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Letters to the Editor

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Letter from Shahid Mahmud

Letter from T.J. Mason

Letter from Shahid Mahmud

Announcing A New Heinlein Novel

Dear Reader,

If you read our February email you know we are publishing a new Heinlein book based on a recovered manuscript which was an alternate text for The Number of the Beast. I’m very happy to let our readers know that we are assembling a top-notch team for getting this book together.

Patrick LoBrutto has been hired as the developmental editor. He is currently working with the raw manuscript which was recovered from typewritten manuscript pages left behind and his handwritten notes.

Pat is an award-winning editor who has worked for Ace, Doubleday, Random House, Bantam and others. Authors he has worked with include Isaac Asimov and Stephen King.

You can get more information on Pat at

We have also reached an agreement with award-winning artist, Scott Grimando to do the cover art.

Scott has worked for Lucas Film, Disney and Warner Brothers and done numerous fantasy and science fiction covers for major publishers.

You can view his art at:

You can also read an interview with him at:

When we got this contract from the estate I promised them that we would spare no expense in creating this product...which is in all likelihood, the last novel that will ever be published by the great master.

We are in talks with top-notch copy-editors and proofreaders to do the final polish on the book when the initial edit is done.

Given the costs involved (including the upcoming production and marketing costs) we may decide to do a fund-raising campaign. If we do, we will offer a ton of related goodies, including multiple sketches from the artist for you to vote on (for the final cover), signed artwork, early reading copies, special pricing (lower than the launch price), and more.

ONE IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION. There has been chatter on the net that someone has been hired to complete an incomplete novel left behind by Heinlein. That is not the case. This is a complete novel written by Heinlein, no-one else. Approximately the first one-third of the book is similar to the published version of The Number of the Beast, but then it takes off on a completely different story line with a completely different (a much more traditional Heinlein) ending.

Thank you, and Good Day,

Shahid Mahmud

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Letter from T.J. Mason

A Proposed Amendment

A much simplified version of what currently appears as "No Loopholes" Item 20:

1. No elected or appointed officer of the United States, or of any of the States, may, by official action, abrogate or seek to abrogate any of the rights accruing to the People; or any such official of the United States abrogate or seek to abrogate the rights of any of the States, except in favor of the People, as enumerated in the First through Tenth, Thirteenth, and Fourteenth Amendments of this Constitution.

2. Any such action shall be grounds for impeachment and removal from office in accordance with the Constitution, or the various State Constitutions, or by recall by petition of any affected person or Persons, and the disbarring from any future right to hold such office. Any such person shall not be immune from prosecution for this or other crime upon removal from office.

3. Failure to impeach and remove from office for the stated grounds shall similarly be grounds for impeachment and removal from office, or recall, as stated above.

TJ Mason

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