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Number 1,016, April 14, 2019

The cleverest thing the Deep State ever did
was to convince weak-minded fools and those
ignorant of history and human nature that
the Deep State doesn't exist.—L. Neil Smith

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A Day On Facebook
by L. Neil Smith
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I tend to employ Facebook the way that other people use Twitter. We could talk about why, and why I don’t like Twitter (I don’t like Facebook, either) but that’s a conversation for another time. Usually, I post once or twice a day, but this week, I found plenty to comment on. Here are some of my posts, slightly edited, and with an additional comment here and there.


Calizuela Democrat Eric Swallowell has every reason to hate and fear a heavily—and properly—armed American populace. Particularly afraid of the widely-distributed AR-15, he is precisely the kind of totalitarian turd the Second Amendment was written to protect us from.

[Speaking of turds, as long as human feces are the principal tourist attraction of his state’s city streets and sidewalks, this collectivist moron should keep his traitorous mouth shut.]


Members, supporters, and deniers of the Deep State are cowardly and sneaky traitors, skulking around inside the baseboards of Western Civilization, all too ready to throw open the gates to the brutal savages and barbarian hordes outside.

[The current population has recently proven too difficult to rule; that’s why these criminal scum are so insistent on admitting illegals.]


Julian Assange is a hero, without whom we wouldn’t know the true extent and villainy of the Deep State. If not for him, we would still be their naive slaves. He deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Period.

[The government has admitted that nobody—nobody—was put at risk by the actions of Julian Assange, Bradley/Chelsea Manning, or Edward Snowden.]


Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, Ilhan Omar, and the rest of their vile collectivist ilk are exactly the same enemy that my generation, and my father’s generation fought in Vietnam and Korea. Thanks to the most cowardly and incompetent leadership in American history, we ignominiously lost those wars. Now the fight has come to us. If we lose this one, it’s the end of Western Civilization and, ultimately, of the human species.


The cleverest thing that the Deep State ever did was to convince weak-minded fools and those ignorant of history and human nature that the Deep State doesn’t exist.

[Watching their apologists and deniers squirm and wriggle online as the inconvenient facts continue to come out is an education in human stupidity.]


Didn’t you know? The war in Korea was a "police action" and Vietnam was a dog’s breakfast.

[One of the things that make me regret that I’m not religious is the mental image I treasure of Harry S.Truman and Lyndon B. Johnson, sizzling together on the Griddle of Hell.]


The commies who call themselves liberals have been sucking at the Gun Show Glory Hole for 20 years. These perverts belong in prison for abusing the Bill of Rights—and good taste.


Some of the items above reduced the ideological opposition to gibbering fury. I freely confess that I greatly enjoy annoying idiots and collectivists. If I can just raise their blood pressure a few points, make their stomachs churn, cost the a decent night’s sleep, and reduce their actuarial life-expectancy by only five minutes, I figure I will have done my job.



L. Neil Smith

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