is routine.

We started with the statement that investors and Millennials will be immediate beneficiaries. Now you can see why.

As the Federal Reserve Note continues to sink toward demise, lenders are seeking a way to have a decent interest rate for the time-value of money that has nothing to do with banks borrowing from the Federal Reserve, but from clients’ future earning power. We need to turn to the free-market for alternatives which allow us to avoid every meltdown, which now threatens. Fire & flood property casualty insurance and natural disaster reinsurance companies are being interested by our firm. With these revolutionary building technologies, we are taking a step toward a stability which includes the technologies on which we have come to depend for communication and education; but adds the technologies which bring security with unfolding opportunities for choosing our own courses through life. During the last decade, 1 of 3 schools has taught 3D printing. For 20 years, unions have promoted new workforce innovation Construction classes that have oriented themselves to pre-fabrication. Few students are being taught anymore for a blast to the past. Building code inspectors will have to adapt to the 21st century, and those educated already in it. Interactive television will assist the pace of the transition.

Millennials will finally be able buy homes; they will start families; they will move toward becoming entrepreneurs with home businesses, embracing the original culture which made America great and adding to it. Investors will provide capital, knowing they are putting their funds into the products, personal investments, and industries which will be transformational, enduring, and therefore profitable.

This is not a dream, it is the reality which awaits us, now.

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