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Number 1,021, May 19, 2019

Opposite Truths and Contradictional Inverse Realities

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The Philosophy Of My First Article (In Years)
by Nicolas “Nic” Leobold

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

My First Article In Years, is not my first article in years; because I write articles every 90 seconds every day on Twitter… kind of similar to the President of the united States, Mr. Trump.

That is the first of my philosophies spelled out for you: Opposite Truths and Contradictional Inverse Realities.

Similarly, the libertarian (and Libertarian [Party]) movements are both highly losing and destructive and yet seem to be developing into tremendously beneficial and successful, depending on what day and what time of day you might ask one of us.

Michael Badnarik, a tremendously successful Libertarian, the LP Presidential Nominee in 2004, is falling on hard times as of 5 months ago, a currently unsuccessful libertarian, and I need to check up on him tonight with a telephone call.

New York is one of the most un-libertarian state governments, yet it has just won ballot access with Larry Sharpe’s successful Libertarian gubernatorial campaign of 2018.

Leaving aside Opposites, Japan is in a Renaissance in recent years, according to the rumours and chattering that has reached me, (partly because of my residence there from 10 years ago), but I am not there (I would be there if I had gotten a visa, and I might never have left), yet in a way only a Zen Buddhist Taoist martial artist can understand, I am always there, and Japan is always inside of me, a part of me.

Some things never change, and I am in search of a girlfriend or wife, preferably on the hottie cutie side of the spectrum, and it’s springtime in Manhattan.… and what a sight it Is!

I haven’t seen a great new movie in years, so that means I am probably in store for some new great movies in the next six months.

If that doesn’t come through, there are always tens of great old movies I am in store for.

If that doesn’t fail, I can always go to The New York Philharmonic, Carnegie Hall, or American Ballet Theater (or The New York City Ballet).

It’s getting to be that time for me to make some visits to the museums in town…

There are more than ~35 Democrats running for President in 2020, and no one with any intelligence cares at all or is even interested in wasting time listening to the nitwits.

Donald Trump intends to run for re-election, and I, Nicolas “Nic” Leobold, am running (against him?) for President as well (!!!) as a Write-In Fusion Candidate For All Offices, State and National (including u.S. Senate & NYC Mayor-next). [[Please contact me to make contributions and donations to my campaign and work, as a non-election-affiliated independent quasi-non-candidate I can take donations including Cash in Any amounts including over $1 million, and including over $1 or five dollars, or over $100,000.00. Thank you: nleobold(at), +1-917-698-3507]]. I am running as a libertarian Voluntaryist Free Market Anarco-Capitalist, which is actually what I am :-)

Springtime is beautiful, but it doesn’t last forever. So enjoy your life. Make a contribution or Love Gift. Smell the flowers. Kiss your Lover. Do what you love. Have a hot dog. (or a veggie dog. Or adopt/buy a dog.)

I wish you All The Best,

Good Luck & Godspeed!

Happy Springtime :-)


Nic accepts all donations & Love Gifts in appreciation & support of his work, please contact him at, 917-698-3507 or through Twitter at @nleobold to arrange your payment, Thank you.

Nicolas “Nic” Leobold is a longtime Bizman/Artist/Athlete/Consultant/Coach and libertarian Voluntaryist activist and movement leader whose work and contributions have touched and rippled throughout the entertainment, art, sports, business and professional and political worlds for decades. He is currently running a fusion write-in candidacy for 2020 and 2024 for President and all offices, while continuing his groundbreaking contributions to the interdisciplinary Stage of Life. Please contact him with friendship & feedback. Professional and acquisitional inquiries are welcomed as are professional, respectful interview requests. Thank you.









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