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Number 997, November 4, 2018

I am here to tell you that peaceful
submission to evil is not only not a
higher morality, it is not morality
at all. It is a moral atrocity.

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The Lunacy Continues
by Sean Gangol

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When I started to write my last article, the pipe-bombs hadn’t yet been sent to prominent members of the Democratic Party, as well as members of the mainstream media and Robert De Niro. I was originally going to have an update section at the bottom of my last page addressing these incidents. I initially thought these alleged attacks were nothing more than a series of false flags created by Democratic operatives. That was before the perpetrator was caught by the authorities and it seems that he actually was a Trump supporter. I suppose it is still possible that these incidents were a series of false flags, but then again there are misguided fools that lurk on all sides of the political spectrum.

Not that it comes as any surprise, but the left is pointing their hypocritical fingers at Donald Trump and his rhetoric for the pipe-bomb deliveries. The “Tone-Down Your Rhetoric” tactic isn’t anything new. In the mid-nineties the left blamed the Oklahoma City Bombings on Rush Limbaugh. In more recent years the left blamed Sarah Palin and various members of the conservative talk-radio circuit for the attempted murder of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, despite there being not a shred of evidence that the gunman ever had a coherent political ideology. The Left would also blame pro-life rhetoric during the shooting of a Planned Parenthood center. This is a strategy the Left likes to use as a way of shaming the Right into silence. I have always found this tactic to be downright despicable, not only as a cheap tactic to use against the Right, but I consider it an insult to the victims and their families to have their deaths exploited for the sake of advancing a political agenda. Now, I find it downright abhorrent that the Left has the nerve to lecture the Right about civil discourse.

From the very start the Left has called Donald Trump everything from a racist to a fascist to someone who was “literally” Hitler. That doesn’t sound civil. Neither was Kathy Griffin posing with something that resembled the bloody severed head of Donald Trump or the plays that depicted his assassination. Let us not forget the agitators that would disrupt Trump rallies, using violence. Yet, the Left had tried to appear outraged when Trump offered to pay the legal fees of anyone who punched one of these agitators in the face. I know that I may sound like a broken record for bringing up Antifa again, but until the left actively denounces this group, I am going to keep bringing the subject up.

The Left blames the targeting of certain Democrats on Trump for the way he attacked them on numerous occasions. What they fail to mention is that it was these very Democrats who started the mudslinging in the first place. First, they tried to undermine the legitimacy of his presidency with these phony Russian collusion investigations. Then you had Maxine Waters who screamed about impeaching Trump, despite not having any basis for it. She even encouraged her supporters to harass her Republican opponents at restaurants or any other public place that they may be found. Yeah, it was Trump who is responsible for these hostilities. I also wonder if the Left still believes that they have a monopoly over the media outlets like they did twenty years ago. What they don’t seem to realize is that the American people have seen the crazy mobs driving congressmen out of their favorite restaurants. They have seen leftists bully disabled veterans in wheelchairs. They have seen these same people take over entire streets and intimidate elderly drivers who didn’t like the way they directed traffic. It seems to me that it is already too late to turn this around on Trump.

Then we had the shooting that took place in a synagogue in Pittsburgh. The Left once again has decided to use another tragedy to shame Trump into silence. Only this time the Left doesn’t really have much to connect Trump’s rhetoric with that of a murderous gunman who happened to have an anti-Semitic streak. As the gunman’s social media accounts indicate, he didn’t even like Donald Trump. Of course, why would an anti-Semite like a president who not only favors Israel more than any administration before him, but also has a daughter, a son-in-law and grandkids who are Jewish. Of Course, that hasn’t stopped the Left from blaming Trump for this tragedy.

What the Left doesn’t seem to realize is that Donald Trump isn’t the type of man who can be shamed into silence. One of the traits that I have come to admire about Trump is that he stands by his rhetoric and makes no apologies for it. He is also willing to double-down, if anyone dares to question the validity of it. That is why they will fail in their efforts to silence him. I also believe that the American people will see right through these cheap tactics during the Mid-Term elections.

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