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Number 999, December 2, 2018

Two people do not have more rights
than one person, or two hundred, or
two thousand, or two million, any more
than they have more intelligence or decency.

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Welcome to the Shit Show
by Harding McFadden

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Being offended has been effectively weaponized by the political Left. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has payed attention over the last fifty years, with Orwell and Dick using the idea to such effect, but the incredible way that this weapon of opportunity has been used by those opponents of freedom that are pasted across every news source is truly staggering.

Things have gotten so far out of hand that no one seems able to say anything without offending someone, whether there was offense meant or not, that multiple times daily there are headlines shrieking, “This-or-that talentless actor/sports ‘star’/politician apologizes to weak-kneed noodle for uttering anything close to an opinion.” And maybe I’m seeing what I want to see, but it seems to me that those offering these enabling “So sorry”’s are disproportionately Right-wing.

Why is that? Is it that the Left are simply so much more sensitive that the rest of us? Or are they using this automatic offense so liberally to keep anyone from actually saying anything at all? Perhaps it’s just me, but I am offended countless times every time a Democrat, or Socialist, or Democratic Socialist (damnfools that they are) opens their spewing gobs, but have never demanded an apology from any of them. Point of fact, the only people that I insist on hearing apologies from are my own children, in an attempt to make them think more about the words they say in the future.

Churchill once said, “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” This mentality seems to be lost on modern times. We as a species are so terrified of saying the wrong thing that we’re terrified of saying anything. There was an old line about never discussing religion, politics, or red-headed women in polite company as you never know who you’re going to offend. They used to call it manners. And don’t get me wrong, there’s something to being polite, to not going out of your way to make those in your company uncomfortable. But there’s a difference between this kind of belief, and zipping your lip when some slack-jawed buffoon is going out of their way to crap on everything you hold deer.

Yet we still shut our mouths, for fear of offending, for fear of the repercussions that might follow our social faux pas of saying something with real worth behind it. And it’s not just in politics that we’ve been neutered. Recently I was informed that my stating my opinions as fact was making some of those around me uncomfortable. Really? Saying what I believe like I actually believed it? What a novel idea. Seems to me that putting a little God willing behind what we say is a good thing every now and then. But I’m a hypocrite, aren’t I? Instead of pushing back, instead of going out of my way to make my points verbally to those that I have apparently offended, I retreated into these words, blathering on in a way that those on the other side of my argument will never see. Woe to the world if I ever grow a backbone…

But I digress.

So, with the defeat of Abrams in Georgia, Hollyweird has once again shown their true colors, calling for a boycott of the state, thereby taking from it revenues because the west coast Left didn’t get their way. Because they’re offended by democracy in action. Because democracy isn’t socialism. Sounds fair, right? Because if roles were reversed it’d still go down the same way, wouldn’t it? If Abrams had won, and those few Right-minded actors, directors, producers, etc., had boycotted Georgia, there wouldn’t be any kind of ramifications, would there? There would be no calls of bigotry, racism, sexism, or any of the other ism’s that the Left pull out EVERY SINGLE TIME they don’t get their way.  Because the American Left is nothing if not fair-minded.

Our way or the shit-show. That’s the prevailing mentality of the American Left. Do what we say, give us our way, or else. And that “or else” is the taking away of our lives, liberties, and persist of happiness.

We, as freedom-loving citizens of the United States of America have two choices, as I see it. We can buckle under, give them their way, and say goodbye to the Great Experiment that this country represents. Or, we can brace our feet, take the brunt, say, “No,” and regain our God-given rights. We can be upstanding human beings who are not afraid to offend, to say what we mean, and stand by it.

Don’t be afraid to offend, to make enemies with your thoughts and opinions. All that means is that you’ve said stood for something, some time in your life. Besides, you might actually do those on the Left some good , forcing their skin to thicken up, to join the rest of us in a future worth living in.

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