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Doubling-down only works when you are right

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Interview with Sean Gabb - Paleolibertarianism and the Dissident Right
by Sean Gabb

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Two years ago, I decided to refuse all further invitations to appear on the broadcast media. There had been a time when I could expect a fair and reasonable debate with whoever was on against me. Quite often, I was paid for appearances. In all cases, my appearance on air brought a noticeable spike in hits on my own and the Libertarian Alliance websites. This had continued for many years. Then like cooling bathwater, it had come insensibly to an end. i was no longer paid. Increasingly, I found myself shouted down, where not openly silenced, by leftist presenters – that, or put up against leftist duckspeakers given twice the time allowed to me. Judged by the number of website hits, almost no one was listening. And so I refused to continue playing that game.

Instead, I turned to the alternative media. Whether libertarian or conservative, this is run by intellectuals interested in debate and explanation. It is balanced. It is fair. It does not treat its audience like idiot children.

Here is an interview I gave on Sunday the 3rd March 2019, to Right Ruminations. Part of our conversation was my defence of Hans-Hermann Hoppe. The whole of it was my reasons for not wanting a close alliance with the Dissident Right. Though I have many friends in that movement, and though I am happy to speak at their events, my reason for not wanting a close alliance is that they and libertarians have fundamentally different objectives. Just because we are presently trapped in a leftist mad-house – a mad-house that we analyse and denounce in much the same way – our intention on breaking out is to catch busses going in opposite directions.

In a debate lasting just under an hour, we explored the nature of these various differences, and both spoke at mutually-agreeable length. I recommend the programme not just because I was in it, but because it is everything you will not find in the mainstream media.

GOTO: YouTube Interview with Sean Gabb - Paleolibertarianism and the Dissident Right


Sean Gabb is the author of more than forty books and around a thousand essays and newspaper articles. He also appears on radio and television, and is a notable speaker at conferences and literary festivals in Britain, America, Europe and Asia. Under the name Richard Blake, he has written eight historical novels for Hodder & Stoughton. These have been translated into Spanish, Italian, Greek, Slovak, Hungarian, Chinese and Indonesian. They have been praised by both The Daily Telegraph and The Morning Star. He has produced three further historical novels for Endeavour Press, and has written two horror novels for Caffeine Nights. Under his own name, he has written four novels. His other books are mainly about culture and politics. He also teaches, mostly at university level, though sometimes in schools and sixth form colleges. His first degree was in History. His PhD is in English History. From 2006 to 2017 he was Director of the Libertarian Alliance. He is currently an Honorary Vice-President of the Ludwig von Mises Centre UK, and is Director of the School of Ancient Studies. He lives in Kent with his wife and daughter.

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