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Number 996, October 28, 2018

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New Stuff
by A.X. Perez

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The following are new products that may or may not belong on your wish list. I can not vouch for them as I am still deciding if they belong on my wish list.

Remington has come up with a follow up to their Tac-14, a 14-inch not a shotgun (thank you pump action weapon with the V-3 Tac-13 semi auto- not a shotgun. The Tac-13 fires 12 gauge ammo, holds 5 shells and is only 13 inches long. It's supposed to kick less than the pump and is supposed to be easier to fire at shoulder level. MSRP is $915. If it tickles your fancy it looks like it is a decent close range defense weapon. It also looks like a Klingon sonic disruptor kinda sorta.

Importantly, the Tac-13, the Tac-14, and the Mossberg Shockwave are not short barreled shotguns according to ATFE (this year) and are legal in all states that go by ATFE's definition of short barreled weapons (e.g., Texas). The Tac-14 and Shockwave are available with either tube or box magazines.

Buck has come out with the 110 and 112 Slim Select and Pro knives. These are the latest iteration of the Buck Folding Hunter. The new knives have plastic handles, pocket clips, and either thumb studs or thumb holes for one handed opening. Now, some people may claim they are jumping into the market just a little late. However, it can also be argued that they are expanding the market of their classic folding belt knives. It can also be claimed they are offering a modern pocket version of a knife that has earned the trust of generations who need a pocket knife instead of a belt knife.

It is my humble opinion that everyone needs a gun, even if they just leave it at home most of the time and only go to the range barely enough to be more dangerous to a burglar than themselves. They also need to have a decent knife to hand. If the new Remingtons and Buck Knives achieve this all is copacetic.

They also need a decent multi tool and cell phone, but I haven't seen anything worth bringing attention to yet. If we were to reintroduce indentured servitude I would think that a gun (probably a pistol), belt or large pocket knife, multitool, and cell phone should be included in their freedom dues. Perhaps if the only way people could pay for interplanetary travel with “sweat equity.”

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