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Vax Populi
by Harding McFadden

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I’d like to pose a question to you: at what point did we let the government, and the majority that they lord over, have free reign to run our lives, up to and including what we put into our bodies? I have to assume that there are those out there, like myself, who subscribe to Wilson’s KYFHO approach to living, but with all of the rolling over for big brother, like the government is actually here to help us, am I truly in the minority when it comes to just being left alone?

As a kid I got all of my pricks and jabs from the local MD, whose offices always looked like some kind of massive family home full of the sick, kept under the watchful eye of a doctor who in retrospect reminds me of no one other than Bob Newhart.  Never gave a second thought to it.  Just something that everyone was doing, so why question it? After all, if my folks were taking me to get it done, how bad could it possibly be?

I’m not here to rant and rail about vaccinations or anti-vaxxers.  Armies on both sides have their reasons for doing, or not doing, whatever they are doing or not doing.  Nope, I’m here to ask why?

Heinlein had written that there were no examples in history of a time when the majority was right.  For the most part I stick by that.  Too many folks will naturally bend to the will of the herd.  It’s a survival mechanism, but one that I feel it’s time to break from.  Bending to the will of the herd would have removed the inspiration for the American Revolution; would have made us bend knee to the Reds more than fifty years ago.  The herd isn’t right.  It’s a globular monstrosity forced upon the people by themselves that will absorb and excrete anything that doesn’t fit into the cookie-cutter mold of the greater good.  Guess where that leaves individualists, friend? Yep: swirling.

I take personal exception to the idea that the government should have the ability, nay the right, to run our lives.  It’s all a cyclical problem.  Example: government run, socialized health care.   The kind that they guilt us over.  Well, who would deny their neighbors, their community, access to health care? Always make the dissenters villains.  The problem comes in afterword.  Instead of lifting everyone up to the same high standard that is possible only in a capitalist society, it drags us all down to the same swamp mud level that is the natural environment of all Leftist, collectivist societies.  It leads to the government telling us what we can eat (after all, the collective is footing the bill for your bad eating choices now, you heart attack waiting to happen), what you can do (nothing too dangerous), and how you can do it. 

It all comes down to control.  The more people that are completely reliant on the federal government, the more folks will vote to keep them in power.  Gotta keep their slice of the communal pie.   No more power to the people; now it’s power to the State, and I deny anyone to show me a single example in all of recorded history where that’s worked out.  What you can eat, what you can do, what you can own.  All up to the will of the greater good. 

I find it astounding that no one sees the hypocrisy in a government that increasingly insists that everyone get their children vaccinated, regardless or religious or moral exemptions, but will fight tooth and nail for a woman’s right to get an abortion.  So are we to believe that it is your moral, legal right to remove whatever you want from your body, but the right of the collective to decide what you can and can’t have put into it?

There is no consistency in the ideology of the State.  Rather, there is only a consistency in their need to control, to micromanage every aspect of your daily lives, at the point of a gun.  We are talking about a collective of beasts who have shown again and again that they are ready, willing, and able to fire on and burn alive their own citizens, but are horrified when they look at a president who wants to lock the doors of the border. 

I’m not an old man, but I feel increasingly so.  I remember being a kid, and seeing things in stark blacks and whites.  When I was a surly teenager, they gray state of being started seeping its way into my world view.  Things were not as simple as I’d once seen them.  It’s a stage of development, I suppose, but does it need to be? Because the older I get, the more those grays are washing out, and things are coming into a steadily more black and white focus.  There are nowhere near the amount of things that I write up to matters of perspective.   Nope: some things are just plain wrong.  No perspective, other than a right one and an evil one.  Thinking that you have the right to run peoples lives, into the ground more often than not, is an evil perspective.

In many ways the State in necessary evil.  Though not in anywhere near the number of ways that those in power seem to think.  They are our employees, not our masters, and they have no right to tell us how to live.  They need to be reminded that they are not in charge of our lives, and that they just need to keep their hands off.  The bureaucracy that infests all forms of government, from local to federal levels, is appalling.  These folks need to be sent packing. 

I would call on every able minded individual in the country to force these ideas into the minds of their federal employees, to remind them just what their purpose is.  To let them know that if they were in any other form of service industry, they’d have been fired by now.   They are too comfy in their high castles, never afraid enough of the peasants revolting.  King George made that mistake once.  It cost him a continent.  It’s only fair that we remind the Powers That Be of this important lesson. 

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