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Number 996, October 28, 2018

Trump has created an atmosphere of blunt truth

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Flying by Instruments
by Sarah Hoyt

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Skeletons hear, see, speak…

Nobody knows anything!

Honestly, this should be the motto for our times.

And it is a shame and a rebuke in the face of journalists.

I’ll be honest, they were never very good at reporting anything. Particularly in the first heat of the reporting. Any incident I was actually present at, let alone any incident I knew anything about was reported so wrongly all my life, that it might as well be another universe.

This was even when the things reported on were stuff like a school show, the village’s new gardens, or the death of someone who was a marginal public figure and whom my family happened to know. (They had everything wrong, other than the fact he was male and had once been alive.)

When you add the madness of politics to it, and the fact that the press is not only uniformly leftist, but that journalism schools now teach (I swear I’m not making this up) the highest calling of a journalist is promoting “social justice” you have not only something that doesn’t resemble reality but which is often antithetical or toxic to it.

And people are choosing to believe their lying eyes.

You’d think the press would have caught a clue after eight summers of recovery and stop reporting wholly imaginary stuff.

Ah! we should be so lucky. They’re sure if they shout long enough they’ll achieve full cooperation. And to be fair to them, they’ve managed to put any number of raspers past the public by dint of repeating them brazenly.

I see even right wing or unaffiliated publications repeating the nonsense that this is the “Obama recovery.” Which ignores… our lying eyes. The only thing I can say is that fewer people buy this than the ones who bought that Reagan’s boom was due to Carter and if Carter had only one more term, we’d have been great. (We gave Carter Junior two terms, I think in part because of that. And people know what happened when we tried that one weird trick.)

But the left continued pushing. There was their attempt at selling Hillary. There is their continuous, made up insanity on … well, everything Trump does. There is the added insanity of #metoo. There was the cheering of the abolishing of presumption of innocence over Kavanaugh. And now there’s the crazy with the boomless bombs.

Look, I don’t doubt this guy is a Trump fan. But he’s also a multiply convicted fellon, who is convinced chemtrails are killing us, hates Monsanto, and seems to have participated in a march of support for Hillary. Viewed in that context, he’s just one of the nuts floating in the American punch bowl. Considering there are three hundred million of us, we can’t help but kick out the utter nutter now and then. And his support of Trump might as well be a love of My Little Pony of Where’s Waldo. And he might as well have sent the bombs in that context.

Except… except these are still fake bombs. And things keep kicking up that make no sense, and that might be true or not. Like, some of the bombs were supposedly delivered by messenger, (is that true or a rumor? who knows?) Like, the people who received them didn’t act like anyone receiving a suspicious package. Yes, I’ve got them. As a minor, almost not-public figure, I can tell you I put it outside the house and call the police, or attempt to verify the sender on the return address sent them to me. I don’t take pictures and handle the thing extensively, and post them in social media, to create a stir. Because, you know, if they blow up I’m dead, at least theoretically. None of the recipients acted that way.

BTW IF the packages were delivered by hand, shouldn’t there be security cameras of the packages being delivered?

And then there’s the FBY agent telling us these are not hoaxes and they’re very serious. Really? AFAICT (again reporting is unreliable and I wasn’t there) the “pipe” was plastic, which by definition makes it a non-serious bomb. But also the detonator wasn’t, since the digital clock had no alarm.

If all of this is true, the bombs COULDN’T go off unless the recipients knowingly detonated them. And if they went off, the most the plastic shrapnel would do is scratch someone.

Are these things true? Who knows? It’s not just what we’re not told, it’s the left’s crazy demand for civility when their partisans have actually injured and almost killed people, and been cheered on by the likes of Nancy Palsy, Maxinsane Waters and Cory Spartacus Booker. It’s the press’s obsession with this to the exclusion of the real misbehavior of say…. oh, antifa.

More importantly, it’s the very serious treatment given to the idea that a youtube video called Innocence of Muslims was responsible for the 9/11/12 Embassy attacks and the death of ambassador Stevens. Something everyone now knows for a fact was not only false, but completely and utterly false.

I’m told that 11 people were shot in a Synagogue in NYC Pittsburgh , and that the person who did it is a bearded white male. Of course, I think the chances he yelled something about a snack bar before that are 100%. But maybe not. And maybe it won’t be reported that way even if he did (he could be a convert.) If he didn’t, if he has creditable links to the fringe right, I want you to think about this very carefully: HOW on Earth would two marginal (very marginal) “righties” go berserk JUST before the election, in time for the left to wave the bloody shirt?

Can you say Reichstag fire? Can you say “by any means necessary?” Can you say “most mental health professionals are leftists and have access to nuts?” Can you say “we can’t even trust reports of affiliation?” Sure, I knew you could.

Nobody knows anything, but the smell I’m starting to get is not good.

It’s two weeks before the elections, and not only are we blind and flying by instruments, but the instruments are leftist and are guiding us to the ground at speed.

If they win this way, you know this train doesn’t stop short of civil war station, and that will be sooner than later.

Strap in and brace. And pray, if you believe in anyone to pray to.

We’re in for a h*ll of a ride.


Reprinted from According To Hoyt for October 27, 2018.

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