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Norseman's Diaries Supplemental: The B-Errf Day Special 2019!
by Jeff Fullerton

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Happy Birthday to me!

And Vladimir Lenin (still better than sharing one with Hitler—I guess?) I was born on April 22 1962 which was 10 years before decade of the ecology crusade replaced the anti war crusade that was in full swing during my early childhood years. It was also Easter Sunday which missed again by a day—that fell on the 22nd of my 11th and 22nd years and then for some strange reason it skipped my 33rd and has skipped ever since. This led me to do a little research onto the dating of Easter and I found there is a pattern that skips most of this century and repeats again the next. If Isaac Arthur is right—maybe I’ll celebrate all three again as a rejuvenated immortal transhuman living in an O’Neill cylinder nested inside a small asteroid out in the Belt.

However if others are right: Crazy Lady Cortez and her ilk pushing the Green New Deal and / or the Deep State and its minions currently dragging their feet and circling the wagons to protect their precious plans for a New World Order along with their phony baloney jobs—if they are right—or rather win the argument with their fear mongering lies and bribe of a free lunch that in the end is not free—well then I probably won’t be around and civilization as we know it might not be either.

Hate to put it in such grim terms but that has been a life long dread alongside the creeping totalitarianism that is obviously waiting in the winds for the next good crisis to justify the ultimate power grab to force a perpetual wartime rationing economy upon us—both of which are pretty strong Fermi Paradox solutions. Why despite the emerging evidence of an abundance of other planetary systems with rocky planets in their habitable zones ; there are no signs of intelligent life other than our own? Could it be that extrasolar planets are run by the alien equivalent of greenie weenies or Deep State bureaucrats who impose and enforce intentional limits on technological progress and prohibit expansion outward into space? Often at the expense of trapping themselves on their home planets long enough to ensure extinction by their own hand or the hand of fate in the cosmic crapshoot of asteroid and comet strikes, volcanic winters or the next great apocalyptic plague? Or they exhaust their most easily accessible resources and because of the freeze on new innovation and the eradication of ambitious and creative types from the gene pool they collapse back into preindustrial existence doomed never to rise again.

That could easily explain the deafening silence of radio transmissions from extraterrestrial civilizations.

But I digress.

Being this is about Errf Day maybe the focus should be more down to Earth. Perhaps I should start with affordable energy. Go figure prices are on the rise again now that I’ve finally gotten off the financial treadmill I was on while they were cheep. A big part of that has a lot to do with Trump’s recovery and the Law of Supply and Demand. More people are getting jobs or are less fearful of loosing theirs and are more willing to take vacations. And until you hit a tipping point—(last time it was $4 a gallon gasoline) the suppliers will charge whatever they can get away with. There is also the matter of inflation which is essentially a tax—what Ronald Reagan once called “the cruelest tax of all”! It’s how we are paying for the Obama era spending spree much like consumers paid for LBJ’s Great Society in the 1970s.

History repeats again!

Maybe now that demand for energy is up—maybe the shale gas industry will start moving with the drilling again and get to my area. Last time I discussed that issue with Bruce he said we have Tim (PA Green New Deal) Wolf for holding that up. He was pandering to the Sierra Club base even before AOC came into the limelight. Meanwhile in France; the Yellow Vest protestors are at it again stealing some of the limelight from the Notre Dame catastrophe that happened earlier this week.

Another question worth asking; which fortunate is being asked lately: is how so many people could be for socialism; in spite of all its obvious pitfalls. I think i can answer that one. The reason people can be for such a system is because of its obvious pitfalls. Meaning they are looking to shut down energy production because they need a scarcity economy to control people. Otherwise everyone just wants to spread out and go their own way and do their own thing and even most of your basic bread and butter democrats are that way too. They don’t really give a shit about Karl Marx, or social justice. Of course the lefties don’t really care either. They just want to rule and there is nothing like a good crisis in which the necessities of life are in short supply to justify that rule.

Which is why climate change and immigration are the two burning pet issues currently dear to the Left. Mainly because of their value as drivers of a crisis industry that political activists and government bureaucrats strive to create and maintain in order to justify policy decisions and careers paid for by the taxpayer’s dime that also rob future generations and undermine the general quality of life. Especially for those who actually have make the hard sacrifices and live in the world proscribed by progressive policy makers—a world that progressives themselves would rather not live in themselves like the pigs in George Orwell’s Animal Farm to put it nicely.

Speaking of—I decided to look for some recent news on Al Gore and was hard pressed to find something from this year—as winter and early spring tends to be the time he goes onto hiding least his credibility be damaged by one of those blizzards or cold snaps that frequently disrupt his speaking events! That nefarious Gore Effect! I did find something where he gives a speech saying that the last five years were the hottest on record and lambasting Donald Trump as the global face of climate denial.

Hottest on record? That’s debatable considering a pretty wicked winter in most parts of the nation. And up until just days ago it was really hanging onto Wisconsin like a bulldog and it was not much better at times here. Spring was kind of slow in coming to my region but finally we hit a tipping point in mid April and it looks as if Norseman’s Hell is over again for a while at least.

Talk about a great cause for a sigh of relief. Finally I am able to get by without running any furnaces and a lot of stuff is blooming or even already in the process of fading. I’ve even got most of my turts back outside and feeding again! Regardless what they say; warmth is good for living things. If climate was the principle issue driving Third World immigration ; the Caravan might really be better off heading for Venezuela and that’s probably where they would be headed—or else staying put because its a lot easier to be poor in a tropical country than one with a cold temperate climate. Because of my recent acquisition ; the two almost yearling Guerrero Wood Turtles I saved the weather for Acapulco on my phone to follow the local climate these creatures inhabit through the year like I do for the other species I keep.

A climate to die for?

I have also came across some other information regarding the city that was once a great tourist resort in Mexico renowned in my time for its lovely beaches and brave and famous cliff divers in Acapulco Bay. Now it has a rather dangerous reputation sadly—as a place where someone might go if they have a death wish to be kidnapped and killed. So bad that recently the Mexican military was sent in to disarm the city police force because it was believed to be infiltrated and controlled by the drug cartels!

So it’s stuff like that and not rising sea levels that are pushing refugees to immigrate to First World countries. And the scourge of clientelism on the part of bleeding heart liberals who are going out of their way to lure in and buy the loyalty of a dependable future voting block. These are the people who really ought to be deplored—rather than the migrants / refugees who are merely seeking a better life for themselves. It’s very much like standard robbing Peter to pay Paul strategy of the Left. More or less the politicians are inviting the poor tired huddled masses of the rest of the world to come to America and planning to impose the social burden of absorbing them on U.S. taxpayers.

Shame on them!

And then you have the issue of carrying capacity. Everything has a carrying capacity—be it lifeboats , welfare states or ecosystems. Arguments have been made by pro-growth technological optimists like the late University of Maryland economist Julian Simon ; that anti-immigration sentiments amounted to irrational “Life boat ethics”. And it made sense back in the day when the Left was on the Population Bomb bandwagon that became the driving force for pushing draconian environmental policies in the name of world saving humanitarianism. Namely U.N. Agenda 21. Now strangely even the Green Parties are all for open borders. Though maybe not so strange if you consider the Cloward & Pivins doctrine embraced by the radical Left back in the 1970s. By itself it’s essentially a strategy to overload and collapse the Welfare State and create a crisis to force a Marxist revolution and bring about the implementation of full communism. Forget watered down democratic socialism or wimpy progressivism!

Deep ecology environmentalism is the other side of the equation. In addition to overloading the system you might as well hasten its collapse by starving it too. All these people who are for open borders are strangely in favor of a scarcity economy that involves rationing and austerity measures. Just what you want when you are trying to absorb millions of poor, low skilled immigrants. Of course if you are a genuine deep ecologist concerned about the biotic integrity of the ecosystem or one of those “Climate / Social Justice; its All Connected” people looking to force a choice between equitable sharing of misery and wrecking ecosystems—this is a pretty sensible strategy for the Crisis Industry to pursue. After all sometimes it’s necessary to destroy the environment a little in order to save it.

It’s sort of like lighting a fire under someone to goad them into action. But I don’t care much for people who engage in reckless endangerment risking a catastrophe in order to get something they want at someone else’s expense. I think that’s a big part of what the populism of the Tea Parties and the so called “Deporables” who voted for Trump were all about. And the Yellow Vests protesting in France. It’s a backlash against the real deplorables who are out to wreck lives and entire nations in order to change the world according to their ideological preferences.

If there is anything in need of wreaking—it’s their plans and the power of the Deep State. Donald Trump makes for a pretty good wrecking ball for that. And a nice diversion. As long as they are kept busy fighting him they have less time and resources to devote to gaining control over us. And plenty of opportunity to become unhinged and expose their craziness to the uninformed.

As we await the next ecological doomsday to be postponed.

Happy Errf Day!

The P-Squares!

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