“Gun control is the idea that it’s better to see a woman dead in an alley, strangled
with her own pantyhose, than to see her with a gun in her hand.”—T.D. Melrose
L. Neil Smith

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Americans Have Obeyed Their Last Gun Law

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L. Neil Smith's
The Libertarian Enterprise
—An International Journal of Opinion —
Issue 1,014, March 31, 2019

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Instead of an Article
(The Feature Article)

Extinction Events
Extinction Events

We know that the very venal, greedy,
corrupt, and frequently evil people
who promote the concepts of a managed
society are not only liars and scoundrels,
but promoting something that can never
be. Not only are they incapable of
managing society, it is not possible
for society to be managed.

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The Editor’s Notes
by Ken Holder
Donations from some generous readers have helped us pay the furnace fixer. And some reports on my reading.

Letters to the Editor
from A.X. Perez, and Intellectual Takeout

Instead of an Article
by L. Neil Smith
I had originally planned to spend the back end of this week writing a whizz-bang piece on one of any number of topics that badly need addressing. Instead, I profligately elected to consume my time and energy writing my current novel, Rosalie’s World, a fourth Ngu family story—involving Wilson Ngu, Jasmeen Khalidov Ngu and lovely Tieve Fallon Ngu, also former Olympic champions Morgan Trask and Llyra Ngu Trask and their rapidly growing family—this one about humanity’s first settlement of an extra-solar planet, named after Emerson’s wife, Rosalie Frazier Ngu. I like all these people very much and greatly enjoy spending my days with them. You would, too.

The Totalitarian Train Is Rolling Down the Tracks
by Sarah A. Hoyt
If I could communicate just one thing, across the increasing divide of language and thought to the left it would be this: that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you’re running someone down is not righteousness. It’s just the feeling apes get when they run off another ape.

More Fake News
by Sean Gangol
Just when you think that the media couldn’t lower their journalistic standards any lower, you have the whole Jussie Smollett debacle, where the Empire actor claimed that he was attacked by two MAGA hat wearing white men who happened to be carrying rope and a container of bleach on the streets of Chicago, which they called “MAGA Country.” As soon as this “assault” was reported, the media jumped all over this without showing an ounce of skepticism or objectivity. Yet from the very start, I believed it to be nothing more than a hoax, perpetrated by some B-List actor begging for attention.

Building Anew
by Jim Davidson
Imagine, if you would, a planet orbiting a star about a third of the way in from the edge of a spiral galaxy somewhere in the universe. On this planet there are four species of intelligent being. For the most part, they occupy related ecological niches on different parts of the globe. These species are capable of interbreeding to create hybrids.

Nihon Ishigame Five Years Later Part II: The Pursuit of Happiness & Excellence Continues & Rebirth of the Florida Room
by Jeff Fullerton
This is a follow up to the article published last summer that focused more on the bad aspects of the herptile hobby: https://ncc-1776.org/tle2018/tle986-20180819-03.html, namely the threat posed by the freedom crushing agenda of the animal rights movement and radical environmentalism that more often than not are the incubator of regulatory overreach threatening to crush freedom and quality of life in general. Yet even as the shadow of the proposed Green New Deal that entails the draconian command economy that I've spent a lifetime dreading threatens my future plans—I find myself contemplating a bold revival to put all other bold revivals to shame. It is the restoration of the Florida Room that is part of an overall restoration of some of my best hobby related accomplishments mentioned in previous contributions to this journal.

Witch-Hunt Ends: Time to Start Cleaning House
by Vin Suprynowicz
We should remember that the FISA warrants often referred to as “warrants to wiretap Carter Page” (which should never have been re-authorized, even once, without detailed FBI/DOJ reporting as to what treasonous activities had been revealed and why more listening time was still needed) were nothing of the sort. (The “judges” never bothered to ask why Page was never charged with espionage, by the way?)

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