“Gun control is the idea that it’s better to see a woman dead in an alley, strangled
with her own pantyhose, than to see her with a gun in her hand.”—T.D. Melrose
L. Neil Smith

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L. Neil Smith's
The Libertarian Enterprise
—An International Journal of Opinion —
Issue 1,017, April 21, 2019

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Government healthcare is the
first step to cyanide showers.
— Neil Smith (no relation)

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Ann Coulter Has Gone Do-Lally
(The Feature Article)

(Tip o' the hat to DangerousPat)

I hanker as always for a world where the
individual is revered as an individual
and MERITOCRACY rules the day.

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Letters to the Editor
from Various, Bill St. Clair, and A.X. Perez

Ann Coulter Has Gone Do-Lally
by L. Neil Smith
Ann Coulter is a tall, leggy blonde whom almost any human male would find at least moderately attractive, a right-wing political columnist with an admirably vitriolic pen who might be described as a “Sometimes-Trumper”.

by Sarah A. Hoyt
You know, I think there are right now any number of people holding their breath and waiting for things to go back to “normal.” Their ranks include everyone from traditional publishers, to journalists, to … well, to most people who are not actively involved in “how things change.”

Publisher of Truth
by Jim Davidson
Editor's Note: Part of this was published last issue. Somehow between there and here it got shortened. Herewith the full version.

Once Upon a Time, I Proposed a Skit .…
by Mike Blessing
Back in the 1990s, a few of us Old Drunken Old Irrvelivent types were talking about potential skits for our public-access television presence (The Weekly Sedition, New Mexico’s Consumer Advocate, etc.).

False Outrage
by Sean Gangol
Not too long ago a mass shooting occurred in New Zealand, which left fifty Muslims killed while practicing their faith inside a Mosque. The man who carried out this deed, was someone who wanted to make a statement against Islam. While he has been labeled as a Right-Wing terrorist by many in the media, his manifesto actually tells a different story. I will get to those details shortly, but I want to start off by saying that these murders were nothing short of monstrous and my heart goes out to those who lost their lives in this attack.

by L. Reichard White
Even if you're not a Trump fan, there are some things you just shouldn't bring up in public and/or polite company. It isn't necessarily that they're impolite, it's just that you'll call unwanted and embarrassing attention to things best left hidden under the carpet.

The Squid And Its Ink
by Sarah A. Hoyt
I’m no longer surprised when someone takes offense when I say something like “communism has been driving the culture for a hundred years.” I have been called insane and worse for saying that, and incidentally for saying that the Earth is not overpopulated, we have no way of telling the real population count worldwide, because even in the US counting is a bureaucratic mess, and that it is my opinion—though hard to substantiate—that the population is in fact already falling. I’ve been saying both of those for 20 years.

Norseman's Diaries Supplemental: The B-Errf Day Special 2019!
by Jeff Fullerton
Happy Birthday to me! And Vladimir Lenin (still better than sharing one with Hitler—I guess?) I was born on April 22 1962 which was 10 years before decade of the ecology crusade replaced the anti war crusade that was in full swing during my early childhood years. It was also Easter Sunday which missed again by a day—that fell on the 22nd of my 11th and 22nd years and then for some strange reason it skipped my 33rd and has skipped ever since. This led me to do a little research onto the dating of Easter and I found there is a pattern that skips most of this century and repeats again the next. If Isaac Arthur is right—maybe I’ll celebrate all three again as a rejuvenated immortal transhuman living in an O’Neill cylinder nested inside a small asteroid out in the Belt.

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