“Gun control is the idea that it’s better to see a woman dead in an alley, strangled
with her own pantyhose, than to see her with a gun in her hand.”—T.D. Melrose
L. Neil Smith

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Americans Have Obeyed Their Last Gun Law

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A New Covenant a.k.a. The Covenant of Unanimous Consent

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—An International Journal of Opinion —
Issue 1,011, March 10, 2019

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To My Friends and Readers
(The Feature Article)

Wolves Beware!
Wolves Beware!
Source: Somewhere on the 'net

Doubling-down only works when you are right

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Letters to the Editor
from Shahid Mahmud and T.J. Mason

To My Friends and Readers
by L. Neil Smith
I completed my thirty-seventh and thirty-eighth books, so far,Only The Young Die Good and Ares a few weeks ago, and sent them to my publisher, Shahid Mahmud at Arc Manor/Phoenix Pick. If you’re surprised that I’ve written so many books, imagine how I feel! Interested readers and friends immediately began asking me when they would be published.

Two Worlds, Not Alike at All
by Sarah A. Hoyt
As you all know (or at least should strongly suspect, since we’ve talked about various aspects of them all the time) we live in interesting times. Technology is changing so fast that it’s changing the way everything happens from courtship to cooking, from politics to leisure. And most of us aren’t exactly particularly well adapted for this level of change. Not even those of us who welcome it and try to change with it, surfing on the surface of the change like somewhat adroit acrobats. Look, human beings, evolutionarily, weren’t designed for rapid changes in circumstances. Those are usually known as cataclysms.

The Freedom Project by Chris Boehr
a plan of actions

by Jim Davidson
For the last several centuries there have been many competing theories on how people on Earth should live, work, and play. The readers of this 'zine for the most part believe that individuals are best suited to choose for themselves how to spend their time, money, and talents. However, nearly every country on Earth is run by people who take a very different view.

Heating Up
by Harding McFadden
It seemed to me, even as a child, that when the Berlin Wall came down that something big had just taken place. As it was explained to me at the time: “The bad guys lost, Harry. The world’s seen that Communism doesn’t work, that evil doesn’t work. We’ve won.” Only we haven’t.

The Tale of Two Fake News Stories
by Sean Gangol
You would think with the public’s trust in the media being at an all-time low that all the major outlets would be a little more cautious about what they call news. Who am I kidding? The media will never learn from its mistakes. They will just keep doubling-down on the very tactics that continue to compromise their credibility. First there was that BuzzFeed story that alleged that Trump had ordered his staff to lie to investigators. This was supposed to be the Gotcha movement that the media and Trump haters have been waiting for, ever since he took the White House. This was the moment that all the Trump hating celebrities had saved their thousand-dollar bottles of Champaign for. Unfortunately, they uncorked their overpriced bottles a little too soon.

Interview with Sean Gabb - Paleolibertarianism and the Dissident Right
by Sean Gabb
Two years ago, I decided to refuse all further invitations to appear on the broadcast media. There had been a time when I could expect a fair and reasonable debate with whoever was on against me. Quite often, I was paid for appearances. In all cases, my appearance on air brought a noticeable spike in hits on my own and the Libertarian Alliance websites. This had continued for many years. Then like cooling bathwater, it had come insensibly to an end. i was no longer paid. Increasingly, I found myself shouted down, where not openly silenced, by leftist presenters – that, or put up against leftist duckspeakers given twice the time allowed to me. Judged by the number of website hits, almost no one was listening. And so I refused to continue playing that game.

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