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Looking Back on the 2018 Elections
by Sean Gangol

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Like many of the other articles that I have recently published, this one is coming a little late, since the elections came and went about three months ago. There are two reasons why I didn’t immediately write an article on the subject. One of them being that both November and December are the busiest months of the year for me and my family. The other reason is because I didn’t feel that I had that much to say about the elections. In the previous months I predicted that the so-called Blue Wave that the Democrats had hoped for wasn’t going to amount to much. In many ways it turned out that I was right. Though it didn’t exactly go the way that I had initially hoped either.

I know that many on the left are still gloating about their victory over the Republicans in the House of Representatives, but I can’t exactly call it roaring victory for The Democratic Party. True, the Democrats did take the House, but not only did they fail to take the Senate, but they actually lost seats to the Republicans. The recent gains made by the Democratic Party actually pale in comparison to the Republican victories of 2010, when they actually gained seats in the Senate. It looks like this Blue Wave barely even made a splash.

Though it was hardly a roaring victory for the Republicans either, which is extremely disappointing. Considering how crazy the left has been acting in the last two years, The Republicans should have massacred the Democrats. Especially in the case of Kyrsten Sinema who called her home state of Arizona “The Meth Lab of Democracy” and still managed to get elected to the Senate. Seriously, Republicans. You guys really dropped the ball on that one. Either that or the people of Arizona have become incredibly self-hating.

Though there were some amusing aspects to the 2018 Elections. One them being the candidates who were being touted as the superstars of Democratic Party, such Andrew Gillum, Stacy Abrams, Beto O’Rourke, David Garcia, Ben Jealous, Katie Porter, Kara Eastman and Leslie Cockburn. What’s amusing is that these so-called “superstars” actually failed at taking congressional seats. Not even Stacy Abrams who had help from Oprah, could take the governor seat from Brian Kemp. I find it downright comical that Abrams couldn’t accept defeat, so she refused to concede, until it became evident that there was no way that she could possibly win the election. Even then, she stomped her feet like a spoiled child and blamed her own shortcomings on racism. I just love how these same Democrats who want us to believe that voter fraud is a nonexistent problem, are having a hard time accepting the results of legitimate elections. As I have said before, Democrats seem to only believe in our electoral system when it goes their way.

All I can really say is that it was a bittersweet moment for both parties. The Democrats should have done better, since it was the party that lost the Presidential election, which means that they should have had momentum on their side. For the same token the Republicans should have wiped the floor with a party that has at best acted like a bunch of spoiled children. At worst they have acted like a bunch of totalitarian nutjobs who could care less about the American people or the rule of law. Well, at least Beto O’Rourke didn’t unseat Ted Cruz because I sure as hell didn’t want a man who openly said that he was willing to confiscate guns from the American people and tax us to oblivion to represent my state. Even more recently he said that he doesn’t believe that the Constitution is relevant to the empire that is the United States. Representatives such as Sheila Jackson Lee, who once claimed she was a former slave, have already put my state through enough embarrassment.

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