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Two people do not have more rights
than one person, or two hundred, or
two thousand, or two million, any more
than they have more intelligence or decency.

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Lift That Light High!
by Sarah A. Hoyt

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

I don’t think I told any of you—have I?—the sequence of events that propelled me out of the political closet.

It started with my publisher Toni Weisskopf asking me to write an intro to Robert A. Heilein’s Puppet Masters (and as much as I loved Bill Patterson both as a person and a writer, I think what they’re now doing excerpting the bio as an intro is a great idea. Calling a book a “hack” book and part of the fear of the reds or whatever might be good literary criticism. It also fails to do that book justice. It is the book for our times as we live through the masquerade.) I didn’t want to, because doing it was enough to propel me out of the closet. On the other hand, I could see that of course Baen wouldn’t care if I made myself persona non grata with other houses. Why should they? And what the hell, did I want to work for other houses? By that time I was crispy-brown and smoking around the edges the burnout was so bad, and having committed Magic British Empire, I knew I’d have to up the ante on “sounding lefty” to stay in the closet, and that was making my auto-immune crazy. So I said sure.

I also started opening the louvers of the closet here a little bit. I needed it, particularly since my younger kid was going through a form of harassment no longer rare for boys in our public schools, in which girls accuse them (falsely) of harassment in order to harass.

And then Breitbart died, and I realized “if his voice is silent, who’ll take up the torch?”

I kind of—rightly—doubted my ability to make that kind of splash particularly since this is not my main job and I’m NOT a happy warrior. But … could I do something?

Yes, I was risking losing my career such as it was (I was right on that too) as well as the remaining friends I had in the field. But…

But the times were dire and a voice was needed.

My first posts made me so neurotic, I used to run them through friends before putting them up to make sure I didn’t sound insane except in the left—the USSR was like that too—sense of “does not support socialism, must be mentally ill.”

Do I like it? I think I’ve said I’d much prefer to cocoon with my writing and ignore politics. But politics rarely ignores me—or any of us anymore—and the alternative to listening and talking is to let people like me think they’re alone.

There is much despair on the right over “demographic change.” I need to write a post for PJ about it. Believing that the demographics changed that much in two years is touched in the head. And it doesn’t even take in account the fact that no, even illiterate peasants AREN’T “naturally socialist”. That’s a leftist myth. Not only are you not required to believe it, you should naturally be skeptical of anything they believe because in general they’re at war with reality.

If “third world peasants” really take over the country, the left will get the shock of their lives. These people prefer the alt-right version of things, with everything that implies, including, yes, belief in their own racial supremacy (what do you think that La Raza is about?) Even the South American regimes that look leftist to us are mostly alt-right (which is leftist, yes, but not in the way of our hippie dippie internationalist multi gendered left.) As for feminism… they’ve convinced themselves that people who are brown are less patriarchal. See what I mean about at war with reality?

But our real danger is not third world peasants (though for f*ck’s sake, we still need to defend our borders and also a welfare state is by nature incompatible with open immigration. Also large enough numbers will import their culture. I didn’t leave the culture to have it follow me, so can we stop that sh*t already?) but our own, homegrown, indoctrinated children.

I am arguably the first indoctrinated generation. At least my husband was. Took him ten to twelve years to realize they’d lied to him in every possible way. It took Reagan followed by Clinton to knock it out of his head.

But the left has gotten better at indoctrination. There’s political correctness, as a tool to teach people not to think, but to flinch mindlessly from words, phrases, thoughts. Note that the bizarre and evil anti-cultural-appropriation mind set is designed to make NO ONE examine other cultures too closely, which would put paid to the brilliant idea of no borders, for instance.

Then there’s the idea of privilege. If you notice that “victims” are just as evil as anyone else, you get told they can’t be because they don’t have privilege.

Then there’s invisible harm caused by words.

ALL of this is designed to make people unable to think or examine reality, or even consider history. Because the left is at war with reality, they try to remove any signs of reality. Yes, history is part of this.


Imagine you came back from a future Socialist States Of America. Or worse, from a United States which, in reaction to that is nationalist, racialist, feudal-like in nature…. Think China. Why worse? Because that might be sustainable. Communism isn’t, and there’s the hope we’ll do a Poland, sometime.

Imagine you could just send your mind, not your body. What would you do right now, today?

I know if I could go back to the eighties I would be a lot louder and more outspoken. (I’d keep my name and my work name separate maybe, at least for a while, but I wouldn’t stay quiet.)

I think a great part of this is to lift the light, to let others who doubt the narrative know they’re not alone.

The left—for all their efforts—can no long fully wrap us in a united front of narrative. It’s driving them insane. When they’re insane they’re dangerous. And because they’re dangerous we must continue to thwart their efforts.

For those who weren’t alive then, dissenting from the political—left—narrative REALLY made you feel like you were going crazy. You couldn’t even say anything to your friends, because they’d accuse you of being a conspiracy theorist or worse. Even in the nineties, it was that bad.

Not true any longer. I’m starting to think I need to read up on cult deprogramming to get to the younger kids—they were basically programmed into a cult. Including the idea of evil phrases or thoughts. And you don’t want them to drink the final koolaid—but most of all we need to not stay quiet.

This applies particularly to those of us who are …. unusual and who stick out a mile from their idea of what “right wing” is. Which honestly is most of us, but particularly those of us who are creative, or honestly “bleeding hearts” (just on our own time and dime.) Those who are women, or tan-enhanced, or— you figure it. All the groups that they naturally claim. If you’ve ever been called a race/gender/orientation traitor? Lift up that lamp. Let your light shine.

Recently a friend told me I drive the left insane because I contradict their narrative just by existing. Good, I say, and lift the lamp a little higher.

Yes, I know, some of you think you’ll lose your jobs/careers by speaking. You might even be right. (I was. At least without indie.) But you can have assumed personalities. No one is holding you down.

If you came back from say twenty years in the future, where everything had gone pear shaped, what would it be worth to you to avoid it? Short of targeted assassinations or illegal acts? (If the rough music will play, let the other side start it.)

Your light might be small, and it might seem insignificant to you, but light feeds on light and it multiplies. And light always vanquishes the darkness.

Light your lamp and hold it, that others might find the way.

Do it now. Do it like you mean it. Let the light shine through.


Reprinted from According to Hoyt for November 15, 2018

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