“Gun control is the idea that it’s better to see a woman dead in an alley, strangled
with her own pantyhose, than to see her with a gun in her hand.”—T.D. Melrose
L. Neil Smith
Americans Have Obeyed Their Last Gun Law

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Why we can't have nice things

L. Neil Smith's
The Libertarian Enterprise
—An International Journal of Opinion —
Issue 992, September 30, 2018

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He’s Baaaaack!
(The Feature Article)

It IS Your Choice
It is Your Choice
Source: wendymcelroy.com

I think part of the reason that liberals
are so fanatical about defending Roe
vs. Wade
is because almost all their
big gains were not gained by appealing to
a majority of voters, but by court decisions.



Letters to the Editor
from L. Neil Smith, A.X. Perez, and TOR Books

He’s Baaaaack!
by L. Neil Smith
Previously, as they say on TV, we saw our hero, former Denver homicide detective Edward William Bear, otherwise known as “Win”, compelled to place his lady-love Clarissa in paratronic stasis because she was suffering from a terminal degenerative disease even his adopted alternative culture, the North American Confederacy, couldn’t cure. His hope was that someday science would find a cure and revive her. Being the swell guy that I am, I named this disease after a dear old friend and colleague of mine: “Koman’s Mitochondriasis”.

The Endless Kavanaugh Clapper-Clawing
by Eric Oppen
At long last, there may be light at the end of this tunnel. You have no idea how sick I am of this nonsense, and I know for a fact that when Ruth Bader Ginsberg falls off the twig, it’ll start right straight up again. Frankly, I’ve seen better-looking corpses than her, the way she looks these days. Not that she was ever an oil painting, or that I have any room to point fingers.

The New Witch-Hunt
by Sean Gangol
I have always found it interesting that it is usually the left who seems to have the biggest persecution complex when they constantly whine about how they were treated in 1950’s by Joe McCarthy and The House of Unamerican Activities. Never mind that many of the officials who were supposedly persecuted under McCarthy, were later proven to be in league with the Soviet Union. Never mind that Hollywood big shots who bemoan the Communist blacklist of the 1950’s, are the same bullies who routinely blackball conservatives and libertarians who try to have a career in the entertainment industry. Whenever you have Congress trying to hold government officials on the left accountable, as they tried with the investigations of Benghazi and Hillary Clinton’s treatment of classified information, you have leftists who call it a witch-hunt. Yet it seems like the biggest perpetrators of the witch-hunt mentality are those on the left.

The Myth That Kills
by Sarah A. Hoyt
I’m very afraid this is another of those posts that will get me accused of being a “gender traitor.” That’s just fine. If you think a gender—the fact that you were born with one piece of physical equipment—demands your loyalty and forces your opinions to be the same as those people with the same piece of equipment, call me a traitor. Guilty as charged. You see, I tend to think of people as people. This has largely been a handicap in writing fiction in the current age, because I’m expected to view women as saints-and-martyrs and men as oppressors-and-satyrs.

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