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Number 996, October 28, 2018

Trump has created an atmosphere of blunt truth

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The Editor’s Notes
by Ken Holder

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Hans G. Schantz
The Brave & the Bold
Huntsville, Alabama:, 2018
The Hidden Truth Book 3
Cover Design by Steve Beaulieu
ISBN-13: 978-1-7287-2274-0
ISBN-10: 1-7287-2274-8
Paperback $15.99 from

There is much joy in Mudville tonight, Mighty Schantz has hit another homer!

So to speak. The adventures of Peter Burdell and Amit Patel in a slightly alternate universe; it is pretty much this universe but with a vast secret conspiracy ruling the world behind the scenes and with a public form called the "Civic Circle", suppressing certain scientific investigations, and murdering anyone they even vaguely suspect is a threat. That could never happen here of course. The story began in The Hidden Truth, continued in A Rambling Wreck (where the boys go off to college), and now their story continues.

Our heroes have been pretending to be S.J.W.s in order to secure scholarships to Georgia Tech, Peter would not be able to go otherwise, having been impoverished by … certain events in the first book. They have fun with their predicament by secretly corrupting various students with individualism and that old-fashioned American Virtue: Think For Yourself. It doesn't always take of course, but they keep at it anyway.

Now, however, they must attend the Social Justice Leadership Forum held at Jekyll Island where the Civic Circle gets its bosses and minions together for training and plotting and feeling good about themselves, "the biennial meeting where the world’s movers and shakers gather to decide which way to move and shake." Peter's Uncle Rob seriously considers getting some friends together and running an attack on the leadership, seeing as how they are all clustered together. Shoot 'em all and see what happens. Peter and Amit engage in a little plotting and corrupting as best they can while attending.

I will note that since most of the book takes place amidst that vast S.J.W. convention and the constant propagandizing gets to creeping me out, realizing it is accurately portrayed and sincerely believed by the attendees. Or at least many of them, the bosses of course are merely using the ideology as a way to power.

We also find out a bit about the mysterious founder/leader of the Civic Circle, one Xueshu Quan. Creepy and scary sums him up.

And so I enthusiastically recommend you read this book, and find out what all happens. You know I would not steer you wrong, go forth and read it. You will be glad you did. links:

The Hidden Truth: Kindle -- $0.99 or Paperback -- $12.99

A Rambling Wreck: Kindle -- $0.99 or Paperback -- $12.99

The Brave & the Bold: Paperback -- $15.99 (no Kindle yet)


Ken Holder is the editor of L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise. He is a life-long student of History and Moral Philosophy, and is an actual grey-beard grandfather.

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