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Number 996, October 28, 2018

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The Whores of
by Paul Bonneau

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

On Gab there is a feature called “groups” which are simply interest groups run by any member of Gab (possibly limited to Pro members) who creates the group. There is one group called “Hot Women”.

It is mostly what used to be called “soft core porn”. Women in various conditions of undress, either in bikinis or lingerie, often in lewd poses. Sometimes the women are in bikinis and spike heels, which I find silly. There are also body piercings and tattoos, but thankfully that is kept to a low roar. My favorites are women in short shorts and a halter top, carrying a FAL, with a pistol on their hip. Nothing but class for me…

It struck me today that a common theme on Gab generally, is the collapse of Western Civilization; yet isn’t part of that collapse arguably due to the whorification of women and destruction of families? And that whorification is celebrated right on the same site? “Hot Women” is not the only such group; there is hard core porn as well.

Of course, men are always going to be interested in naked women. We are simple creatures, aren’t we? I visit that group myself. Yet, we probably would not want to see our own wives or daughters pictured on the “Hot Women” group.

Almost all societies are going to have some prostitution, and I am not suggesting whores be repressed, other than through social disapproval. But I think, in a healthy society, most women are going to be “wife material”, and whoring is going to be something for single men in back alleys.

I remember hearing an old saying from Italian culture, long ago. “A wife should be like the Virgin Mary outside the bedroom, and a whore inside of it.” I always thought that was pretty good advice.

To illustrate that, in college I had a friend who was a call girl, and she told me once that her clients were invariably middle-aged married men. Apparently she had a regular thing going with them (which I guess is what it means to be a call girl—nothing out on the streets). She said she would be put out of business if their wives would just give these men a blow job once in a while.

Occasionally, a picture of a fully-clothed woman acting normally (as opposed to lewdly), is posted on the “Hot Women” group. I am amused that these pictures invariably get a lot of upvotes. I suppose even horny men like to see an example of wife material once in a while.

It must be hard for young women. Yes, they may do some inadvisable things in their early 20’s, but eventually most (those not infected with the ugly meme of third wave feminism, at any rate) start thinking of settling down and having a family. The closer to age 40 they get, the more they think like that. So, they must walk a tightrope. They have to attract male attention, to get a man. They have to subtly suggest whorish bedroom behavior is on the menu, while still acting like the Virgin Mary. This is hard to do. A little eye make-up, a little smile now and then is what is needed. Many fall off this tightrope into whorishness on the one side, or prudishness on the other. It’s a pretty fine line that women have to take to be successful.

Of course, feminism and heavy-handed government “help” for women throws a big monkey wrench into this delicate mechanism. And now in response we have MGTOW, making things even worse.

I have lately taken up watching TV series from Korea, China and Japan, since I can no longer tolerate the crap that comes out of Hollywood. Many women in these series are doing work in the big city, and I have to laugh at the heavy makeup, short dresses, long legs, and spike heels that you see in a supposed business environment. Perhaps the Asian version of Hollywood is almost as silly as Hollywood is. But almost always, the lead female role is quite conservative. She dresses modestly. She is a “good girl”, as invariably is mentioned somewhere in the series. One might go 10 or 15 episodes before seeing her so much as holding hands with the leading man, never mind kissing him. Rarely does one see the women trying to out-man the men; instead they act in a feminine manner. How refreshing. (Note, the “Asian supergirl” genre exists, but it’s not all there is.)

Of course there is another way to handle the problem of women walking this tight-rope: Islam. Just cut of their genitals and make them wear tents, and stone any who get out of line. But that is the opposite of a decent society, even if it “solves” the problem of inappropriate feminine behavior. Ugh.

America needs real men and real women. Where have they gone? I like to imagine they are still out there, trying to figure out how the world really works, along with the rest of us. Maybe the world pictured in “Hot Women” is not normal after all, even if TV and Hollywood says otherwise.

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